I remember when being somebodies mentor meant something

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Joker, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. Joker New Player

    It seems that having a mentor in the game now has no purpose anymore. There is an option in the broker for origin and nothing ever comes up because nothing exclusive comes from having a mentor! you used to only be able to buy the T2/T1/influence PvP gear that belonged to your specific wing making heroes look different based on their choice when they made their character. There was variation that was a perk of being mentored to a specific hero/villain, but now anyone can go into any wing and buy any piece of gear in the Hall of Doom/ Watchtower! There are no more specific missions relating to having a mentor once you hit lvl 30 either.

    Devs take it from Mr. J i want my villains back in my wing not trotting off to go buy lex's or circe's armor Give us more mentor exclusive content
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  2. SpagTheTapdancer Well-Known Player

    DCUO's big thing is customization and fashion. it isn't a special snowflake warehouse.
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  3. Joker New Player

    the main point i'm trying to get across is having a mentor is pointless now content wise, though i did convey it like the armor was my main problem
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  4. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    I remember and it's likely the reason why all of my Heroes had Batman as their mentor. The other Iconic suits didn't appeal to me at all. I believe the Mentor content was moreso level 1-30 until you became a full-fledged member of the JL at level 30 upon which you no longer needed a mentor. I would like to see some more mentor specific content even in the form of Missives or content like Ace Chems/Stryker. They could have each mentor send players to a different area and do their daily missions there. It'd be a lot less hectic than everyone in two areas.
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  5. McBurly Level 30

    i remember when it was like that. i think its better now.
  6. Sionn Committed Player

    Kudos! More mentor specific content would be welcomed by me.
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  7. SpagTheTapdancer Well-Known Player

    it would just bloat development to make content that varied by mentor and really would only give the ILLUSION of variety or value. it'd be nothing but a flavor detail and there isn't much desire for it from the community. the mentor is effectively a substitute for the race choice and starting zone option in other games.

    however, Whizzkid's idea about daily hubs based on mentor's is simple enough to work.
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  8. Statman New Player

    I mentioned this plenty of times on the old PS3 forums, but I believe that R&D should've come with faction specialisations based off what type of character you were (Tech, Meta, Magic).

    Then again, R&D is a complete joke based off what it could've been too, but let's not make the thread about that, haha.
  9. WonderValkyrie New Player

    I agree, i wish you could get special,exclsuive quests(besides the early ones) from your mentor and have access to again mentor exclusive weapons/armor or trinkets. I also wish you could get the mentor npcs you choose to send you a random gift/letter from time to time or even appear in your lair randomly
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  10. Felix Frost Level 30

    This would be cool... a weekly message from your mentor which includes a random piece of armor, soda or style.. sort of like the promethium boxes.
  11. Alitain1 Well-Known Player

    I will say I wasn't around at the beginning when the factions were stuck only buying that faction armor. I will say though as one who likes collecting styles I'm glad they changed it. But aside from the faction armors nothing else has changed with the mentors. But yes, I agree mentors are pointless. I'm not even thrilled that you can't get into certain missions because of your mentor. That's changed a bit with the lv30 challenges but like with the Superman lv 15 missions challenge you can only do the second half not the first.

    I'm not a feat junkie but it does s-uck since the game is based around feats to progress that there are some you just can't do period. I mean event feats are one thing, usually they're still around come next year but if not oh well they're a limited time deal. But having feats for missions that you can't get into without someone letting you in is a pain. Not impossible, just a pain.

    I do feel though if they want to do mentors then make them mean something. I don't think armor should be limited because all the faction armors are the same stat-wise, but yeah if there are going to be mentor then they need to count for something more than three missions over the course of leveling. Maybe some lv 30 challenges or something. As it stands the only real benefit is that you can get the faction armor quicker than the other two factions since you need less renown for your own faction.

    I'd like maybe a mission where you team up with your mentor. Play the Robin to Batman sorta deal. Not like the lv 30 mission which just had the mentor appear and usually fight their mentor counterpart, but really take part in the mission with you. Like doing a duo but just with your mentor instead of another player. That would be cool.
  12. PolarisSylar Committed Player

    It would be amazing we has more mentor bases missions. Give more missions with our mentors
  13. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Can you please stop necroing dead threads from 2013?
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  14. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    I am going to agree with Lorax on this 100%... I'd be amazed to know just how much digging you had to do to even find a SIX Year old thread to pull up. Those mentors and the few missions they hand out are ages old and I seriously doubt they will ever change. Hell these days a brand new player can create a new character and pull out his credit card and skip straight to CR 170. Not only passing up any mission assigned to ANY mentor but skipping a number of the lower tiers as well. Not likely they would bother adding more content to ignore...

    Now let's add in the fact that just a few days ago we had a thread where a guy wanted all the mentors to disappear. Those special "mentor based" missions were making it much much harder for him to get all the available feats and investigations and briefings.

    Let's just leave things alone and let the Devs concentrate on new content. And let's try to focus our attention on threads that are not old enough that if they were kids they'd be in first grade shall we?
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  15. MiniCake Level 30

    Yeah Long overdue and they should add feats some new solo ones. A few * and ** but def some *** feats none grindy ones to. Put aside the Tcs and new fashion item's for a sec it's 2019 we something big to come to dcuo devys .I have faith you guys can deliver ^-^.
  16. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    I suspect he thinks page 3165 is newest instead of oldest, that seems to date back to 2013.
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  17. Brit Loyal Player

    Mentors stop being a thing because you stop having an official Mentor at level 30. Think about it.

    At level 30, you complete your final Mentor Mission. You save your mentor, defeating an enemy that they themselves were losing to. You prove yourself to be your mentor's equal, if not their outright superior. You get accepted as a full-fledged member of the Justice League or Legion of Doom, complete with a team emblem that flags you as an equal member of the team.

    Green Arrow is not mentored by Batman. Green Arrow is his own hero. Sure, they're both tech based. Sure, Green Arrow might have had Batman show him the ropes initially. But after he proved himself, he became a full-fledged member of the team and people treat him as an equal. That is the point we are at as well. Superman isn't Martian Manhunter's mentor; they are peers. Dr Fate doesn't ask Wonder Woman's permission; he is a full fledged hero in his own right.

    When we joined the Justice League or Legion of Doom, did you notice what happened to your communicator? Your mentor stopped giving you missions. Instead, you get missions from Oracle/Calculator, the same way (s)he would give missions to other members of the League/Legion. Oracle tells Batman where he's needed. Oracle tells you as well. Because you don't have a mentor now; you ARE a mentor. You can even go to your lair and buy your own sidekick from a vending machine to be followed around by somebody who does what YOU tell THEM.

    Mentors only mattered up until the completion of the open world arc. By the time you are raiding and stopping Brainiac and Darkseid, it's time to stop thinking of yourself as a lackey who's just running errands for a boss that was too busy.
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  18. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    How and why would players look different depending on which gear they bought and not which style they choose to wear in a slot?

    It's not as if style choosing and locking styles is a new aspect of the game. It's been here since, what, beta, hasn't it?

    [THREE MINUTES LATER: oops, hadn't noticed this was a necro-thread. Yikes. Sorry.]
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