I really hope the BOP episode is better than the Movie..

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    Joker wasn’t woke it made a bill definitely one the best moves dc put out lately
  2. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    AND garnered a Best Actor award. When was the last time a Marvel Movie did that? Or ANY other comic book movie btw?
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    bad bad movie.

    just bad.
  4. Lantern_AdamK4 Committed Player

    I’d recommend reading the information about the BOP episode, and If you did, you may want to read it again.
    The episode is not based on the movie.
  5. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Joker wasn’t “woke” he didn’t intend to start a political rebellion, hes no V for vendetta

    The issue with making a “ girl power” movie is that u need to pull in guys to want to go see the film.... charlies Angels flopped too
  6. aurorabenz07 Loyal Player

    The movie as a superhero flick is average at best. Kind of like the superhero movies during the early 2000s. As part of the new direction of the DCEU that started with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam, this film is bottom of the barrel. Are there good things within the film, yes. However, the negatives and the marketing really hurt the film. I mean when I went to see this film it was me and four other people in the theater. That's bad. And the trailer and movie posters didn't help and completely turned me off because sure it's titled BIRDS OF PREY but all I see is Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn completely overshadowing the ensemble cast which is pretty apparent on film. And it's funny because WB is now changing the title from BOP to Harley Quinn, lol. As for the rest of the cast the only ones I would say would have been great if they had more to do was Huntress and Black Canary. Whereas the 2 weak thing's that were killing me were the casting and portrayal of Cassandra Cain and Renee Montoya.

    Hell, this film should not have been a Birds of Prey movie, it could have been a Gotham City Sirens film or a solo Harley flick. I mean they could have easily gone with the Batman animated series episode "Harley's Holiday" and expanded on the concept which could have worked. Harley could still break up with the Joker, try to move on but things get hard, she makes nutty mistakes and crosses Black Mask which eventually blows out of proportion having the GCPD get involved. And of course the film can't have Batman, so instead have other Gotham vigilantes ergo Canary and Huntress give chase to stop the violence.
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    While everyone is Sh***ing on this movie, there's a few things not being considered:
    1.Critically the movie is doing very well. It's "Certified Fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes, and has an 81% Audience Score.
    2. The movie is currently #1 at the Box office. The movie took in 33.0 Million Last weekend. #2 in the box office got 12.0 Million.
    3. A good majority of people who've actually seen the movie are speaking very positively about the movie on social media.

    Generally speaking, female led comic book movies do not do very well at all financially. Aside from Wonder Woman, this movie is doing considerably better than any other female led comic book movie that came before it. This movie was made for women who enjoy comics, which is why most of the nay sayers, of course, are male.
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  8. Quantum Rising Committed Player

    Agree with most. Imho this wasn't meant to attract women who like comics but GIRLS/TEENS who like comics and the R rating probably knocked out a good 50% of the people who wanted to see it.
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  9. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I didn't see the movie but have seen the trailers for it. Base on the trailers, it was a movie for normies with a BOP title. The costumes are nothing like the comics, the characters look nothing like the comics, nothing from it stood out and say it was a BOP movie. even worse throwing Harley in with BOP which isn't canon.

    The story itself didn't say wow I must see this. Then having a movie preach to people isn't helping the cause, the promotions didn't help it. News articles didn't help, blaming men for why it failed isn't helping the cause. To me it sounded like it was a bunch of lazy writing, who didn't use the comics as source materials. Most Super hero movies is going to appeal to comic people first and if the movie looks good, then normies will go see it too.

    So I do hope DCUO follows the comic books and not this so called BOP movie
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  10. Helderman Dedicated Player

    It managed to be more mediocre than Shazam! ( If that's possible). The ending is atrocious (is this the same Harley Quinn that was accomplice on the murder of Robin? No way!). I'm done with DC and Warner. Screw Woke Woman, Gunncide Squad and The Wokeman.
  11. Lantern_AdamK4 Committed Player

    I'm curious, without having seen the movie, what "preaching" are you talking about here? Also, If you've only seen trailers, you've seen maybe 3 minutes of an almost 2 hour movie, are you really qualified to criticize the writing of the movie?
    Furthermore, to your statements that the main characters and their costumes look "Nothing like the comics" I'd like to point out that A. You haven't seen the film, by your own admission. So, at some point, the characters very well could be in a costume similar to what they're wearing in the comics. B. Having seen Black Mask, Mr. Zsasz, and Renee Montoya in the trailer, I'd say that there are characters in the movie that do very accurately resemble their comic book counterparts. Having said that, Black Canary, Harley Quinn, and Huntress have gone through many MANY costume changes throughout their history, so, if they don't always look exactly like in the comics, it shouldn't be a big deal, especially when there are definite elements in the costuming (which there are) referencing the comics. Admittedly the biggest change was with Cassandra Cain who, at this point, isn't the same Cassandra Cain we know from the comics. Should that alone make or break a movie? At this point, there's a world of possibility for this character in the DCEU, and she's just getting started.
  12. Lantern_AdamK4 Committed Player

    In what way is Wonder Woman "Woke Woman" and Batman "The Wokeman"? You haven't seen either of these movies, so how can you criticize them?
  13. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    Yeah that's not a path you want to go down with him. He rarely puts any thought into things, he just hates and makes stuff up to fuel that hate.
  14. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    trailers are design to get people excited about a movie, if the trailer fails, the movie fails. I watched Morbius trailer and it looks really good, you also get a basic idea what the movie is about. Not to mention today everything is online, go to youtube, you can find thousands of movie reviews.. Not to mention in interviews when you have movie producers complaining about a certain demographic why a movie fails, or interviews the actors themselves are speaking out against certain genders, you get an idea what the movie is about. There is more then enough evidence. It's not just this movie, been multiple movies like this.
  15. Helderman Dedicated Player

    Said the individual whose source of infomation is John Campea
  16. aurorabenz07 Loyal Player

    Well the movie wasn't exactly in your face preachy but it's not that hard to see that its a girl power movie despite many of the promo interviews stating the obvious. And yes, I agree that the characters eventually look something similar to their comic book counterparts (though looking so bad that even the CW versions are better) but it doesn't happen until the very end of the film. You earlier stated that the film was made by women who enjoy comics but in interviews stated by several of the same women involved in the film, the costume design was purposely chosen to "take away the male gaze" which hampered the character's comic book design in order to appeal to a more female demographic, which is fine but effectively leaves the characters looking unrecognizable and cut off some of the fan appeal.

    Then there is the the R rating. Sure, comic book movies can be rated R (Deadpool/Joker) and still be good but the character of Harley Quinn is really marketed to pre-teens and teens. I don't think parents are going to bring their children to see the film since the online reviews and word of mouth will pretty much fill them in what to expect and slightly hurt the viewership. And let's not forget the obvious, the title of Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, will not connect with the general public. For comic book fans and those who saw the Suicide Squad film (which was PG13), maybe. However, since the film's main character is Harley and has her on screen a majority of the time, the film was pretty much a R rated side story sequel to Suicide Squad than a Birds of Prey film. Now, was the film bad, yes and no, it was acted well (except for the actress who portrayed Cassandra) the action pieces that had to be re-shot by the John Wick fight choreographer were done well (except for the climatic fight) and had some fun to it. But the overall positive reviews that you described generally state that they liked it but its a mixed bag and probably worth seeing once or twice but after that, not really. And the amount it grossed is Jonah Hex numbers which is bad and way below what WB expected.
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    I hope this guy robot is coming back.

  18. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I'm not a prude but I think the foul language could have been toned down. Using foul language for comedic effect is poor writing.
  19. Skullzin New Player

    Movie was terribleeee
    Major ooff at dc right now (2)

    and im a big fan of all others DC movies... but BoP is a trash.