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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Kharhaz, Jan 9, 2014.

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  1. Xainexus Well-Known Player

    I disagree.
    Yes there are many good, mature players online, but there are also many more kids that all seem to have attitudes. Online games is where most of them seem to go and they will constantly compete and put people down just for fun. In the real world you can go outside and unless you're still at school things ARE different, you can avoid the childish banter because most kids are in school or at home online.
    Mature adults, (the larger percentage of the 'real world') don't generally act like this. The ones that do seem to populate the nations detention centers.
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  2. The dark knight New Player

    well....there's a way of not having to cope with idiots and still be playing the game, it's called igno-list.
  3. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    If I didn't have my friends I would have lefted like a year & a half ago
  4. truth_teller New Player

    I was just gonna say look at the kiddy trolls who reply. someone already beat me to it tho. I say we need to either list some cool ppl or blacklisting the idiots. Thru PM or something we can setup a list of names. I say let's list the ppl who are worthy of being called a team player. That's me being nice,but I rather point out the idiots and shed the light right over their sorry behinds.

    don't quit. just be like these kiddy trolls who hop league to league. name change and carry on. sometimes in certain company these trolls hide their colors. so to address the issue,you can't go at it alone. that, I'm sure of. the community is ruining the game and they have no idea. a majority are young ppl. The other portion is oldies who can't get with the program. The rest of us just hang on bcuz eventually devs cater to the trolling kiddies and the old player base slowly vanishes.
  5. Fruity Reaper New Player

    Another quit thread...


    The solution to the OP's particular issue is three fold...

    1: Ignore chat, seriously I have to get told on ts by my league mates that someone wants me - that is the level I have achieved regarding the chat box.

    2: Ignore list, simply put the most useful anti moron device in the game.

    3: Only play with league/friends, I haven't pugged or answered a shout for over a year, do not intend to either as I have reached a level of calm so advanced I could be considered a zen garden installation.
  6. DG-MOD-04 New Player

    Locking this one up as nonconstructive. Please keep the forum guidelines in mind when posting in the future.
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