I Now Have Every Feat Currently In The Game!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Anima, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Captain Spire New Player

    I want to use you as the poster child to show anyone thinking of coming to DCUO: This guy has it all, and that's it, he has nothing more to do but help others if he feels like it, hunt for more shiny things to -give- or sell.

    For you sir, the game is officially, over.
  2. Anima Committed Player

    Well, don't get me wrong. :) Like the other guy said, there's still stuff for me to do, and I'm almost always helping someone out.

    But... it really does suck seeing those four incomplete feats on that page. There's nothing I can do about it.

    Maybe I'll see about bribing Mepps or Spytle into giving me those four feats.
  3. Little Sister New Player

    I have those feats muahhaha :)
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  4. Anima Committed Player

    Why, you little...
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  5. Mad9 New Player

    She can perhaps be found in both but I distinctly remember completing the said feat in HQ: Hall of Doom.
  6. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    An MMO where part of the core gameplay is to grind and obtain all feats to become stronger but all feats aren't even available.


    Congratz on what you have achieved so far though OP
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  7. Kirney Slane New Player

    How do you have 870 feats???? TELL ME!! I MUST KNOW!!!! :D
    I did all St. Paddy's Day feats did all Races been all roles got 120/121 styles so what am I missing? BTW I see u have 91 in General feat section, but I've seen 92 in General as well :(
  8. Kirney Slane New Player

    OOhhh ur a villain... that might explain it...
  9. kawe Loyal Player

    92 or 91 in general section is due to back from the hack feat. Unless there is a difference for villains and heroes there too. Dunno atm.
  10. thefrogshateme New Player

    I never understood what it means for these feats. Killing them or picking them back up?
    and for the topic poster, so how many sp you got?
  11. kawe Loyal Player

    For heroes both, if you are on the hero team you need to pick him up, if you and up in the villain team due to Suicide Squat you kill him, (and get credit once a hero picks him up)
  12. Titchiba Level 30

    Teach me your ways master Yoda. Quite impressive..

  13. uXix Committed Player

    Ya dood.