I never thought I would say it, but... I love the Void Material !

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Caroline, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    That is likely much closer to the actual percentage honestly. And yeah, I'd buy all that stuff again just to have them available for my alts if they did that. It just a unfortunate/fortunate thing in that it supports the game and is good for the company to always earn more money, but it leaves many of us disappointed and or worse. I do wish a something like that was introduced though. :D
  2. Shadow Force Committed Player

    You got the Corruption Aura aswell i want that one so much, but i doubt i will get the Scar whatever its name collection for it its literally the only one i need.:( But hey atleast i have the void material too:)
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  3. Caroline Dedicated Player

    Yeah, well... I've got both the Corruption Aura & Void Material on two of my characters. :oops:
  4. Shadow Force Committed Player

    You either very lucky by buying stabilizers or rich with ingame Cash.
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  5. Bose Well-Known Player

    I think I'll just turn all my colors black, I'll save money
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  6. Caroline Dedicated Player

    I've bought them with in game cash, I just know how to make money. :p
  7. Caroline Dedicated Player

    I am not being sarcastic right now, but that made me laugh, thank you! :D:D:D
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  8. Bose Well-Known Player

    Glad I can help. :D
  9. SheerFaith Committed Player

    After opening around 400 TC and more ..I lost my faith to get one of those rare materials ever..
    Phönix.. Void or however all of them are called..
    Feeling scammed..
  10. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    Am I missing something? It just looks black to me.....
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  11. Snowy OwI Devoted Player

    I also love it :)
  12. IceRaven198 Well-Known Player

    After losing my Internet access for almost 3 months and having to catch my main up (BTW bought myself into T8 thanks to the Amazon time capsule) I've pretty much given up on getting Scar's corrupted power ring for the feat and the one aura I wanted, so I'm going to give up on this material as well. 30 million in game cash plus $100 real money is a joke now. :(
  13. M1 Garand Well-Known Player

    You miss nothing. It is just removing the style's texture. I got it for the feat and wearing just for braggin', but nobody can tell a difference with a plain black color set. Phoenix material is a way better bling for the buck. :)
  14. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Not too big a fan. I still think phoenix and cosmic material look amazing and this seems to be a little out of their league. Almost like how we have quantum, atomic (very nice looking powers) and then we have like ice lol but that's just me. I'd love to see an elemental or metal material though.
  15. AdaptiveAndroid Well-Known Player

    Sometimes when I'm bored I go to the broker to preview the corrupted aura on my toon since thats the closest I'll ever get to having it.
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  16. DC Urban Committed Player

    I am reading that this cant be colored altered?
  17. DC Urban Committed Player


    Found my answer.
  18. DC Urban Committed Player

    I am with you. When a capsule expires or they introduce a new one why dont they just put the oldies in the market place
  19. LookHere Active Player

    For the people that can't afford Void Material. All you do is change all color panels to black and voila. You got yourself a free void material at no cost. And if you have a black smoke aura on. The corrupted aura is no match for the black smoke imo.
  20. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Except that almost all the styles from the first few years dont go fully black....or have a shiny texture. The void material is for all of us Emo type people that enjoy a well matched black super suit. For my main Ive utilized styles that cover all skin....turned fully black, my fire toon looks like a shadow demon.
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