I made my own Fan Fiction storyline

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    Whoa :eek: Very nice. I liked the prologue and the four chapters. Top marks good sir. It kind of reminded me of the Punisher War Journals but in this case it's your character's journal. Nonetheless...
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    Thanks. I had an itch to make my own Multiverse since a Justice League related animated series never made it past 30 seasons ever.
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    I revised and edited the Multiverse I made. It has a new title now and focuses on the Justice League and its interaction with lots of other significant groups in the DC Universe. There are a lot more chapters and I divided them into Acts. The first four acts generally serve as the origin story of the Justice League. I'll try to include a lot more roles for other superheroes. The trinity and seven founding members are still significant but there roles would be different. It's a mixture of everything I love and want in DC Comics, DCEU and DCAU.

    here's the link for the beginning:
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