i love timecapsules don't you?

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    Well, first of all, thanks for helping my argument that the game is p2w.
    Second, when something makes my gaming experience worse, i can complain about it as much as i want, i'm not a free player, i'm paying to play for almost 5 years. I'm not whining because someone has something i don't have ;), i'm not that jealous, it's just fine for me to see those with all Skill Points in the game because they spended a heck of time in lpve and doing feats, but it's not fine when i see someone getting to cr 200+ with many skill points they don't deserve because they spended money on TCs and cr skipping, it's not fine for me to see my friends who never ever took a break from the game stopping playing because of a p2w system.
    It can be fine for you and some guys to see a game like this, that money>gameplay, for me it's not. I don't want to spend my time in this forum complaning about something that should be obvious, but i don't want to lose all money i spended in the game because the server is losing all old players and leaving a bunch of cr skippers alone.
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  2. Tekwash Level 30

    there isn't that many skill points in capsules. really there isn't...

    besides you cant get to 200 cr just from capsules alone, there are certain points where you are required to buy vendor gear so that you're cr raises enough to be able to scale up to the next tier vendor.
    if anything it enables players way behind or just starting, to catch up, but they still wont have the scoreboard numbers when they get to end game content
    you can clearly tell in an instance who has 2-300 sp and who doesn't.

    I hate feat grinding, especially having many alts, but I sure as hell wouldn't rely on time capsules to buff my sp

    you can pay 2 play, but you still gotta put in X amount of work, depending if a league carries you or not XD

    maybe the complaint should be that leagues stop carrying people to end game?
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  3. stärnbock Devoted Player

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  4. Surtur Well-Known Player

    You have to realize that this game has been out since 2011. DCUO has to make it possible for players to be able to catch up to players that have been here that long or DCUO would never get new players. A lot of people do not want or have time to grind for months on end or even years.

    As with any business you have to always try to bring in new customers because the old ones eventually leave for one reason or another.

    I have played games where new players could never catch up and they eventually shut their doors sooner rather than later. These games could never get enough new players to replace the old players. The end game players (old players) were the only ones left and they were just playing by themselves.
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  5. Deus Ex Machina Well-Known Player

    I love them too. The only downer is we literally have to wait 8 weeks before we can get a new one out.
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  6. DarkAya Dedicated Player

    If only the drop rate for rare collection pieces wasn't that awful, if only.
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  7. Doc.Doom15 Committed Player

    I love TCs. I especially love the whooshing noise they make when I ignore the new version of it completely. But on a serious note, if people want to spent > $100 on stabilizers to open them, that's up to them. Thanks for supporting the game I guess for that 1 extra SP? And I don't get the obsession with SP to begin with. CR and mods matter much more compared to SP for any role really, but I guess that's a completely different topic...
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  8. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    While I love it, there should be other features that should get an upgrade like the marketplace.
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  9. stärnbock Devoted Player

    in the end, the game is "free to pay". that means, you have options to choose how and what you pay for:

    free players help the game, because MMORPG's need players to be massive and multi and to stay online that way, however i don't think many will stay free players on a long run, they either choose to give in on payments and become premiums, or leave (proove me wrong, i have no idea how many ppl are still playing for free after a year for example)...

    premiums might buy escrows wich leads to supporting the cash cap to stay. if you dont like the escrow system, and the existence of a cash cap, you go legendary (if you choose to stay... if the escrow system was the reason you went legendary, the cash cap has worked as intended and was supported by your decission, unless you stopped playing after realising that this is (most probably) the first try to grab your cash via micro transactions).

    you can go hybrid, meaning you pay for a month all access each time something new comes out. in my oppinion (lets call it a thesis), hybrid supports the game the most: you pay the highest price for the membership (the longer you sub, the lower the prices) to keep the game on running, however: paying monthly keeps the developers on working. because, if you get bored, you stop playing. next DLC, you pay, you play, you get bored, sub ends, repeat... only that if the game does not continue to deliver, while you can see clearly how the rival games improve, one day (if the player chooses to) there will be no return...

    as a (staying, keep paying) legendary, you support the game itself, at least one would assume, to keep it running and developing. as long as you pay, you basicly rent the game, you can choose to pay your rent monthly, half year, or yearly. the game gives you full access to all content with accelerated lockdown timers and grants you monthly a bonus in form of daybreak cash and replays. only that you do NOT support the games developement (appearantly, at least accordingly to the comunity manager). you keep the game running as it is, but you are not challengeing the devs to go over the minimal effort to make the game better (edit: the comming artefacts are (maybe) prooving me wrong)...

    speaking of replays: you can choose to buy as many as you want or need or none at all. buying replays does not support the game, it supports the replay system. meaning you will face inflated prices for gear, worse RNG or more grind in the future, if replays sell and as long as they are looked at as a sucks$... getting worse!

    you can have alts (for wich you can choose to pay for or not) to farm the seasonals... you will need to play everyday with every alts untill you get fed up to catch up with the feats... or you can choose to pay for currency in the MP, its your choice and completely up to you... if you choose to buy currency for seasonal events to get your feats done however, you are not supporting the game! you are supporting the system devs present with it: leading to even more seasonal stuff in the next events, with even more feats attached and for higher prices (if enough players are paying for the currency, the system is looked at as a sucks$ and it is allmost a certainity they will try to top the sucks$ that way)

    same goes for TC's: you can totally ignore them, if you are not after the feats, the styles, or both, or stuff. one problem is that the best styles are allways going into the TC's from now on (because they are prooven to be a sucks$), another problem is that there is an increasing amount of feats you can only get from TC's (and that is the reason why they even are a sucks$ in the first place) and you will relinquish yourself from a lot of SP.... but buying TC's is not helping the game! it is helping the system we face that TC's became to stay. meaning there are more ppl upset each round and more stuff comming like...

    time and space vendor. granted, this vendor has no feats attached (because forum went rampage and ppl ended theyr subs because of it) except a title. however: it has the nicest styles you can not even get with 100 opened time capsules! in fact, the prices are so exorbitant, you would have to pay ten times the price of an item i would have expected them on the market place... for example: a stealth material on the MP? i could imagine i would have payed 30$ for it. if you want to buy it on the vendor? depending on your luck, you could end with buying 300 keys to get the quarks for it... i would say, supporting this system is NOT supporting the game aswell. supporting the T+S vendor is supporting the TC system and if it turns out to be a sucks$, may support even more cash grab systems in the uncertain future, wich may lead to the players getting fed up (even more) and if players are getting fed up, you may end with supporting the bubble to burst eventually one day...

    maybe time capsules did indeed save the game. or maybe they are a new nail in the coffin with each next round... however, again:

    the game is "free to pay". meaning you can choose for what you pay and how you want to pay for it. but be aware: your wallet will decide DCUOs destiny. everyone needs to keep that in mind.
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  11. ozzy1111 Dedicated Player

    your joking...right...???
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  12. Atomis Maximus Level 30

    He's just trying to get a rise out of people. He used to do this pretty often. He'd post something to get ppl riled up so he could play the victim.
  13. MaverickRaven657 Well-Known Player

    Sorry, I stopped reading after the whole "free to play players help the game" bit. They don't help the game.

    Not even a little, cause let's face it, how many f2p players are gushing about this game trying to get their friends to play it too?
  14. stärnbock Devoted Player

    well, they at least make the police stations, clubs, the watchtower and the hall of doom looking less empty...
  15. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

  16. john333 New Player

    pls devs, sell this game

    we need devs they make nice content and not lier they want fast money while the game is dying. pls sell the game!!!

    daybreak are nothing without sony thats what u show me so pls sell this game
  17. Mosquito_1 Well-Known Player

    Pigs get fed....hogs get slaughterd.
  18. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Why do you assume it is for the SP??

    Many of us don't give a rats backseid for the SP.;)

    What we want is the new styles or emblems in the TC.

    Heck the Batman Beyond gear is the single greatest style we got so far in DCUO. And the Batman Rebirth emblem was not bad as well. ;)

    I hope it is a sign of things to come..... that from now on future styles will be as good as the Beyond gear.

    Guess we will have to wait and see. ;) ;)
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  19. Mosquito_1 Well-Known Player

    Because of the amount of TCs they have and will continue to put out..until the community stops shelling money out to support them.

    Progression even in the slightest percentage is still progression no matter how it's stacked...especially on a permanent level, and over time it adds up.

    Personally, SP should reflect skill, dedication, determination, and teamwork (not talking about 1 -30 tutorial feats)...and they shouldn't fall upon a fat wallet to work the broker with game cash purchased from gold selling sites.
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  20. majosea Dedicated Player

    since there is a lot of backlash over sp ., how about the devs remove sp from the time capsules , in turn throw in ton different stuff styles and emblems . Instead of just one style set per time capsules how about 3 to 5 different sets per time capsule theme ? whats your view on this ? for ex all these styles all at once in a time capsule theme[IMG]
    , instead of one style set like the beyond batman
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