I love DCUO so can you remove the stat clamp already?

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  1. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Please clarify: You said “Just elevate the health of all of the enemies to end game level in those optional instances”; When I go into an EEG raid / alert / duo / solo, I am clamped down to the the way that content played when it was at End Game with +15CR advantage. So it really isn’t even as good at what I have Right Now at End Game which is a +27CR difference from the beginning of Justice League Dark CURSED ( starting CR = 402).

    Look at what a huge advantage I have over the starting CR for Sins of Black Adam! I don’t break anything when I go back to Khandaq or participate in that raid or alert. Same with Shock to the System. I have a BIG problem with this, being only +15CR above the content in EEG.

    Do I cause problems for CR387 players when I play any thing Sins of Black Adam related?

    When I go back to Khandaq or fight against Ebon now, I can feel my character growth and it makes me happy. Not so much at all in EEG.
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  2. Grim931 Committed Player

    I don't know if you aren't understanding what I'm trying to say, or if you're actively avoiding the subject I'm bringing up. And please don't take this as anything personal. I'm seriously confused as to how you aren't getting it.

    I understand you can form your own group now, that is not the issue.

    I expect no one to follow me, I don't care if someone listens to my advice in game or not... if they do? Great. If not? I'll leave. Makes absolutely no difference to me.

    Yes, I'm playing this game for MY FUN/ENTERTAINMENT. How selfish of me... this is ridiculous. You want to cater to new player's entertainment value, but disregard anyone else's in the process? This makes no sense. The game should be fun for everyone, no one should have to suffer to make the other one's experience better. Maybe... just maybe.... that's why I've always asked for the clamp to be optional. Crazy... I know.

    And yes, there wasn't an issue before for my experience. I felt powerful and I didn't have new players ruining my experience. I had the option to play how I wanted to play.

    For your last paragraph, you're not making any sense with it, either... the game gives you plenty of challenging content. Play elite if you want a challenge. I'm perfectly fine with clamped Elite content. It makes sense, it should be difficult and those rewards/feats/styles should be more challenging to get. I'm fine with that. Now, normal content that we've progressed far beyond? No, that's a ridiculous notion and defeats the purpose of wanting an unclamped environment.
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  3. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Event mode was like elite compared to running Necro in 3 minutes…
  4. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Ok, sure. They didn't 'sell' us back the stats....There is no line item that says 'get your stats here $3.00 a run'. BUT, there is a difference in EEG running with low/no artis vs running with 200s. I've been in runs with both sets of people and there IS a difference, granted, not as much as there would have been in a EEG group with 8 'at level' people vs 6 'at level' + 2 'goons' prior to the changes, however I'd say in that scenario it had way more to do with CR/SP than artis, and allies weren't a thing even. Now? CR/SP doesn't matter near as much as artis or allies....both of which are for sale, directly or indirectly.

    It's a shift in how progression is handled in EEG....regardless of how you, I or anyone else responds to it. If someone wants to call it 'monetization'...while it might not be 100% right... they're not wrong either.
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  5. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Could’ve sworn you made a big deal about blocking me. Strange. You’re right. You don’t spend years getting stronger to do feats in event. Because they are easy. Getting feats in eeg with the clamp is just as easy.
  6. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    You’re incorrect. You can get feats that specifically say event or normal. You can’t however get feats in event that say normal or say elite.
  7. Spider Jerusalem Well-Known Player

    "Self-serving" seems to be your favorite slur.

    It's like your working overtime to convince everyone how selfless you are in comparison. Are you the new Messiah? Shall we all shave our heads and sell pictures of you in the airport?
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  8. Dev72 Dedicated Player

    Because those two DLCs still fall within the EG cycle which still falls well under the stat creep. Sins will be EEG at next DLC where the stats compared to our new stats gained in the next DLC will be at the precipice of entering that stat creep which as said before is inevitable. As long as you have the stats to complete content regardless where the CR falls, there will never be an issue unless there is made one.
  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    People at endgame need arts and allies. People running anything 'tough' clamped need them too. Prior to the changes, you didn't need them at ALL in EEG, and it took longer to get to EG, on top of the fact that probably 1/3 of the players weren't running 'regular or elite' EG where it would matter as they weren't members or episode owners. Event runs did not require artis.

    Make no mistake...all of these changes, including CR skips all the way back to the 1st ones were made to push us in a certain direction...that direction is to the MP so we can 'complete' our now endgame characters.

    I don't begrudge DI for doing it...it's a business strategy. Whether it works or not is the question. Let's ask Mepps or the other laid off devs their opinions.
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  10. Stag Active Player

    Ahh yes the infamous clamp that damn near everyone wants to get rid of because they want to be able to 1 shot old content again, wow just wow.
  11. Mr.W Committed Player

    Most elite feats are independent of event or reg.

    Feats that say event or normal is still applied to & equate to getting a normal feat in event.
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  12. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Point being, raids and alerts are designed as role-based group content. It’s healthy to have a group based mindset when entering that content. When other people were running unclamped “wet paper bag” resistance mode, did group play matter?

    Was it fun? Sure, I’ll run multiple toons thru PanE for a chance at the Ultraman rare cape…because it had very little resistance…even less now if we kept adding stats upon stats. It was poor game design and they fixed it.

    Did it get old after stomping stuff to death? Yes.

    Ask yourself how often you go do bounties in Metropolis unclamped now? Yep, I’d be willing to bet never unless you need the feats. Creating a duplicate of every instance of 10+ years just so people can rofl-stomp feats and then never return is a waste of resources. If you actually don’t like a role-based group game…well, better you realize it now. Or make friends and only run with experienced players. Being knowledgeable/smart has its own burden to carry…welcome to the club.

    The problem is that they let you experience this for way too long and you became accustomed to it.

    The “attempted” implementation of CR differential back in 2013-2014 (?) was an indication that they recognized the problem back then. It’s their fault they didn’t address it earlier (see backlash now). They just didn’t have a fix they felt comfortable with so they punted on the decision.
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  13. Dev72 Dedicated Player

  14. GhostRyder3000 Dedicated Player

    I did.... I took you off to see how'd you spin the big layoffs.... Surprised to find that you hadn't posted for days since the layoffs....

    I guess you have everything unpacked by now.

    Enjoy the time off.:cool:

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  15. Dev72 Dedicated Player

  16. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Right, so when Sins of Black which has a starting CR of 386 means that I am right now I am +61CR above the content BUT… but… when Sins goes to EEG, I get punished down to just +15CR because I now magically break the same content?

    I hope you can see why none of this makes any sense to me. Going from +61CR to +15CR is a major negative in progression and I can truly feel it in EEG content. I am so much more stronger in Sins of Black Adam right now as it is in End Game than I ever will be when it goes to EEG and I get nerfed.
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  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Does my knowing where the block button is/where to stand help the other 7 players not go off? Can MOST players solo, or should they be expected to solo the boss (especially as the fixers will be healing him) once they are 'last man standing'?

    You are correct though, the run is not hard...very VERY few EEG are, and if I'm in a group with 4 or 5 known quantity players, I'd accept it some times. Until then, I'm with TIff...not worth the effort. Honestly the middle part with finding the parts is so tedious, and annoying, I might opt out of this slow run, because even if it goes well....it's not worth the minimal earnings.
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  18. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    That was NerdofPrey's position, they filled that last year? Haven't heard from them either.
  19. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    In the eyes of a gatekeeper, sure. The devs don't see it that way, as evidenced by feats being obtained via Time Capsules or other means not restricted to running content.
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  20. Plowed In Loyal Player

    I can absolutely see what it’s confusing.

    EEG is a separate set of game parameters as compared to endgame, similar to your level sync in FFXIV.

    Imagine running Brayflox’s Longstop “unclamped” with your full endgame stats. You’d be done the whole thing in 3 minutes. What happens when you open your character info tab when you are level synced? What numbers show up?

    Now imagine you get accustomed to beating Longstop in 3 minutes, but then they level synced you and now it takes 12 minutes (think that’s about what it takes now). You would feel nerfed, wouldn’t you?
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