I love DCUO so, can you remove "inspect" already

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by GermanM, Sep 21, 2022.

  1. GermanM Committed Player

    I love the title, sorry, but now to business.

    I know some people would say no, but at least make it an option. Is just infair people kick players after inspect them without knowing what he is capable of.

    If thing´s go wrong you can ask the person to allow you to watch your artifact´s, armor and stuff and if refuses well... you know.

    But having that open only raices the elitism and toxicity in the game in my opinion.
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  2. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    You run a lot of instances where someone kicks another after inspecting them, and the 6 other players all vote as well?

    What does this mean?

    How so? I guess, I'll refer to my first question - you see a lot of player's kicking people with the 6 others voting them out as well? For no reason other than just inspecting them?
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  3. Zoe· YouTuber

    The only thing I like about inspecting others is to see their styles. I don't really care what they are running as long as they are doing a decent job in the content I'm running with them, but I do agree that people use it as excuse to kick and be mean to others.
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  4. GermanM Committed Player

    Not a "lot" but i have seen it enough, and not, not to me, i may not be best player in the history of the game, but im pretty decent when i do something.

    If things start to go wrong, i mean, if there is a wipe or two you can ask people to allow you to see their artifact´s and stuff.

    Have you not seeing ever attacks to people because they don't have the right artifacts etc?
  5. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    Someone is hardly going to get kicked simply because they aren't using meta artifacts. Now if the team is failling, the person is performing poorly and has bad artifacts there is a high probability he is the main cause. Kicking is always bad, but there isn't much you can do when someone is sinking the team
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  6. Cyclonic Committed Player

    Nobody that is remotely decent at the game would bother inspecting someone in regular content with the intent of "fixing" the group. Pretty much everything can be completed with 2 half decent dps', 5 monkeys, and one guy with a heart next to his name pressing 2 buttons. If you get kicked... chances are that they're just mean.

    For elite? Well... it's elite. There's SUPPOSED to be elitism. In which case... you take your chances on whether the group will tolerate your lack of statistical prowess. You'll probably get kicked semi frequently. Minimize your expectations on that one. They don't owe you a chance to prove yourself when you show up with one shoe and no shirt.
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  7. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    LOL no. People can make fun of people for anything though, toxic people are toxic people. Someone making fun of someone because of their artifacts says a lot more about the bully than it does the person.

    I have inspected people to see what the deal is before. A lot of times it's rainbow augments, no white mods, mismatched gear, and level 59 artifacts for the wrong roles. But that's usually because of what the scorecard says. Should we get rid of the scorecard, too? Go down that rabbit hole (again)?
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  8. GermanM Committed Player

    If you ask me, yeah, or at least make it less toxic, I see a lot of team´s kicking people in HH double source mark´s week´s because they where the less equiped and have the less damage.
    I dont ask remove it all completly because we need an idea of what people is doing but is just another thing that make this game toxic. But fear not, that thing will stay because is something that make players wanting be the best DPS in the world and invest in artifact´s and ally´s.
  9. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Personally, the inspect feature is okay. I use it to check styles, but sometimes it does feel like too much knowledge isn't necessarily a good thing. Unfortunately, toxic players who want to exclude will always find a way to exclude.

    Also, I do like to inspect a player doing really well to see what build they are using. It has helped me to get better in the past.
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  10. STsource Well-Known Player

    You know how long it took just get this option available? No way will it be removed lol
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  11. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

  12. RavNoc Dedicated Player

    Yeah, I don't think it's "toxic" to vote to remove a player that is a "hindrance" to the group. We call them "scrubs" on Xbox, and I'm sorry to say, a votekick will happen extremely often (especially since the clamp), because no one wants to be slowed down.

    Just like the players that don't skip adds:
    "where the players clearing out adds unnecessarily will get kicked because they're immediately then seen as inexperienced and wasting time, they're actually the ones the community sees as the hindrance not the other way around I'm afraid."

    A lot of groups I've been in don't even bother to inspect, they just immediately vote to kick the player being scaled up regardless of CR or anything they might have.

    Sorry to say, I always vote "yes".
  13. Amoxin Well-Known Player

    I have mixed feelings about skipping adds, sometimes it's ok, and other times I think it's a recipe for disaster. If there are adds that can be easily skipped, no reason to go and get rid of them, absolutely. But if the player doesn't know how to do it, is it fair to just kick them without an explanation of what is expected?

    I know one time in Arkham Asylum where people were literally rushing through and leaving almost everything up. They would drag the adds into the non-skippable sections. And if someone was KO'd they would just move forward and not rally leaving it up to whoever was there to get back to them. I noped out of that instance immediately once I realized it. It's absolutely not necessary to kill everything in Arkham Asylum, especially not everything on the catwalks, but to basically leave everything up is a little ridiculous, IMO.

    I don't think I've ever inspected a person. I've only been in kick votes when the person is obviously not even contributing, and I have no problem with ditching them there.
  14. GermanM Committed Player

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  15. RavNoc Dedicated Player

    Well, to be fair, I do usually write "skip adds" right at the start ^-^

    What they choose to do with that information is entirely on them :)
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  16. Amoxin Well-Known Player

    Fair enough
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  17. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    As Zoe and BB mentioned, I like to find out what styles people are wearing so I mostly use if for that.
    I have pretty much only run SM since it came out, so I will inspect sometimes if we are failing and have seen plenty of rainbow mods and random arts. I think that is fine for regular stuff, but can be tough on a group after the first 4 rounds. Same for elite runs if something goes wrong. I never inspect beforehand so everyone gets a chance to show they can contribute, but I agree lots of people will inspect and kick before the start.
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  18. Controller Loyal Player


    Removing the inspect option would take away the ability to make snap judgments about other players - even before we KNOW them or their abilities.

    Why would we do such a thing, lol?


    On the OTHER hand, though - "KEEPING" the inspect option gives one the ability to coach or tutor new players on their gear, their tactical mods or their augment placements - "IF" they are willing.

    That "Coaching" thing can be a slippery slope....one where you could very well get a "Mind your own !%&!%!&%!* business", LOOL - more than a willing ear to listen sometimes.
  19. Proxystar #Perception

    No, the inspect feature is fine, it only displays information people should be able to see, in fact, I think it should also display stat points.
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  20. RavNoc Dedicated Player

    Hey, I think that's the thread that we just recently surpassed with the clamp thread with # of replies (Allow inspect into SP) XD

    I wanted to comment on it, but it's locked :(

    Edit: Wait nvm, it's a lot further down. It's the only other one without a "dev" tag, however XD