I love DCUO, so can you do another Name Reclaim?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Magician, Sep 22, 2022.

  1. Magician Dedicated Player

    K thanks :)
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  2. Siramez Well-Known Player

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  3. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Having a name reclaim is not about a lack of creativity, it is about allowing names to be used by people who would use them rather by players who just store them or have left the game. The number of names that are just sitting in the first room on Brainiac's ship is probably pretty incredible.

    I could think of thousands of names for characters but are those names that I want or am I just settling for a name because the name that I really want is being stored or is being used a player who left the game 5 years ago.
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  4. Wallachia Loyal Player

    "Having a name reclaim is not about a lack of creativity, it's about lack of creativity".
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  5. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    NO it's not.

    If I want the name Captain Amazing, but it is taken by someone who isn't using it or the player that took it has left the game, it doesn't mean that I'm not creative because I thought of the name Captain Amazing. I can think of other names like Captain JamSandwich (which is available at the time of this post), however I didn't want that name, I wanted the name Captain Amazing. If Captain Amazing is being used by an endgame player or even just an active player, I have no problem with that, I'll think of another name, my issue is that with names that could be used, that aren't. Plus, it gets increasingly frustrating when choosing names and continuously being told names are taken and then seeing on name checker sites like wavedox.net that the name you are interested has a 0 CR and 1 SP. You start off with Captain Amazing, then Cpt Amazing, then Mr Amazing, then Mister Amazing and so on until you get to something that you didn't really want but it's available. So you aren't really creative, you've settled.
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  6. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    A name reclaim is definitely needed, but much before that, I'd say we first need a deterrent to any name sellers that would seek to get ill-gotten gains from it, just something akin to "the name really only becomes available for taking after 20 days have passed since character deletion."

    I would still just prefer a change to the name system to be like Discord's, however. No need to worry about scummy name sellers and future name reclaims with that.
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  7. OneWhoLaughed Committed Player

    Nah a name reclaim is 100% necessary, there is a black market for it, that completely violates ToS. The reclaim would eliminate a big chunk of that.

    I'm happy with my name and wouldn't change but I'm not happy with the amount of times I see LFG/Trade being bombarded with 'WTS OG names $$'
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  8. DuffleBagBoii Well-Known Player

    At the very least we could have got this during the summer gap
  9. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    I think it'd be easier to justify a name reclaim on old/inactive accounts if we were in a "subscription only" model. After all, if you're not subscribing you're not playing.

    But the free to play model changes things. It's harder to determine for sure whether or not the account itself is active. Plus in the past they gave players a decent chance to log back in and save their character names for themselves, and from what I understad because of that it really didn't make a huge difference in freeing up some names.
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  10. PolarisSylar Committed Player

    Last time dcuo had a name reclaimed was the year, PC servers / PS servers;: were merge together. That was years ago.
    Then dcuo said they are NOT merging any other servers any time soon.
  11. Starry Knight Active Player

    As in the arrogant and rather corrupt 'great' hero from Mystery Men? He might be trademarked for all I know. (Although I'm not sure DCUO would enforce a ban on a trademarked name unless whoever owned it complained.)

    And how exactly do you know if a name is being used or not anyway? Are the name checkers able to hack the login server because if so that's something the devs really need to stop. (For that matter, where do they get their information from?)
  12. GermanM Committed Player

    I just fine creating my own names, dont need name a character Batman or Superman... But well i guess cosplayers and role players in game need this.
  13. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    If a name is trademarked or can't be used, it says the name is invalid at character creation. So a name like Hal Jordan, it will say "name is invalid", whereas a name like Captain Amazing which is being used by another player will say "Name already taken". Not every comic book character's name will say "invalid", it is generally the most popular characters that are.

    As for how I know a character name is being used, is by going through character creation and seeing if it is taken. The name checker sites can be unreliable, as they will say the name is not found but that could mean the name is too long or is invalid, so it is always best to check with character creation, which is why I will try to leave at least one character slot open for checking names.

    When it comes to the CR and SP a name has, that can only be found on the name checker sites and I'm not sure how they access the information. I was mainly using wavedox.net, unfortunately the site cannot be accessed right now (at least for me). While it was working, it was great for checking names, that bad part was that I saw how many names were being stored, aka had 0CR and 1 or 0SP. I have tried dcuobot.com, but it doesn't really seem to work, as I have tried to check a few characters names, including one of my own, and all I get is a spinning wheel, so I'm not sure what the issue is with that site.
  14. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    It isn't just names like Superman or Batman, those types of names generally would say "Name is invalid". The names that I'm speaking of are just regular names. I wish wavedox.net was still up and running as I could list a few names that are being stored, aka 0 CR and 1 or 0 SP, unfortunately the site can't be accessed right now. I have tried dcuobot.com, but a lot of names, including my own character names, just give a spinning wheel, so I'm unaware of how to access character stats at this moment. So you could get an idea of the number of names that aren't being used, what these sites don't mention is when the last time a character name was used, so a character name could have a 100 CR and 60 SP and the player that was using that name could have left the game 5 years ago.
  15. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

    I will point this out if your asking for this for cosplay or role play purposes all trade mark names be them dc, marvel or just Beyonce all are against the dc naming guidelines they just let players get away with it but they could say ok but we will take every trade mark name from the community and force everyone to create a original name .the guidelines also bane names like holy goddess or any religious name btw so be careful what you wish for
  16. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    Why not? I could use a trillion.
  17. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    A name reclaim is not about names that would be invalid, rather names that are taken that are not being used, whether it is a player storing the name for whatever reason or the player no longer plays the game.
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  18. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    If i come up with a name and i take a break from the game i expect that name to still be mine when i come back whether i leave for a week or 5 years. If you want that name, too bad come up with your own name, its not my fault you're not creative enough to make your own name.
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  19. myandria Item Storage

    Ahh, Name Reclaim request lines are active once again.

    "Puts on her 'Devil's Advocate' hat."
    If it were up to me and if it were possible, I would take those "inactive" names and "deactivate" them all except those at the admin level. They would stay that way until the player(s) decide to "reactivate" them by playing the game again. When other players try to search for the name, it will only come up as "invalid name..try again", as if it is an intellectual property name. If a player asks about a name they are trying to get, the answer will be, "Sorry, that name is not available, it cannot be activated."

    This is how player accounts should be treated, in my opinion:
    Players should not be able to look up character names on accounts that have been inactive for a year or more; this is what fuels the fire for name reclaims because players feel 'entitled' to have access to those names that are not in use. When a player's account is unused for a year or more, the account should become "in stasis" but can still be activated if the player returns to the game. The names should become "inactive" and treated like an IP property name; unavailable to any and all other players.

    There should be a time limit as to how long an account should sit inactive without an email check-in; if the devs/customer service "checks in" with the account holder 3 times within a certain time period (6 years, for example) and does not get an answer, then that account should be suspended and the names should remain unavailable. If the player returns to the game and wants the account back, then the devs/customer service can decide whether or not to allow that to happen.

    If there is a character name on an account that is active but the character is not used often, then it should remain immune to a name reclaim of any type; as long as the player's account is active and in good standing, players should be able to use their characters as much or as little as they like. There is nothing in the TOS or EULA that says that players should use "all" of their characters regularly or face a name reclaim for those characters.
    "Removes her 'Devil's Advocate' hat and takes her place in the "time out" corner."
  20. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    A name reclaim is about freeing up names that aren't being used, it isn't about how creative someone is. As I've stated previously, my main issue is with the people who hoard names, to either sell them or just so no else will have them, because maybe one day they'll use them. I would rather see those names be used by players who would actually use them, then to continue on in character name purgatory, aka the first room on Brainiac's ship. A new player could be using that name as their main.

    As for taking breaks from the game, I get it, as this game can be monotonous and I get burned out myself, from time to time. I doubt DCUO would do a reclaim on an account if it was inactive for a week, but I think 5 years is pushing it. I think 2 years would be appropriate. If you haven't logged into the game for 2 years, DCUO would make the names on your account available for use. If the name is taken, you are able to choose a new one for free. Maybe you'd be able to find a better name.

    Also, I have to say, just because you expect something to happen, doesn't mean it will happen. I would've expected the Superman emblem to be a vendor reward item forever, but I would've been wrong. You don't own your names, none of us do, we are merely renting them from DCUO. If Daybreak/DI decides one day to say the cost of renting that name is to log in once every two years, I don't think that is that much of an ask, is it?
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