I like the stat clamp

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  1. Bathroom Dad Active Player

    Sorry not sorry, but I am seeing a lot of posts complaining about the clamp. I get your points and I understand where you’re coming from, but let’s be real. It was 3 times more boring running and gunning through content.

    Just because it’s clamped doesn’t mean it’s harder. We all still get through old content very easily. The only difference is now you have to half-as*ed do the mechanics.

    I hope the keep the clamp forever.
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  2. the solowing Steadfast Player

    I understand that some people may not like it. But understand the reasons why it implementation was needed.
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  3. doctor9 New Player

    The game is so easy, i don't see why people complain so much. They should learn the mechanics of the raids instead of asking to remove the clamp.
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  4. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    If Sony back in the day were to have managed the stats in the first place then it wouldn’t of been inflated chaos from one piece of gear to the next piece of 1 combat rating increase.

    There was no linear progression even when they did the am update. Going from t6 to t7 or somewhere around 115cr (somewhere in there) was a big difference from dealing damage to taking damage. So there was no game plan for the future of stats when it came to having so many dlcs and various updates along the way.

    Now, the clamp is just a bandaid on the issue at hand. We paid for our stats, skill points, cr level, etc., so that means we should get the full benefit of those stats. But realistically speaking, for the game itself and the ‘fun’ in it, being in ‘god mode’ is only fun for so long. I think there should be a ‘ceiling’ when it comes to damage out so we can’t overkill and break the game mechanics because our little ‘pew’ just decimated a 5-part boss mechanic and broke the progression line. We definitely need to keep our other stats as resto or vit doesn’t kill an enemy. The damage ‘ceiling’ needs to be high enough so we can do a good 3x the damage (ceiling) compared to at-level damage out.

    Open world does not need clamped. Having cc bounties be in both clamped and unclamped worlds is horse manure. Makes no sense. And again, just put a ceiling for damage on so we can survive and still apply damage but not at the expense of breaking the boss/bounties.
  5. VIRALITY Dedicated Player



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  6. Sghoul Well-Known Player

    Would you be opposed to having the option to do clamped or unclamped? Your points in your post are they you like the clamp. This option would allow you to continue playing that way, but allow people who either enjoyed running and gunning or never got to experience it in the first place.

    If you wouldn't like the option, why not?
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  7. Boss Dark Side Well-Known Player

    I, too, think the clamp was a good idea. Just putting it out there as I agree with the OP that there are a lot of anti posts. I guess some of us quiet peeps speak up.
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  8. Bathroom Dad Active Player

    Honestly, no. Bc if you’re trying to get a feat from a certain instance it shouldn’t be a walk in the park for you bc you signed up with a CC when I spent hours getting over 750 stat points. I know that it’s tougher for new players bc everyone’s pushed to endgame. But the fact is with EG gear, you can still crush old content. They might as well just sell 300 sp as a starter kit for that matter. Just my opinion!
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  9. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    my wife thinks the stat clamp is so awesome she left me for it.
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  10. BumblingB 15000 Post Club


    Stats were a gradual increase until T4. It was relatively linear. Then T5 came out and the stats exponentially sky rocketed. This was before the AM era.

    Then when T6 came out, they compensated the amount of damage we could do by severely increasing the health pools of enemies. Which was a snore fest trying to kill them. They corrected this shortly after when Halls of Power came out. AMs started around then too. Which was directly related to the animation normalization and jump cancelling changes that happened and Weapon Mastery was introduced.

    Then in T7, they did something called "Stat Flattening" and introduced CR Differential with the monthly content. Stat Flattening was where they took the lowest tier and set it to 1 and the highest tier and set the stats to an arbitrary number for the new "max" and just pulled the lines straight, where tiers 1 through 6 was a gradual climb, instead of a skyrocket. CR Differential was a direct conflict with this change. It introduced something that simplified damage done to you and to enemies. Where your CR was compared to the enemy's CR. If you were lower, you took more damage and did less damage. If you were higher, you took less damage and dealt more damage. The middle number is where your stats had some form of matter, as you were not buffed or debuffed by the differential, but this didn't last long as the threshold to be over CR was very small.

    Fast forward to Amazon Fury 3 and the Stats Revamp, they removed the CR Differential and AMs as well as did a stat crush. Where they grabbed the high end and brought it down. Which sort of brought the powers in line with each other, but power creep is real and we are now widely unbalanced. Since AF3, they've mostly followed the 20 item level step up on gear each DLC.

    tl;dr It was always linear progression. Just sometimes we exponentially skyrocketed.
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  11. Sghoul Well-Known Player

    I figured you would say that. I am not sure how someone getting a feat easily in ANY way impacts you. How would you even know? But that is what this argument REALLY seems to boil down to. It is a barrier between you and other players. So just be honest about what your real objective is. Because you started this thread saying you liked the clamp because it made the game more fun. Clamped and unclamped content would still give you that, but that is not ok, which means your original point is not the real point.

    And again, saying that this or that still makes the old content easy shows that you are looking at all of this through YOUR lens. You can't see it from the POV of some other player who does not see it as crushable. And what you really aren't seeing are people who never get to that point. They hit some of this content and bounce off for various reasons and just quit. They see a feat to kill a boss 50 times, look around the zone and see it is empty and say "why bother". Or they come here to try and find a solution and have someone like you tell them to stay in their lane. It is not a great way to build a community....but I am guessing that isn't your goal anyway.
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  12. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    The clamp should have always been optional not forced.
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  13. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    This should just be a poll at this point LOL
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  14. Tolly Committed Player

    The game should have a level set so that it is consistent in Endgame, which almost all MMORPGs do now, this allows for real balancing or at least a fairer balancing of the game.
    Currently, I find DCUO annoying, because the only time I have the impression to feel a power, it is in the open world, as soon as we are in an instance, this feeling disappears and worse still, it is this inequality of power between powers and between specific players and might despite those who try to make believe that it does not exist the table of the scores shows it however clearly when there is sometimes around 50 or 100 million of gaps between the players...
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  15. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    Anyone else at the stage now where they just roll their eyes any time they see someone talk about how it should have been optional or needs to be optional?

    The reason for the Stat Clamp is very, very simple. It encourages long time players to play older content because now they get Marks as rewards. On top of that, as long as the instances do not fall within the 3 latest Episodes, you can do them as much as you want with zero loot locks. Loot scales up to the minimum (currently 320) so you can either easily level up alts or pile up on Aug XP by salvaging it. New Players experiences are no longer ruined by high level players (this is the big one) wiping and oneshotting everything. They get to learn mechanics and strategies and everything we all learned when the Raid/Alert/Duo was new to us.

    Making it optional is not an option at all. It defeats the entire purpose of the system in the first place. At this stage I can only imagine that folks are trying to insert the word "Optional" into every stat clamp thread hoping it'll somehow subliminally affect the Devs decisions. It won't.
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  16. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    Sure man, but it still sucks. Let them vent. Nothing anyone posts is going to change anyone's minds about it. Let's be real here.
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  17. ClowninAround Well-Known Player

    I personally hate the clamp and refuse to run anything other than 1 Omni raid for the marks per week. It is what it is though. The clamp isn't going anywhere.
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  18. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    They would never run a poll for it, lol. This is what it would look like:


    And even then, those 2% would run un-clamped if given the option.:D
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  19. GhostRyder3000 Committed Player

    The clamp doesn't give the rewards... Maybe they shouldn't have taken them away in the first place.

    And, let's be honest, these rewards don't make older content played more... It makes very specific content played more.

    Or.... Maybe they want it to be optional.. No mind tricks necessary.

    At least you didn't go with the "If it were optional... no one would play clamped" route... That is always such a silly anti-option argument.
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  20. Tolly Committed Player

    When is the DCUO classic, to show that they finally made a mistake on the evolution of the actual game? :D
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