I keep hearing that DLC 8....

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  1. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    should have been released before DLC 7.

    If that is the case why does the WT/HOD still sell the 85 gear when most would have either purchased or become legendary to buy the 86 gear.

    Before I get one of those of the wall remarks, I can careless about the drops or the difficulty between the two dlc's.
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  2. Zylo Committed Player

    in a way........its kindove true. for the ppl who've been playing getting throug Nexus and wave countless of times getting gear from the raids, the gear you get out of trigon dlc is baisicly pointless as well as useless. the only reason to do trigon is only for the feats.
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  3. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    It's because the devs have said they got it kind of backwards with the release of the T5 gear. They should have released it will a small group content DLC like SoT that focuses on solo/duo/alert rather than one that has hard raid content in it. They have also said that that is how it will work in the future, with future Tier gear being released with smaller DLCs in order to give people time to gear up for difficult raids in the following DLC packs.
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  4. ItsRem Well-Known Player

    First off, there's the style feat for completing the T5 set... Second, you need to be 95 CR to buy the 86 gear...

    Oh, and before I go...

    Origin Crisis:
    Nexus/Paradox "normal" drops = 85.
    Nexus/Paradox "final" drops = 86-88.
    BIA and FAM alerts = 81-83 (with the possibility of 84 from final boss)

    Sons of Trigon:
    Raven bounty = Possibility of getting a piece of unattuned T5 gear, or a mark...
    Trigon vendor = 86 everything minus weapons and face.
    Trigon alert = 84 faces/armor drops, and 85 weapons with precision equivalent to 86/87.

    The only thing that makes the raids worth running is the small possibility of getting a piece of Traces or Time Traveler gear...
  5. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    But that still does not answer the question.

    I was doing the OP's when it first dropped, if DLC 8 would've dropped first I would have had the 86 gear first the 85 gear wouldve been pointless as it is now.

    If they would have came out with SOT first it would have been no need to have the 85 gear since the 86 gear is available and a majority of the community need 86 gear for the raids to compensate for the difficulty due to the bugs in the raids.
  6. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Your CR has to be 95 to purchase the gear plus you can run the SOT content at 84 you can get there with mods I believe.

    I know that is what they said as well but if that is the case a person would have to be a total idiot to go with OC over SOT due to a better set of gear being obtainable.

    Not to mention everybody who CR was high enough to get into SOT would have.

    The phrase it was released backwards is what catch my attention.

    So I am to believe that SOT purchasable gear only would have been better than OC gear after OC purchasable gear would've been after OC dropped.

    I am not speaking of the drops.

    I understand the drops not what I am talking about I am referring to vendors only.
  7. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Feats yeah now for me but if it were released earlier than DLC 7 I have to believe that the vendor in the WT and HOD would have to sell a different CR of gear being that most who were legendary or purchased SOT would already have the 86 gear at OC release you think?
  8. ItsRem Well-Known Player

    They run a business as Spytle has said over and over. Despite what anyone "in green" says, the way they put the DLCs out, it's obvious that they knew what they were doing...

    Tell me, would you support them if they flat-out told you "Hey, we're going to take your money from you, then make it easily accessible for lower-geared players"? I highly doubt it, but I could be wrong as I don't know you...
  9. Dogzday Dedicated Player

    This. ^

    Not only that though the devs admitted to losing money on sales due to DLC7 since people didn't really Replay it as according to them, only 2% of the playerbase has actually beaten both Paradox and Nexus. DLC7 was, and I'm going against the OP by actually mentioning difficulty, pretty tough. And that did not appeal to many people. So their best bet was to release Sons of Trigon to help progress people with DLC7. If that kinda makes sense. I'm sure somewhere the devs admitted that if people were having a hard time with DLC7, then they should run DLC8 and go back to DLC7. DLC8 was made easy for this very reason.
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  10. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    I didn't start with beta if that is what you were referring to .

    By what I am asking what do you think has happened in a short matter of time more can now progress more rapidly (WHICH IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS) which is good for the game in a way.

    People have left the game because they got idle and felt as tough they were not progressing.

    They have said that before it is a business but new customers come older customers move on.

    Loyalty from what I have seen been gone from the Devs not my problem.

    But to answer your question I play DCUO and most of the things on this game is what a majority like so yes we all do.

    I don't worry about what others do any how they don't pay my sub nor do I have to play with them if I don't want to there is a lot of other things to do.
  11. ItsRem Well-Known Player

    Not referring to how long you've been playing at all. Never even showed curiosity on the subject, actually... I was just making the comment regarding these 2 DLCs.

    I was just saying, if they had said what I mentioned above instead of "Oh, we made a boo-boo, so we've decided to put out gear in smaller DLCs to get you prepped!" - That would've had a very different outcome.
  12. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    That would've made sense to an extent but they said the DLC's were released backwards, so are we to expect the next time they drop a big DLC the vendor gear will be lower than the smaller content vendor.

    Seems to me the only reason to get the 85 gear is for style now, BUT had they come out with DLC 8 first what benefit would the 85 have from the vendor.
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  13. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

  14. Sumeric New Player

    If Sons of Trigon had been released before Origin Crisis, then it is likely that the gear vendors for SoT would never have had 86 level gear to begin with. As it is now, the 86 gear was basically there to give an added incentive to play the content (beyond a style feat or two) to those who had already spent 3 months or so acquiring 85 or higher gear from Origin Crisis.
  15. Dogzday Dedicated Player

    Yeah true and also take note that to get the 86 gear, you need a CR of I think 95.