I Have Requests for Nature Healing

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by JasonIsley, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    Love love love most of the changes. DPS side is fun, I have two main focus/loadouts I'm using and working on a third. I have a Healer loadout that works out great so far and very close to what I was using before revamp (minus Insectoid) so muscle memory helped out a lot. Relearning to manage my power bar was a little bumpy because at first I always wanted to reapply HoTs just like before instead of refreshing. So after I got used to that and actually start paying attention to everything else, I noticed it really looks like I'm doing nothing other than emotes and weapon attacks. Life bars barely move as if no one's taking damage, and I rarely see any *numbers* on screen. So the only way I know my HoTs are doing their job is if I watch my Combat log. The new power, Flourish, is very bland looking. It's visually reminiscent of Harvest but with no giant flytraps appearing.

    So as a quality of life request could we have a more visual representation of Pheromones doing what Pheromones do? Can we spice up Flourish to look less like an emote and more like a superpower?
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  2. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    Don't everybody reply at once.
  3. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    To many people angry at gorilla right now, lol.

    But I'm all for better visuals.
  4. Scarlet Morrigan Active Player

    I love my nature toon, I have not had a chance to log into him yet, but when I do........
  5. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    I agree, but it'll get hot fixed in I guess :rolleyes:
  6. M1 Garand Well-Known Player

    I keep Flourish on a constant cooldown refreshing and only re-applying pheromones when somebody dies and recover. I tried keep Flourish in sync with pheromones expiration but since weapon attacks give power back very fast I stop bother and just spam it.
    So now my bar completely deplete in two cases: before the fight and when group members doing various stupid things.
  7. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    So they can expire even if you are constantly refreshing?
  8. M1 Garand Well-Known Player

    Not what I meant. They will expire on a person down. Once revived - healer re-apply pheromones on them. Which will cost a lot.
    All other time - just refresh-spam is enough to keep them up forever.
    Did not checked the status after cut-scenes, but I think pheromones will expire there too, since their lifespan is just 12 seconds.
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  9. M1 Garand Well-Known Player

    Well... on a second thought. Flourish should re-apply them from other players to revived one. I might be wrong. Which is good if so. :)
  10. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    Ok because I've been doing that minus the spam. The only thing I've been hitting more than I probably should during "uhoh" moments is Blossom. Love that it doesn't consume anymore.
  11. comrade sonya Committed Player

    Even though I'm going to switch to Water, Nature is seriously lacking in the visual department. When compared to celestial and sorcery it's very easy to tell when those players are healing the group, they get big colorful effects. Meanwhile nature healers get a small vine on their hand for 1.5 seconds, tiny white dots flickering on people, and a burst of green that vanishes before you can even register what it looks like. For players like myself that are drawn to "flashy" powers it's disappointing, especially given how many amazing ideas there are for utilizing mother nature
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  12. Tanuja Level 30

    Visual update to Nature powers is long due.

    Even fire got a new fire going... :-(
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  13. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    Yes I agree it's hard to tell about healing mean why dps nature king kong rules the jungle one thing got fix while something eles got left behind lol.