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Discussion in 'PC Account Support' started by Talve, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Talve Dedicated Player

    Some of the people and leagues on EU side already knows it. A lot of them sent me here.
    Recently i received e-mail. (a week ago, but i did not play for 2 days. So i found out about it about 4-5 days ago).


    We have evidence that you have been using a cheat in DC Universe Online.
    This action is a violation of our code of conduct, for which you will receive the following penalty: permanent ban.

    Now they mentioned, that there is a ticket about the ban. How ever i can not even see the ticket, because once you are banned you can't even enter to your support account to see it (your banned from everything, except from US part if your old player, it seems).

    I have tried to get in contact with support via e-mail, but pro7 has always treated me like "enter a bad word here"...
    It takes usually 1-2 weeks for a response (btw thanks, i'm already missing feats from St. Pat because of this), and they respond me on friday nights so they get strait to their weekend vac. (sorry if i offend someone, but i am pissed off, if you can't tell it yet).

    In recent history, i lost about ~8 items (just vanished from my inventory/equipment after a relog). I got some of it back. And 2 of the equipment pieces i got back has actually no mods (and because my game time and GM's work hours seemed to be always different i gave up all the hope after a month).
    When i lost stack of exobytes by repositioning them, it took over a week to get them back as well as they sent me wrong type.
    And i still have problems with my account (bank still warps items around).

    But as i was playing before pro7, i can sill access here (with this "banned account").
    Also people keep saying me, that support on US side does much better job and keep sending me here.

    Now the main thing i want to know is - why?

    I have hacked before in 2 games in my MMO history ( last time was about 9 years ago ).

    I did write an autominer myself after i decided to quit RuneScape (just to see if i can pull it of programming wise and to see how long it takes them to detect it). It worked for about 3 months and after i got banned i knew why. I did not care, as like i said, i already had quit. But at least i knew "why".

    And then there was Tibia, where i used someone else's written auto-aim to screw around with friends for testing. Never used it in actual PvP situations, just used it to see what people with hacks can do to prepare myself (as that game was harsh with item loss and XP loss on death).
    Never got caught, never got banned. But if i had, i would have know the important thing - why.

    I have never however hacked to get advantage, as i play games for fun, and they stop being fun that way.
    Also like i mentioned before, last time i "hacked" was about 9 years ago.

    But in DCUO I have done nothing.
    I have been playing for over a year (almost from start of f2p) and have spent good amount of money in it (been legendary, bought 5 DLC's, respec toekns for power and movement, cosmetic items, inventory space, bank space, legends characters, escrow for cash as premium, lair).
    And now when i tried to log on for a raid night, i found out that i can't - that i have been banned.

    And worst thing is, i don't know why.

    After discussions with my leaguemates from Smokebreak as well as with people from Dragon Lair we have came up with 4 possible reasons.

    1. TS3 addon

    I use TS3 overlay, because with Smokebreak we do try to organize events on EU side. So when i move between TS channels, its nice to know who i'm talking too, as i do not recognize everyone from the sound of their voice.
    I have used it for a while now, i know a lot of people who do the same and i have never had problems with it in any of the games i have played.
    Neither does it actually give me a "advantage" over anyone. So it would be strange reason to be banned for, but hey - maybe there was an update and it made it "harmful" for auto detection system or something.

    2. I run 2 simple scripts on background

    1 is a simple autohotkey script i have been using for years now and what is activated 24/7, here is the code:


    LShift & [::send {Asc 154}
    LShift & `;::send {Asc 153}
    LShift & ]::send {Õ}
    "::send {Asc 142}

    [::send {asc 129}
    `;::send {Asc 148}
    '::send {Asc 132}

    I use US keyboard layout, as i got used to it about 6 years ago.
    But because i'm from Estonia, i still need my "üõöäÜÕÖÄ" - letters from Estonian alphabet for my everyday use.
    So that is what it is for.
    And i can't see it giving me any advantage.
    Again, maybe something "harmful" for detection because of autohotkeys.
    And again, have used it for years now (in and out of DCUO) and without any problems.

    And then there is a short windows batch file i run on background (for past month or so)
    here is the code:


    sleep 60

    goto :begin

    To have more stable connection with my campus connection, i use a router myself over the open router for better WiFi connection.
    But because lot of people "share their connection" via routers they recently created a system, where connections get disabled after being inactive for second. Really messes up routers as well.
    So this is just a simple script to keep me connected all the time by pinging google server every now and then.
    But again, maybe something "to detect".

    3. I have been reported with "video proof"

    Everyone who knows me from EU side, knows about my unusual playstyle, both in Legends as well as in Arena.
    I constantly get threats via PM's for "hacking" and they reporting me, have been so for pretty much a year.
    If that was a case, show me anything i did, and i can show you how i did it, and that it had nothing to do with hacking.
    I have openly shared my style, my tricks and almost everything i know about the game with everyone who as asked me for information, either if i like them or not.
    Heck, i have event sent a 600 words essay on what he could do to a guy who i hate with every fiber on my body (and i would do the same again, any day of a week).
    All i want is better opponents and fun matches. So if people ask, instead of "hiding my tricks" i answer.
    However there are couple of broken mechanics in this game even i try to keep in secret (as everyone abusing them would be horrific).
    But if i have found something not known and "overly broken" (happened only once so far) i have even contacted with Mepps to ask if it was ok to use it (as you guys seem to like your silent updates every now and then).
    So if it was a video, show me what i did, and i show you how i did it.

    4. Someone really does not like me

    Smokebreak tries to be friendly with everyone on EU side, as trying to create events while being hated by everyone does not really work well.
    So i try to be civilized (every now and then i do fail).

    But some of the people after recent permaban informed me that moderators / GM's on pro7 service are often players themselves.

    I really wish that was not the case, but i'm sorry for my skepticism.
    I know a number of people who do not like me and like mentioned before, all my life i have received threats (and its not the 1st game where i'm having the problem).
    Who knows, maybe someone had either a gm friend or is a gm himself thinking he knows game in and out and banned me for "my playstyle".
    So again, sorry if i offended anyone, but i have belonged to communities in my past 13 years of MMO experience and i have come across similar problems before.

    After all the issues i have had, i'm not even sure if i want to continue playing.
    But i would like to have chance to check out future DLC's.
    And i would love to have an option for occasional visit / or a comeback.
    Or who know, maybe i get over my anger and keep playing.

    But mainly i do want some a kind an answer to -> WHY?
    That is what drives me crazy right now.

    Sorry if i tend to get off topic easily, this is how i am.
    Feel free to respond me in topic, PM or even on my e-mail.
    Account on pro7 is the same i'm using here, because again i'm one of the older players pre pro7 era.
    Thank you for your time!
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  2. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    Talve thank you for the very thorough post. You having supported the game for song long, you deserve a thank you. For this however, you will need to submit a ticket to the gm's (perhaps through a different account on the www.soe.com) so they can further assist you. Please make sure you include the same exact details as you did on this post. Feel free to pm me me as well if you have additional questions.
  3. Ilunis New Player

    All of your past sins have caught up with you.....XD

    I have always wanted to say that.
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  4. Talve Dedicated Player

    Thanks for the quick response, i sent a pm.

    Forgive me father, for i have sinned...

    But at least i heard that i created "some happiness" within the community for being banned, as apparently couple of guys are already "sitting around fire, roasting marshmallows and singing Kumbaya" because of a guy from smokebreak being banned.
  5. Ilunis New Player

    Lol. At least you saw my response for what it is: a joke. If you're legit, may you return for more *** kicking. However, if you got busted for hacking, then, yes, you had it coming and good riddance.
  6. Yallander Loyal Player

    Good luck in getting this cleared up. Had a few friends with similar issues and they were able to sort things out. I do hope the same for you.

  7. Aiden Warren New Player

    Talve as far as you being concerned about people not liking you, maybe many people reported you for alot of things such as
    but being that they said for cheating and not hacking. could be exploiting?
  8. Talve Dedicated Player

    A lot people not liking me comes with being part of smokebreak, not me personally.
    I do talk a lot, am open about my opinions and a lot of people don't like my way of being completely honest with everything (If someone asks me if i like him, i can strait forward give him the answer. I can do yes or no... or even a detailed version of it if they wish. I however do not run around and say it to their face. I respect their volition).

    So that comes with the territory...and other way around a lot of people respect me because of the same things and are as confused as i am right now, if not even more.

    I do not troll (unless its friendly trolling between leaguemates)(every now and then i can't hold myself back and do throw in a light sarcasm on forums).
    I do not harass people neither do i use offensive language outside of a friendly group (as in general i curse a lot on TS, but i try to keep keep it as clean as possible in game) or insult people (have had rare occasions, and even then i never start it and i'm always the lesser of "two evils" cursing wise, so i would not be only one banned).

    If it would be anything to do with things i do in PvP, most of the smokebreak's members would be banned together with other better leagues on EU side, not only me.
    If anything i use was actually counted as an exploit, then it is lunging away from people as "lunging is supposed to take you to someone, not away from them".
    At the same time lunge throws you forward in game engine and you can lunge with or without a target...
    And in general "exploit" is a touchy subject.
    "Everything is exploit" until there is an official respond to this. Heck, even clipping was widely cried about...and still is every now and then (even though SOE has given their official respond).
    Some things are clearly exploits (like droping rock so it could not be picked up anymore on the moon)...but i never use any of them on regular bases myself, never.
    What i mean is i do a lot of testing in games myself and i do have friends who are well informed about things like that.
    So i know about broken stuff, i never use them.
    And when i'm completely unsure, i contact with someone (like Mepps) to get strait-forward answer before using it.

    This is the 2nd letter i received, as 1st was in junk, and i did not even know about it.


    You have received a permanent game ban on account of hacking.
    You have been notified on this issue with ticket X and email to X.


    Konstantinos G.
    Support Team

    And even if i was banned, then i would love to know why. That's the main issue here. No warning, no reason.
    Instead i get strait forward "you are a cheater" and
    Please read up on our rules here: http://dcuniverseonline.eu/pages/code-of-conduct?height=70%25&iframe=true&style=false&width=70%25

    So great...i broke...one of your rules...wait...care to tell which one?

    So even if i did something wrong i would love to know what, so i could warn my friends in game.
    I would love that every single friend of mine i made in this game would not get randomly banned like i did.
    A lot of people are shared a "insert a bad word here", as if i get banned like that, whose saying same random thing will not happen to them.
    And people need answers...not knowing eats you alive, you know.
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  9. Talve Dedicated Player

    Ups, i mean "scared as"
  10. Ivy Bird Committed Player

    I can tell you I've PvP'd with this guy and got my rear end handed to me but never seen any form of hacking from him or any of his leaguemates. Smokebreak are fantastic players and any I have had interactions with have always been nice guys to boot.
    I really hope this gets dealt with and soon.
  11. Jambersome New Player

    Best of luck if all is legit.

  12. Itazuki New Player

    While I do not know you, and have never played with you or against (USPC). So I don't know if there is cause reason behind this or not.

    BUT. I do agree some type of explanation should be given to people. At the very least what "type" of hack. e.g. Like they could say "You were caught using hacks to decrease power cooldown." (This actually exists)

    I don't see how that could give the creator of the hacks any information on how to change up their hacks any more than the current info of "You were caught hacking." would give. No accusations, but it seems shady that they give no additional information.
  13. BadHansel New Player

    there are many glitches in the game and I know that the most so called-"top-leagues" abuses these bugs. Dunno if glitchabusing for the custom-service is the same as hacking. The type is not the same but the effect is, so it is legit to ban people who are glitchabusing.

    I grouped sometimes with Talve and he seemed a fair-player to me. I learned a lot from him. Also now, when I am playing against him, so I don't think he do such things, but I can't give any prove that it isn't possible that he do these things. I hope not.
  14. 1X CH3L New Player

    My dear Talve, as promised I am allready about to carry this forward.
    No way that I can continue this game without any competition in pvp...and I know the ppl will care about this.
    You have my full support
    many kisses from the Watchtower
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  15. LadyLightning Devoted Player

    I have never heard of anyone being banned for using TS3 plugin. Although I have a friend that got short bans (several days, increased every time in length) for hacking, but it was his old computer causing lags...

    But I have heard rumors that accuse members of smokebreak to use programs to execute attacks, but that is just rumors and no reason to ban someone. But all in all I have the impression, that P7S1 has serious problems with having not enough staff to spend much time on each player :( .

    The German forums is enough proof for lack of staff, because the last time I have seen replies from moderators are from last year o_O ...Someone has reported a bug abuse/hack and no comment or reaction from their side...:eek:

    With this many reports on accounts being banned for hacking and the people claim not to have hacked I am frightened to loose my account too. Everytime I dominate in PvP or cause accidently a bug (5 % of my matches....) I am afraid that I will find myself not being able to log in the next day. Thats also the reason why I only buy DLCs...why spent more when it all can be lost in an instant :confused:?

    edit: I got accused several times of hacking, I use tumbling master mod and players mistake it for a hack :rolleyes:
  16. Anhur New Player

    I wish you luck, Talve - it is a real shame that additional details aren't ever given - and why did they jump straight to a perma ban?

    Fact, their system is not infallable - there was once a GM who logged into the EUPC Hero side, witnessed a player who looked like they were moving faster then normal, and proceed to ban him - ticket was submitted and the ban reversed within 24 hours.
  17. Talve Dedicated Player

    That can be said about most of the better leagues on both, hero and villain sides.

    Now i can never know for sure, with 100% certainty, that everyone from our league is not or has never used any scripts.
    After all i do not do "regular visits and checkups" on every single member of smokebreak. Plain tickets would get expensive, you know.
    Neither am i together with them every second of the day.

    I have heard some of the rumors myself (heck, i have heard multiple rumors about myself).
    In all honesty in rare situations i have been doubtful myself.
    Not to mention there have been situations of glitch uses in game i have witnessed myself (droping stone so it could not be picked up on Moon) and it was dealt right away in next couple of seconds on TS.
    I also have heard stories about couple of small glitch use situations by smokebreak members from people i do trust (specially on couple of last days with all this Circus going on).

    In the past,
    we have event went so far, that in preplanned 5v5's we have not used people "who we have heard have been accused in using scripts", just so there would be no excuses and throwing it at our faces. We play the game clean and that is how to try to keep it.

    So no, i do not use scripts.
    No, i do not support people who do use them.
    No, leadership (which i am not part of) of smokebreak does not support using scripts.

    If you have any proof/evidence on any one from smokebreak using scripts, feel free to let us know. We want it to be dealt with as much as anyone else.
  18. Talve Dedicated Player


    But knowing my luck and recent history with pro7 support, i probably marry my first wife, have a kid, divorce her, live through my kids teenage rebellion and marry my second wife before this gets solved. :/
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  19. Happy Cat Well-Known Player

    you can't be banned for autoit or autohotkey script because in this case they are not something that they can see affect your game performance. When someone says they have seen you using a cheat to gain an unfair advantage and GM's confirm it, they do so by witnessing you doing it. Trust me they aren't looking for autohotkey.
  20. Joykiller Dedicated Player

    Wow, the PC side is a mess. Another day, another ban for cheating/hacking.
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