i got kicked 5 times when they saw im celestial

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  1. Ant Tao Well-Known Player

    Comparing celestial to electric... thats cute lol.
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  2. Phill Committed Player

    This is really unfortunate. I have not seen this type of behavior in a long time on PC. After the Merge with PS.
    I have seen this type of behavior become more prevalent. I say this because I rarely saw this happen on the PC side since CR differential was implemented. I am not saying that it never happened because it did but it was very rare.

    From my observations the PS side is/ has been very toxic and discriminatory. This is what you get when you toss a bunch of immature misinformed players (kids) into the mix that judge people on whether you wear a pair of Nike's or not.
    These very same players are still trying to judge people on things that were nerfed about a year ago with
    CR differential.

    It is not Celestial that had you kicked from the instances. It was the Toxic, discriminatory and massively misinformed players that kicked you.

    Sorry for you experience, but like I said.
    Since the merge ( from my experience's) I have seen this type of behavior happen more and more.
  3. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Coughing is too much effort :p
    Just a breathing breaks it lol :D

    but the damage is there if played right and played smart.
  4. mexmex Dedicated Player

    Lol you must have a very bad luck, Im electric and cant remember when i was kicked the last time in that toon
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  5. ErnieB Loyal Player

    People didn't believe me and accused me of exaggerating when I decided to switch powers knowing Light update would be delayed, if I hadn't chances are I would have been stuck at CR 152 until GU 57 came out. I went Quantum and didn't have issues and when the update came out changed back to Light. People don't understand how it is for players with weak power, they just say "use the support role then", or my favorite "It's you, I blow everyone out of the way with it", well chances are if you are electric and beat everyone in score, then they are either really bad players, or close friends who decided to let you ahead. Saddest part is Devs make the power, then come up with some new fighting style and don't even bother to check if the power is actually capable of working with the change. It's clear Celestial isn't meant to work with it's current mechanic, if anything I believe Atomic is what the Celestial mechanic was supposed to be. Well not much left for it now, it will be a good year or maybe more until they even bother to check it.
  6. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Munitions has recovery time though I'd know because I play munitions and Keep track of game updates.

    Celestial is the only powerset that requires you to backtrack from the beginning if you get interrupted for whatever reason.

    Yes it's dependant on the player, but at the same time most players know that a good ice DPS will out dps a good electric dps.

    And it's due to the powerset.

    Good electric dpsing:

    Using-E gen twice(or using E-Burst and E-gen)

    Using Weapon Combos and clipping when appropriate.

    Knowing how to be effective with your dots( Meaning don't place a dot on an enemy that's ready to die.)

    And refreshing the dots.

    Good ice dpsing:
    Clipping the 3 powers together: Wintry tempest, cold snap, ice bash.

    Use arctic gust until the dot and buffs are off of cooldown.

    Take advantage of the mobility.

    (Due to Circumstances regarding Ice Elemental as an exploit, I can't say if it's a good thing to use for a dps)

  7. Jupiter Ross Well-Known Player

    Ive never been kicked for power choice or have kicked people b/c of power choice...personally a fan of the underdog powers and if you get kicked for not being FOTM then they did you a favor b/c that group is filled with scrubz anyway...the powers are imbalanced yes but all are still capable b/c the content isnt hard
  8. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    dang ouch now i am glad i heal with my main celestial here i come power respec token ;)
  9. SkullGang Devoted Player

    That "'it's the player not the power" excuse doesn't fly anymore. I dare anyone to conduct a test of Electric Vs Munitions, Ice or even Gadgets with players of equal skill and we will see if "the player" is what needs improvements.
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  10. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    This is already a favorite topic for me since my now to be Ice toon(WeatherWitch was Celestial for last 2 years and started as Electricity at first). So what happened over the course of 2015 was that I was constantly dropping lower and lower in scoreboard every time another power was buffed. At start of 2015 I had no problems of topping and at the end of the year I was only finishing last dps. The moment I switched to Ice (I was still full Presicion modded still) I was able to beat almost any other dps even 1-2cr higher.

    Your perception that Ice is OP is correct but the reasoning is only partially true.
    Its not "high" damage or 1 clip set up or Ice Elemental. Damage parsers are also in intended levels for each range. Ice Elemental requires you like 2-3 sec to activate then 2-3 sec to get back to normal form, you lose all Chill Effects or dps buffs and have to set up from scratch, its not OP considering the whole delay. The thing that makes Ice "OP" is long lasting Chill effect PI. With pre casting 4 chill effects you are almost 100% buffed before even reaching next group of adds and can start killing right away where Fire for example will have to do the 1 clip set up before using Fireburst, Ice can start the fight right away with Arctic Gust. Chill Effects also make possible for long periods of blocking and recovering from CC effects without losing AM damage level.
  11. Malachyte Devoted Player

    I don't get this, why would you get kicked just because your Celestial ??
  12. Gimpy Loyal Player

    it's a crappy dps why else?
  13. The peoples Badguy Committed Player

    The Bad guy would have kicked you to. The People say you will not leave. You need your fix of DC.
  14. Rekn Well-Known Player

    Yea no doubt, when 80% of the damage of the top DPS comes from bursting down adds getting to the bosses....I have an Earth DPS and I have not seen much difference if it be alerts or raids when it comes to being way above most other dps powersets.
  15. Kohina Well-Known Player

    I've never been kick out of a instance or while running alerts with another dps because I was Celestial, as at right now both healing & Dps are perfectly fine (except for a few minor issues on the dps side). Now for Electricity players....well let's just leave it like that.
  16. DarkAya Dedicated Player

    yep, SCORECARD is what matters for EVRYONE (stop fooling yourself people) this is the only way people see who does damage or not, and Devs completely IGNORE that fact! This Balance won't be worth a thing if they're gonna keep ingnoring it.
  17. Rekn Well-Known Player

    ???? are you attacking my statement? A lot of burst damage is done on adds to where a slower dps set up is not going to compete in total damage output, if we talking Scorecard then I would say just add a separate column for Boss Damage instead of over all dps output on the stupid scorecard, simple enough to resolve who is and who is not contributing in boss fights since that is the only thing that matters I suppose.
  18. Ant Tao Well-Known Player

    The way the scoreboard should be:
    Boss fight 1: damage, heals, power, deaths, revives
    Boss fight 2: ditto
    Boss fight 3: ditto
    Scoreboard should reflect boss fights only, since thats what devs claim they balanced powers on.
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  19. Gimpy Loyal Player

    Scoreboard needs to change to something with out damage on it.


    Objectives completed by role
    Healing out/in
    Power out/in

    If they only balanced powers for boss fights,,,,,,

    why do they have ADDS in the BOSS FIGHTS?
  20. George00 Active Player

    Rage, nature, electric and celestial need to form a support group.