I feel Cheated.

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  1. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Allow me to explain.

    I have played nothing but Earth since this game became free on steam. After a couple of weeks I liked the game and decided to subscribe for Legendary. And have done ever since.

    3 years later, and the one Power I chose is still being screwed over, although its one of the oldest and hardest to play. Have I been rewarded for my patience? No, have I been rewarded with some kind of buff? No, and I am feeling cheated.

    Fire players can relate to my feelings, why are the old tank powers being neglected?

    Take Origin Crisis, when that was released, it was simple for Nexus and Paradox. Ice tank or nothing, bearing in mind Rage tanking wasn't around then. Earth or Fire players, yeah, good luck with that!

    Us Earth players then got a buff, Crystal was doing insane damage and Brick could sustain himself, however, the community didn't like this, especially in PvP. So what happened? Well everything got nerfed and the only update Earth got was you don't have to keep summoning your pet when you enter into different parts of the game. Thanks a lot! after all the updates, we don't need to use one power that cost next to nothing anyway. Your pet appears after using the summon power! well worth the update for that!

    That nerf was after one week.

    Now take the latest update. It wasn't even released before it was nerfed. Earth can now do damage in solos that other powers could always do! This update was meant for Earth and Sorcery, and yet every other power has gained a massive advantage! Earth has caught up to what other powers USED to do, damage wise.

    Every other power, especially Mental, has gained such significant increases in damage, and yet THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A BUFF FOR EARTH AND SORCERY?

    For the record this isn't a complaint thread, so if anyone wants to add the "don't like it? don't play then!" I have already ended my membership, so save your fingers from the snide remarks bursting from your "im the voice of the community heads", this is simply an imbalance, unfair and tired of it thread.

    I think its unfair that players who choose Fire and Earth are left behind, the community decided to do that, and so have the devs. We feel cheated.
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  2. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Huh I saw pretty nice Earth DPS in HoH2 so far. And (as it turned out) Earth tanks are pretty great (they always were but people wouldn't realize it. But then again, I suppose you're only talking about the DPS side and how you were beaten by Mental/Quantum?

    Stay with Earth because it's good. The DPS is decent and I would run with Earth DPS all the time. Because why not?
    And if you're tanking from time to time you'll realize what I ment with earth being a strong tank. It was even a great tank on paper when OC came out (only difference was the mitigation of ice while blocking). But now? Add a bit of CR difference and Ice Tanks get squishy.

    Those DPS complaints will continue until every class does the exact same damage. And that's the point where the game get's boring then. Don't chase these stupid boards, do a proper rotation, know the mechanics and you can do good with every power.


    Okay. Now because there are already so many complaints about powers DPS wise, just post the things you like about earth TANKING (or maybe DPSing?) here :)

    That way the OP will still have his/her topic about earth but it now will be a positive thing rather than a negative. Doesn't this sound good? Yaaaay! \O/
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  3. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    I don't.

    All the issues other players have had with Earth in relation to other powers? Never had them myself. But then I don't spend my time comparing and contrasting against other powers, trying to see how green the grass on the other side of the fence seems.

    I just play and have fun, and I've never had a lack of fun when playing my Earth character. The only thing I ever worried about was making sure my targets dropped before I did, and that was never really a serious issue. With the latest changes? It's now moved into "non-issue" territory for me.

    And just as a side note, if you're making a thread where you are talking about things being unfair or imbalanced and how tired of it you are, it kinda is a complaint thread. ;)
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  4. Commander Coral Well-Known Player

    I love Earth DPS and tank and Earth is the first power I completely understand everything about. It's my favorite power and I love how much fun it is to use. I've always said that Earth is a great tank in fact I just tanked Ares and the adds in TOTD right before HoP2 came out. I love how you're able to tank equally well with Aftershocking or Brick. I love it.
  5. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Lol, yeah it is isn't it? I tend to contradict myself!

    I mentioned the Origin Crisis DLC for a reason, its happening again now. Take ToD for instance, Rage and Ice are the "in" powers, as well as Quantum DPS.

    The one thing that is a certain, Earth and Fire are left behind.
  6. BigBabyGeezuz Dedicated Player

    Earth is really good now. What are you talking about?
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  7. Kharhaz Committed Player

    I know Earth is good, when it comes to tanking, my biggest gripe is, I want to try DPS for once, and when I do, I am being destroyed by every other power due to this update, and I end up tanking again! This is what is getting to me, Earth has a DPS update, but when it comes to raids, it is still so weak, I end up tanking! And this is where I feel cheated, we were supposed to be given a new option to DPS, but when they have buffed every other power, for Earth, there is no change at all! Its tank or nothing!
  8. Mr BeefCakesss New Player

    I agree OP Earth DPS is pretty weak. Maybe the devs will get tired of making all the troll powers OP in DPS.
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  9. Veritech Loyal Player

    I'm sorry but if you're getting destroyed by every other power with equal cr to you, you might need more practice with the pet am.
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  10. SkullGang Devoted Player

    No amount of practice will help him against Quantum or Munitions lol.
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  11. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    All I know is what I've seen. After the first changes to Earth (Brick and Crystal changes) but before this latest round, I tried something on a whim with my Earth character. The character hadn't yet finished the Scion gear, so on a Gotham Wasteland run I sat back and let Crystal do all the work against the Master of Misery in the Envy section. Minus an attack to start the fight and maybe a punch or two to finish, I pretty much sat back and pumped power into Crystal while she fought.

    She handled the fight just fine.

    I've had no complaints since then. I've never felt cheated or left behind because between the increased aggression and attacks with that first batch of changes Crystal has been an awesome "fire and forget" pet for my content runs. I haven't had a decent chance for a CR-relevant content run with my Earth character yet (alts and other projects lol), but unless there's a severe drop-off in both the aggression I'm used to and the damage I was seeing, I probably won't be changing my view.

    I know the aggression was there when I walked my Earth character into Ace Chemicals for the heck of it, though. Almost started feeling sorry for all the NPCs in there; between the aggression and the CR differential, those poor clowns and mutations never really stood a chance against Crystal. LOL
  12. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Thats very probable also, as I am not used to being DPS, however, I would not be the only one who can say this isn't the case. Earth just isn't liked.
  13. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Or even Ice. With the same SP and high enough precision on my Earth character that it should be comparable, my might-based Ice character easily beats my precision-based Earth character even though my Ice character has slightly weaker gear.
  14. Mr BeefCakesss New Player

    Might Powers have took over!!!!!
  15. Scypher6 Well-Known Player

    I feel your pain. It seems like we are at a point of no return now. Prior to GU36, the powers were not equal, however they were not as spaced out in terms of buffs/damage/etc as opposed to now. Back then, I remember that Hard Light, Celestial had an advantage over all the others, but I would still see Earth and Mental (expert) players out-dps'ing them by a huge margin at times, indicating that in the right hands those powers could do wonders. Nowadays here's how it looks (more or less):
    1. Quantum (King of Kings)
    2. Munitions
    3. Celestial/Rage
    6. Earth
    7. Fire
    8. Mental

    I heard that Sorcery got a huge boost since this last update (GU47) so sorcery might be at the top again, but Quantum is still King. Today, the top dps power is sooooo far ahead in damage that there's no amount of skill to catch up. I stopped DPS'ing altogether and only play role. As for tanking, yes Ice, Rage are still the best tanking powers; earth is decent in the right hands. I don't know about Fire.

    The community complains sooo much about every little thing, and the devs have (sadly) listened, thereby alienating a LOT of their paying customers. I know a lot of people who unsubbed. They might be thinking to themselves that for everyone who leaves the game a new person subscribes, but this is NOT the way that a successful business should run! Every customer counts and the voice of the paying customer matters most. They should've had a survey (a long time ago) in-game and on the forum, to determine the TRUE decision of the community. That survey would acknowledge the subscribers vs premium vs free players so as to determine how the decisions they make could potentially drive business away. Every customer matters and one should not downplay their importance. The customer is king/queen motto can be found in virtually every business book. Just as every penny matters in a dollar, so does every customer matter in the profitability of a business. Look at the top MMO's, DCUO, a game with GREAT potential, is no where in sight:

    It doesn''t HAVE to be this way, but this is how it's been. I removed my credit card from my PSN wallet so that it won't be charged me next month, ie. unsubbed, because just like you, I feel like they don't value subscribers. My hope is that Daybreak will turn things around.
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  16. Doctor Inferno New Player

    You could always do what I do when I want to feel like a BEAST DPS. I LFG a group for a raid and shout "Need mediocre/horrible dps for x raid" :D
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  17. Scypher6 Well-Known Player


  18. Streven Dedicated Player

    I'm having lots of fun with crystal now. Brick is good too but he owes me an open slot on my power bar somewhere. I would just ask for teensy weensy bit more power back after fortify golem.
  19. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    I've been fire since I first started dcuo. It always been my favorite power. I don't even want to touch AM because of all that I heard. I always been weapon mastery fire for dps and i can do decent damage but quantum will always be the top with no effort. For fire tank, I enjoy it more than any other tank. I love the backdraft and I'm flight now, i can use low pressure and it is so much fun! The fact that I don't have a shield and only heal, it is different and more challenging and was proud when I did Lab, HoH and throne as fire tank. All I hope is if they touch fire AM, they don't screw up wm fire or something about pvp because there's always something wrong after a power is changed.
    I do know the feeling too because I met a ice player who told me fire sucks, switch to ice. Um no. I don't care which power is better or not. I enjoy this power and will stick to it. I'm legendary too and all powersets are granted so devs shouldn't care what power I use, I pay.
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  20. AlphaOrion Dedicated Player

    Changed it a bit, granted everybody has a different opinion on the order, this is mine. But Quantum, Mental and Munitions are definitely the top dogs, Mental received a pretty big buff with GU 47.
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