I Dreamed a Dream!

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  1. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    I dreamed a dream in DC gone by
    When hope was high
    And the game was worth playing
    I dreamed that entertainment would never die
    I dreamed the devs would be forgiving
    Then I was a n00b and low CR
    And dreams were made and used and wasted
    There was no legendary to be paid
    No glitch unfixed, no patch untested

    I had a dream this game would be
    So different from this content I'm playing
    So different now from what it seemed
    Now the devs have killed the dream I dreamed.

    *parody of a song from Les Miserables, parodies allowed under fair use. This thread inspired by the MLK inspired thread from earlier. This thread is not meant to be taken seriously as a hate post or criticism of the game, just something creative I wanted to share.
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  2. Johnny_Prime New Player

    That was miserable... wocka wocka
  3. Steak Sauce New Player