I don't want to change my style when I use my armory

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by IonHero, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Potent New Player

    More like a "Do Not Save Style" selection.

    The OP wants to wear his current style, with every armory that he imprints, without the need of going back to his base and reprinting every armory he has with a new style if/when he chooses to change it.
  2. Potent New Player

    Because not everyone changes their style depending on what they are doing or what role they are or loadout they have.
  3. T20thoughts New Player

    Simple-sounding solution to this, though I've no idea how simple it would be to program it into the game:

    Let the players save their current costume as a "Standard Style" (but with a better name than that ;) ). This would then be the style you returned to when you hit the "Reset Styles" button.

    When setting up an Armory, put in a "Standard Style" toggle. That way the armories set to "Standard Style" would be updated when you updated your Standard Style. Those with "Standard Style" turned off would not be updated.
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    Save one with your favorite go-to spec but naked?
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    Brilliant ;)
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    Gift horse is the best analogy I can think of. Many of use will pick the enormous inconvenience of having to update our styles so that we don't have to reallocate 100+ SP each time we can to change our roles or play style.