I don't receive the feat after completed enemies in the dark collection from new TC.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by DlcImpact, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. DlcImpact New Player

    Hello yesterday I completed the collections of enemies in the dark of the new TC but they did not give me the style or the feat. I have seen my feats book and I continue as if I have not completed it. The feat is called, To a good listener, few fangs are enough. I do not know if this has happened to others but I need help.
  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    I'm having trouble understanding which feat/collection you are referring to, or how you know you have completed it. Can you describe a little bit more what you are seeing?

    The collections in the TC are: Gotham's Dark Beating Heart, Rituals of Alchemy, and Fangs to the Slaughter. For these you complete a collection, get the item reward, then consume/equip the reward to earn the feat.
  3. DlcImpact New Player

    the name of the collection is enemies in the dark and its reward is the tattered cloak of corruption style, I have seen in global collections and I already have all 12 collections. Yesterday I completed the collection, they gave me the reward by email, I equipped the style and they gave me the feat but today I connect to the game and I do not have the style or the feat. The name of the feat is: fangs for nothing , I do not know if it's a bug but I do not have the feat in the book feats.
  4. DlcImpact New Player

    I was referring to Vampiric visage style, Reward
  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please open a ticket with our support team so we can look at your feats. Is it possible you completed that collection on one character, but you're currently looking on another?

  6. DlcImpact New Player

    I have completed the collection with my main character but I do not have the feat or style reward and I can not buy the feat with another character from the same account. I have sent a support ticket.
  7. inferno Dedicated Player

    NVM - i see from your post, you collected it and disappeared the next day.
  8. DlcImpact New Player

    Exactly after equipping the style the next day the feat and the style disappeared the only thing that remained was that I completed all the 12 collections in my character book global collections. A very strange thing that neither the style appears to me in the menu of styles after equip it.
  9. DlcImpact New Player

    They already gave me the style and the feat, thank you DEVS.
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