I cannot find this armor style please help

Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange (Trading)' started by crimeware, May 1, 2013.

  1. crimeware Active Member

    [IMG]what is it called and where do i find it?
  2. General Powers Active Member

    Since I'm a villain, I'm guessing that's the Hero version of the Reverse gear. You can find it at the T2.5 vendor in Central City.

    Note: That might also be several other pieces of miscellaneous gear styles mixed with the Flash inspired geared; you need the Lightning Strikes DLC and a Combat Rating of 53 in order to get into Central City.

    Side note: the Central City teleporter is located in the Tech Wing, near the Tech R&D station.
  3. Entity Well-Known Member

    High Voltage in Cc ( Central Ciy ) you'll need the DLC or legendary to get it
  4. crimeware Active Member

    so it is the hero version of reverse gear..... too bad I like it way more than the reverse gear oh well
  5. Ice Lantern Well-Known Member

    You guys were repaid tenfold when we got Aquaman armor and you guys got that sick Black Manta armor. :)
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  6. crimeware Active Member

    lol while I do agree we finally got a style that is better than you guys I still don't think it pays us back for how much better batman and superman and hawk man armor looks compared to the counter parts lol
  7. Ice Lantern Well-Known Member

    I actually really like that T2 Joker back but I do acknowledge that a lot of people would rather have the batwing back. I also prefer the Mr Freeze T1 gear over the Steel gear. I think some of it is a matter of "grass is green on the other side" but some armor sets are almost definitely better than their counterparts.

    Personally, I am just glad that the armor sets are actually iconic-looking again. I don't think anybody would look at Last Aurochs and immediately think of Wonder Woman or Circe.
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  8. crimeware Active Member

  9. NoobishGuy Active Member

    lol at that sucka getting electrocuted
  10. Schimaera Well-Known Member

    Don't be that sad - you need to know that heroes do like villains armors more than their own. I would actually kill for the T2 PvE Head from Circe (was it Hecates Wrath or something like that?). I also like every piece of PvP Villain armor more than the stuff we heroes get ^^
  11. crimeware Active Member

    eh I guess different strokes for different folks cause I think the hawkman pvp armor is better than any pvp armor we have lol

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