I can Solo that Duo!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Backseid, May 12, 2016.

  1. Backseid Devoted Player

    Its about time to ask/beg for this again...

    Please allow all Duo content to be entered solo I f one so chooses to do so.

    I don't care how it gets done, just please do it.

    People do NOT play these games to be grouped up 24/7. This is a very simple situation that could really go a long way in helping to retain some players.

    People do not bother to log on anymore if they aren't in the mood, or have time, for group play. No MMORPG should have this problem.
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  2. Derio 15000 Post Club

    You want solo content? You picked the wrong MMO.

    Its funny. It seems when you first start the game your character is strong enough to do most things by themeselves. But when you get lvl 30 everything is out of your league and you need help.
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  3. Sleepy Healer Steadfast Player

    Wrong mmo 4 solo bud
  4. Flair Well-Known Player

    Backslid makes a lot of sense here. Just because some folks can't handle duos by themselves doesn't mean all of us can't. Right now the darkseid duo is the only one that give me trouble solo, but I'm not maxxed on my dos CR ATM.
    I'll go one step further. Make Alerts and raids soloable. It's fun challenging oneself to see how far you can progress without help. Change certain dynamics like the catwoman terminals in the batcave to allow a solo player to progress.
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  5. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    It's all about choices, choices lol. +1
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  6. Backseid Devoted Player

    Since when? Just recently.

    This game was perfectly Soloable until T7. You know, back before people started jumping ship and or only playing a couple hrs a week.

    And I don't understand why it is that every time people ask for Solo content, some smart ***** have to comment that this isn't a Solo game. No ones asking for it to be Solo only content.

    All MMORPG's are solo games first and formost. Go play any of them. Most of the time spent, is Solo. Why? Cause the focus of every single one is YOU and YOUR character(s).

    Raids are supposed to be big "events". Something special people gather together and run.

    This game dose sooo much backwards. Just look at our population. Its turning into a FPS around here, and that's not the right audience for this game.

    Is this so hard to see???
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  7. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    If players are able to solo this duo that takes a chunk out of the community and it makes the two pieces of relative content one piece of relative content because people rely on others in a MMO, especially in Duos because it's one less person to run things with.

    Not speaking of carrying someone I'm speaking of strictly support roles. That wouldn't be fair
  8. light FX Steadfast Player

    Imo there should be a way to queue solo for anything if i want to. Especially duos. I blind queue for duos daily and tbh i can do them on my own more efficiently and faster then with some of the partners i get. Had a guy in darkseid duo farming collections why i took out all 5 turrets. I mean really? Or the people who drag the ax on my head during the last boss fight :mad:
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  9. The Mythical Luna Dark Well-Known Player

    How come when people ask for a chance to solo content, people respond with "Think of the other players. How would they play without you? You can't leave them with other people!" SMH
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  10. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    You do realise that DCUO is not a MMORPG... right? It's called a MMO Action Game for a reason and typically that means fighting and not a focus on your character directly.

    You should also realise that since tier 4 if you wanted to truly progress you've needed to run 4-Mans and 8-Mans. Before tier 4 was released there were hardly any Solos in comparison. Solos were added later in a content restructure. A "solo" player then still needed to run Duos if they want to progress any faster than 1 piece of gear a month.

    Tier 3 originally had no Solos. Tier 4 hardly has any Solos.

    In tier 5 it would have taken you just as long as the original tier 1-2. Tier 6 was a bit better but still took a long time for just 1 piece of gear.

    You've ALWAYS needed at least Solos and Duos if you wanted to progress reasonably fast (ie in the next 3 months before the next DLC was released and now before the next cycle is released).

    So I'm sorry but this game has actually always been about group content if you did not want to progress at a snail pace.

    Now I support the idea in general (being able to solo queue; into all content) but not based on the premised put forth in this thread.
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  11. Ariyana2015 Committed Player

    While my favorite content includes alerts, I do wish I could enter any content and "See if I could" do it myself... Even if it takes a lot longer it is that challenge, that makes games even more fun.

    In other games, you can enter by yourself, you just might not be able to do it by yourself.

    Sure people can ask others to queue with them and then leave, but that takes more time than its worth.

    I am one of the people that play a lot less than I used to by at least 50%...the content is less stimulating to me now.
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  12. majosea Dedicated Player

    its should not be just the duo it needs to for all old content ,
    as the game goes on it takes forever for some mission to pug or q
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  13. Ariyana2015 Committed Player

    You do realize how the game is now, you don't need raids etc to progress right? The game has evolved, but we also have less people on our current server than the days you are describing. If a person could enter an alert they could solos those too...and hell even some raids...so you don't "need groups" to progress.... If only we had a teleporter that allowed us to enter any content, by ourselves....that would be great!

    (I enjoy grouping with people, but there are times, I want to rush in and destroy everything, collect my loot, and then bail without worrying about anyone else).
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  14. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    Did I 100% say you needed 4-Mans? No I did not. I said you needed at least Solos and Duos to get your gear in a reasonable. Also when tiers 1-3 were relevant most servers actually did have less players than we have now with MegaServers.

    Everything else I said I already supported (solo queue; or my preference: a global teleporter mod) so... yeah.
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  15. Backseid Devoted Player

    You really tend to have the most bizarre outlook on things.

    That first paragraph is so "out there". Do you even know what you just wrote? This, and every single MMO ever created is about you and your personal character first and foremost. Lol.

    And please explain that last bit. The part about agreeing, but not because of the ideals in this thread.
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  16. Backseid Devoted Player

    I think you'd be fine.

    If not, that goes to show that most people want Solo content.

    One could also say its "unfair" to make others run with you while you are in Support Role. Save that for Raids ;)
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  17. 2cap2 Active Player

    Someone at daybreak needs to hire Backseid as like a priority manager or something.
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  18. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    For some time, I've been saying that the mythical All-Content Teleporter that we dream of should start out by being implemented with only Duos (since the devs say that Walk-Ins can cause issues) in order to test out the new feature. No Operations - just start with regular old Duos and work up from there.

    So +1 :)
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  19. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    DCUO is a group focused MMO. Always has been. You cannot sustain your character in terms of progression using just Solos. You've never been able to in a reasonable time. Thus, no, in terms of progression, the group is first and foremost, not you and your personal character. The best gear primarily drops in 4-Man and 8-Man content. The majority of marks comes from Duo, 4-Man and 8-Man content. Small group or large group DCUO is group based, not solo.

    You want this change on the premise that you have always been able to play DCUO purely Solo in a reasonable amount of time. Which is not so and wrong. I don't want the change because "solo players are forgotten". I want it because it is in general a good thing to have due to low populated content, farming, etc. not necessarily because "the solo game is gone" as it was never really here as explained in that post you quoted.
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  20. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    I've wanted a "ready now" option for a long time. 1) There are times you want to run an old raid for a style (HoF stuff what what) and the queue time for that is horrendous. 2) Some folks like to challenge themselves by short-manning content. 3) If I queue into old content at 160+, I either ruin the fun for someone running it for the first time, or I have to take off gear for them to experience the content. While that's fine...if all I wanted to do was go in after a style that I could've gotten in a couple of minutes by facerolling...I could've gone alone.
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