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  1. NickSoRich New Player

    *In-game name. Twerk Inspector
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Hero
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points.27 cr/ 24 skill points
    *Power. Mental
    *Role. Controller
    *Do you have a mic? Yes
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Legendary
    *About yourself. I am 16, and very funny person love to make people laugh and never take a joke 2 far also i am very active and i hope i get the league im looking for and i know i not very high but i can work on that
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm looking for a fun group that will run raids and alert and help me also that everytime i log on everyone is having a good time
  2. Lightnings Revenge Committed Player

    join my league we are a new usps3 leauge we help lower or mid or high people get to there best we are ELITE OPS
  3. NickSoRich New Player

    can my friend also join he is a lvl 30 and ice tank tier 3 cr 51
  4. Lightnings Revenge Committed Player

  5. NickSoRich New Player