I am kinda upset that there decreasing ARES Health

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  1. ForumJunky New Player

    The ERA of the Throne Glitch is over, Now over the passed week all i have been reading on the forums are how player are complaining that ares has to much health! Well they didnt buff his health, its just a few thing most player that complain dont really know about.

    ***The quantum population has decreased since Throne of the Dead came back in the Que, therefore lot less burn.
    ***Time Bomb on quantum does not hit Ares anymore and quantum dps are freaking out! (im glad they fixed it finnally)
    ***The dps that want to only dps are ussally not very good with there craft and therefore they have no burn.
    ***Just beacause you cant beat normal as easy as before becasue of these 3 reason, this just mean either take a break from dps and take on the support role life, or work on your craft and master the art of DPS and you wont have to complain.
    ***The easyer they make the raids, the faster player will level up and therefore, the faster they will leave entell the next DLC come out.

    I personally really dont care for negative comments because they are opinions after all, so leave comment on your thought if ares getting nerf was good or bad, either way he getting nerf and now we have to deal with it. :(
  2. Avian Dedicated Player

    They did buff his health, and based on feedback they are now changing it back to what it was.
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  3. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Leave a comment, good or bad, but don't leave a bad comment.

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  4. ForumJunky New Player

  5. ForumJunky New Player

    lol bad comments make me laugh, its 100% ok with me, but idk about the devs so if they leave a bad comment i will not report them but they might get caught :)
  6. Avian Dedicated Player

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  7. ForumJunky New Player

    Then can you please explain to me the point of hotfix notes? or how about you explain why they just didnt take players gear that glitched throne rather then giving all the players a week warning to hurry up and take there mods out. They never buffed ares health, if you read what i posted time bomb doesnt hit ares and i am almost 100% certain that 85% of TOD groups have quantum dps
  8. Avian Dedicated Player

    Never heard of sneak buffs/nerfs?
    The reason why they were open about the punishment of exploiters was because it was a highly debated subject on the forums and they had to come with some kind of statement, personally I would have prefered if they did took action first and then posted the statement. Let me ask you a question, how many times have you actually done the Ares fight? I haven't run it with a quantum DPS yet but before they put the raid back in game we could take him down after 3 rounds of Essence. After it got back in, the fight we had to do kill 6 Essences to take down Ares with the exact same DPS that I always did it with and they even got better gear since then.
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  9. ermike Committed Player

    Are u new? Why is it not in the patch notes? They have been ninja fixing **** since day 1. Ares health was buffed. I dont mind it. However, they are reverting it back. #ENDTHREAD
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  10. ermike Committed Player

    This. I was sorcery. Other dps i ran with was rage. 3 rounds down goes Ares. Now its 6. That's fine if its how they intended but obviously his health was tinkered with
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  11. ForumJunky New Player

    Takes anywhere from 3-4. All depends on your dps and well mine are all beast so it's stayed the same for me and my league.
  12. Avian Dedicated Player

    If you couldn't tell the difference anyway then what's even the point?
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  13. ForumJunky New Player

    Well I said all I have been reading is that players are complaining about ares health and well I'm telling you there no difference if you have beast dps and player should stop complaining and just get better.
  14. Avian Dedicated Player

    So this is really just a complain thread about people complaining or do you just want to point out how amazingly badass you and your friends are? If something doesn't affect you maybe just ignore it.

    TotD is a raid, not survival mode. It's fine for survival mode to have long fights because it's basically just about survivability and you need a lot of free time on your hands. Raids are about mechanics, TotD has some really interesting ones, which means it doesn't need to have bosses with unnecessarily high health pools. All it does is drag the fight out and make it less enjoyable.
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  15. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    In our runs.. I run out of adds to tank. It takes 6 essences still. So if Ares is getting non split damage when he kneels.. and it still takes 6 essences.. compared to the 2 when the DLC first landed... (and there's no quantum dps in there either I might point out).. then don't you think something was changed?
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  16. Derio 15000 Post Club

    They nerfed time bomb ability to ignore ares defense, thats all. How about you run with a different dps other than quantum for a change before stating crazy things.
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  17. ermike Committed Player

    Never ran with a quantum dps in throne.. the change is noticeable for all powersets
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  18. Sbel Devoted Player


    Unless you're calling Loche a liar?

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  19. Scar-Red Nova Dedicated Player

    I think a fight should take a certain amount of skill and time, and then be over with. There's a huge difference between a hazardous fight that's difficult (Good Design), and a hazardous fight that's long (Poor Design). I don't mind damage checks but sometimes it gets ridiculous.
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  20. Sectumsempra Dedicated Player

    You do realize you can code something and it has an entirely different effect on the raid.
    you took three of his quotes yet ignored like the 50 posts around it that all agreed.

    Then theres also the no bowmaster whatever vs 5% chance vs up to two can spawn.

    This is just another thread stealth whining about others having elite gear.
    If your dps can burn it so easy, there is no problem for you, go burn and stop posting about things that have no effect on your gameplay experience.
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