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    I want to rank up and I also want new friends and get into higher leveled missions quicker, I am usually on my PS4 add me on PlayStation ~ NightCrawller64 and my main hero and villain are in my signature... I have US EST and I usually get back home from school at around 2:40 PM so yeah, if we become friends then I'll give you my Skype if PS4 chat is acting stupid or if you have a PS3
  2. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

    I rank from start to ten in a couple hours, to30 in two weeks at most. where are you hanging up?
  3. RiskTheNinja New Player

    I don't mean ranking up my level, I meant my CR
  4. Octantis New Player

    I'm on PC, but I know several tricks to raise your CR up quickly. I was taking my time, but I got a new toon from level 1 to CR 102 in roughly a month. Done that about three times now. Without friends or a League each time.

    If you want some tips, let me know where you're stuck at.
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  5. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    I'de help you out man but I'm on PC. Good luck with the hunt.
  6. RiskTheNinja New Player

    I'll take your tips please
  7. Octantis New Player

    Alright then! Beware, this might get long. I'll just use the characters in your signature as a reference as to where you're stuck at.

    We'll start with your CR 31 since the tips that help him out during the 60 range will also help your Hero. So...

    This is a soloist / psuedo-soloist guide. If you have friends that'll take you through raids, awesome - I've listed the raids that'll help you the most. If certain raids are not listed, skip them until later (when you can probably solo them, haha!)

    T1 (CR 0 - 42)
    This is pretty easy to bypass. If you do all the missions and sidequests while leveling, you should be able to get a few pieces of your T1 gear right out of the door. Best suggestion here is to do your Challenges and Duos, but more importantly do the South Gotham daily quests in the Battle for Earth DLC. You can get a piece of T1 almost daily from that alone, and if you get a set of the T0 renown gear first it makes those daily quests even easier.

    T2 (CR 43 - 53)
    Run the Duos from Battle for Earth. In my experience, any of the large group instances will take a while to find a group for, so you might be on your own here. Continue to do the South Gotham daily quests, too. Your best bet for gearing up in this range is through gear drops, and the Duos are the best (they drop item level 52). Don't worry if the pieces are for your Support Role instead of damage, just equip them anyway - the stats aren't all that important when doing solos and duos.

    T3 (CR 54 - 69)
    This one's actually easier than the rest - it didn't use to be. This tier has access to Synthetic Mods that will inflate your CR a bit. Get item level 60 and 62 gear from the solos and duos (respectively) and mod them. If you can, do the Safehouse Duo (from the Last Laugh DLC) or Alerts to get 64 gear; that'll make it easier. Don't bother with getting any of the T3 gear, just spend your Marks on Synthetic Mods. Also, get your Necklace, Rings, Face, and Trinket from Central City (Lightning Strikes DLC).

    T4 (CR 70 - 88)
    By far the most time-consuming Tier ... well, 2nd most. I think T5 is the most time-consuming to escape. For this Tier, use the Hand of Fate and Home Turf DLCs.

    Home Turf has a couple daily quests that, if you do 5 of them, you get a piece of 74 gear as a quest reward, and random weapon drop from the instance those quests unlock. There are two quest chains to do, which means two weapons drops and two gear rewards every 5 days. Now, you could just wait 20 days and get through T4 via quest rewards and Synthetic Mod 4s, but that's waaayy too long ....

    That's where Hand of Fate comes in. You can 72 gear from the 4-man Operation, which still has a pretty decent queue time attached to it, but not as bad as T2 instances. It's possible to get to CR 89 using this gear, too. And if you can get in, the 8-Man Operations drop 76 gear. I would probably just recommend sticking with the 4-man ones, though.

    T5 (CR 89 - 98)
    This ones a bit harder since you actually DO need to get Mark-bought Tier gear in order to advance. DLCs you'll need are Origin Crisis, Sons of Trigon (which technically is optional in this Tier, but it's really not), and War of the Light part 1.

    First you have to bump up to 84, and you do this by doing the Iconic Solos from Origin Crisis. Many people hate them, but they're all just haters anyway ;) You can get a lot of green gear from here that's better than anything you have on at this point. Plus, your own character stats aren't a factor since you're playing as a Legends character. Do this, mod the green drops with Synthetic Mod 4s, and repeat until you hit 84.

    At 84, leave Origin Crisis behind and move on to Sons of Trigon. Do the Gotham Wastelands daily quests, which are like the Home Turf ones where you get a gear reward after 5 quests (by beating a bonus boss in the Duos). These pieces of gear are level 85, the same as the Origin Crisis tier battlesuit. You can get an 86 gear set from Sons of Trigon, too, but let's face it, there is a better set out there. Any way, you can also do a weekly bounty that rewards an 85 piece, too. Therefore, without spending any marks, you can have a full set of 85 gear in as little as 10 days without replays. With replays, just reset the Raven Bounty for 12 Badges and farm that 8 times and you can get the set in a day.

    Also, get a weapon and trinket from the Trigon's Prison Alert.

    Optionally, you can run the 4-man operations in War of the Light part 1 for 85 drops and can get a full set of 85 in a matter of days if you're impatient. Remember to always mod your gear with Synthetic Mod 4s (5s are a waste of Marks)

    But speaking of War of the Light part 1 ..... you'll need Mark gear from this. There's no getting around this. In total, to get to 99, you need:
    Level 90 - Neck, 2 Rings, Trinket, Face, and 3 pieces of body gear (at least I think you need the trinket ... )
    Level 85 - Weapon, and 5 pieces of body gear
    Mods - Synth Mod 4s on everything.

    Now the 90 Neck, Face, Rings, and Trinket aren't all that hard to acquire. And if you can get into the 8-Man operation, it drops 90 gear that's unattuned, making every drop usable. Get into that raid and you're pretty much set. But, if you can't, you gotta take the long grind.

    T6 (CR 99+)
    Congratulations, you're now caught up! Start with Amazon Fury part 1. Do the Iconic Solos (again) for green gear and mod it with Synth Mod 4s (again) to bump up to 100 then do Duos for gear.

    Once you have a full set of 90 gear (whether green or leftover from War of the Light part 1), check out Halls of Power part 1's Intergang Crime Wave 4-man operation for some nice blue drops. If you're lucky on drops, you can easily hit 106 and start on the solos/duos for War of the Light part 2 (this is the part my alts are stuck at ... I keep getting weapon drops :( )

    Hope that helps. I think I got the CR ranges mostly right. If not, then they're at least reeeeeall close, and enough to help you out anyway.

    Short List of DLCs you'll need (in order)
    Battle for Earth (up through T2)
    Lightning Strikes (T3 exclusively)
    Home Turf (T4 dailies and Lair)
    Hand of Fate (T4 operations)
    Origin Crisis (T5 up to CR 84)
    Sons of Trigon (T5 and great Mark-farming in general)
    War of the Light part 1 (T5 for the level 90 gear vendor, or operations for drops)
    Amazon Fury part 1 (T6 for green drops via Duos, and good Mark farming)
    Halls of Power part 1 (T6 for 93+ gear drops)
    War of the Light part 2 (current gear upgrades and more solos/duos)
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  8. RiskTheNinja New Player

    Thanks man, I'll update you when I get further in my CR ranking process
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