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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by golddragon71, May 30, 2022.

  1. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    So here’s an interesting hypothesis……
    every morning the game shuts down for restarts. If I’m between characters, my character sleep gets wiped clear, and the introductory movie plays. After the movie runs its course, the game starts in create a character mode. What would happen if I went through the creation process?
    Would it over-write my existing characterscharacters? (Leaving me with only the newly created one?)
    would they be added to my roster when the game resumed play after the restart?
    with the new character sister exist after the game started?
    I’m not going to risk wasting the last 11 years worth of gameplay and work I’ve put into my characters and their bases to find out. but I was curious.
  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    What? The introductory cinema should only be playing after you hit the 'Ceeate Character's option.

    The game shutting down for daily maintenance doesn't affect your characters in any way shape or form.
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  3. Eve YouTuber

    I think, not sure, that I tried it once on US server and it just said the world is down, could not create a character.
  4. myandria Item Storage


    "Between characters?" do you mean if you are in the middle of switching between characters and the game shuts down for reset? If so, then I have been there, done that.

    Nothing like what you describe happens. When you log back in you will see the character that you were on with last on top, not the character that you were going to switch to. The character creation movie does not come up and you will not override any of your characters. You have to type in the name of your character in order to delete it and, if you have no character slots open you will not get far.

    So, no worries; you will still have your characters when you log back in. Hope that helps.
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  5. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Yeah I’m in character select and at 9 am on the dot, The roster completely vanishes.
    The opening cinematic plays…
    then create a character starts.
    all automatically.
    I can choose the gender/body type etc….
    usually I just shut down the application and play Star Wars Battleground for an hour or so.
    but I was curious to see what would happen if I went all the way through.
  6. Jcal Dedicated Player

    If you try to finalize the character you should get the Catwoman screen that says the worlds are currently down (when applicable). You literally can't do anything when the worlds are down, so no worries.
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  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah, you should not be able to get to the create character screen. Guess I never tried launching the movie, but even if you DID get to the create character screen, I'd think it wouldn't let you finish it as the world is down.

    It's an interesting question, if it would even get that far. I might spin up a new free account to test this bad idea....
  8. the solowing Steadfast Player

    I dont really have a reply, but i had a interesting little glitch i wish DCUO uitilized it as idk a transisition into a cutscene from character creation or something .

    Ill post it when i get to my PS4
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  9. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    I once was on the Brainiac ship with a new character when the servers went down and when I got back on I had to redo it so there's that.
  10. the solowing Steadfast Player

    here it is.
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  11. Eve YouTuber

    This is the Purgatory of DCUO
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  12. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Greatest triumph was at hand.... Escaping the character creator, only to suffer to a cruel fate for its folly.:p
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  13. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    The server cant sync when its down and to have the server sync with what you did when you were offline they must implement specific (and hard) code for that (and save the game state on your machine). TL;DR: Its just impossible
  14. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Oh lord.... I've had exactly this happen occasionally when going into some space for a mentor mission or walk-in, but I had no idea it could happen on the character creation screen. So bizarre to see someone walk around on that screen and break away from the background framing thing. Also had no idea it had a full skybox with a moon and all. Also weird how the character just became a black blob, not sure I've ever seen that! Like, they do exactly this but I've never seen them go all black like this lmao. So surreal.
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