Hybrid choice...is this even a viable option?

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  1. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    My Electric at the time I could get 110k, pure Might 120's easy 30 sec parsers. It's not the same but it's viable. That's with 468 sp. But I stated you need sp, and the dual Artifacts, Trans/Strat/Grim or Solar at 160 for the Dots.
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  2. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Its supposed to be for support roles because if u look at what bonus it gets u (aside from the might) its support based not dps based.
    Again, i think the terminology is crap. Also i think they did it to help support roles damage in solo content or something. Not everyone uses 173 armories an has 2 sets of gear w/2 sets of augs an 2 sets of arts just to clear content because it would take so long to do in healer role for example.
    Either way, bottom line is that for dps theres 2 clear choices. Pick which one u want but u cant pick “hybrid” then complain it sux (not sayin u personally). Pick one that doesnt suck. U cant xpe t the game to cater to your choice. Spec how u want an play w/in its constraints.
    Its literally the same as me picking superpowers then complaining my weapon doesnt do enough damage..... well yea, i chose for it to not do much damage. Thats not the games fault lol
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  3. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Your parse and your viability still arent as good as they would be if u chose prec or might tho. Choosing hybrid for whatever your reasons are costing u damage not helping it because aside from the 10% might (which u can get elsewhere) your giving up the other dps benefits in fsvor of support role benefits that dont help your damage.
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  4. Brav Well-Known Player

    Generally speaking both can work. Going back and forth here is pretty silly. Just look at the stats it offers and balance your spec accordingly. If you have more than enough skill points and a good artifact combo set with an appropriate build and rotation you will do just as well with either focus.

    Plan accordingly as mentioned. If you will be using weapons more then choose weapon expert, if you will use powers more then choose super powered, if you will use a balance of both weapons and powers then you can choose either of the three focuses depending on your load out build and rotation.

    Weapons expert (extra weapon/prec damage and some power regen from weapon hits (-) lower passive power regen ) if you will mostly do weapon combos after clipping some dots or a short/quick cheap burst ability in your rotation as a filler during your inputs (maybe a burst ability at the end if you can fit it in the rotation and have enough power to sustain it). * (Weapon/prec buff to compensate for the lack of innate precision stats compared to might innate stats).

    Super powered (extra power (+) might stat/power damage (+) extra power and extra passive power regen (-) no power regen from weapon hits) if you will mostly do power abilities/play from tray and if you can after quick burst abilities do a quick weapon tap before and after for a little extra damage in between power/ability uses. * (More innate might stats to compensate for the lack of a might buff ability compared to precision weapon/prec buff and lack of prec innate stats).

    Hybrid (extra might stat/power damage (+) survival/mitigation innate stats (+) passive power regen and power regen from weapon hits) if you will use a balance of weapon combos and power abilities. Mostly quick combos with quick burst abilities right after each weapon combo. And use some survival abilities (shield/heal). * (Weapon/prec buff + innate might stats to compensate for the split/balanced spec needed to function properly compared to a pure might or precision spec/build).

    (Starting off you can clip a quick cheap burst or dot ability with your weapon buff then do a quick weapon combo into a quick burst ability and continue your weapon and power damage rotation until you have to reapply your weapon buff (clip/starting setup) and go back to your weapon and burst damage rotation).

    Keep in mind hybrid will require a balance of stats and use of weapon combos plus power abilities to work properly. You can't just go hybrid and spam powers or only use weapons, that is not how hybrid works and if you don't use a balanced rotation you will mostly likely hurt for it and fall behind over time.

    A troll may help cover some power loss if you didn't maintain a more balanced rotation but it's good to practice and get it right so that they don't have to. Not all trolls will be able to and depending on how often you aren't doing a proper rotation your performance will suffer for it. (This is true with just about any spec/build. Finding and using the right rotation with each build for multi and single target is the key to success/better performance).

    The power regeneration from hybrid focus with weapon hits is more than enough power to maintain a balanced rotation along with some extra power/might stats and the normal passive power regen. In hindsight it's about the same power regen as the extra passive power regen from super powered focus if done right.

    It's the players choice if they want the extra power regen passively or actively in return for additional survival stats, if using a shield/heal within their build. Both are minimal advantages/gains either way but if the player can maintain a balanced setup then the extra survival stats will be a nice addition and will only help them rather then hurt.

    As mentioned each focus is viable, it will then be up to the player to put together a workable build and rotation for it to function properly. So please don't let one focus point hinder your choice of direction. Good luck and have fun.
  5. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Only time you should use hybrid is for tank and trolls. Dps or healer should be super powered unless your prec based as DPS. Then if you're prec as DPS you want weap expert not hybrid.
  6. Mazahs Loyal Player

    They aren't the devs specifically said all 3 playstyles would be viable in DPS role.
    They tried to make them all have similar output eraly on, but it never worked. Hence the term viable.

    It was NEVER only about support role. It was a massive waste of time and resources
  7. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    I reread what i wrote and what u wrote and i fail to see what exactly your arguing here?
    My point was That it seemed like some ppl wanted a true hybrid role to follow the term. Hybrid meaning heal/dps for example. I dont think thats what they were trying. Are u suggesting that is what they meant for that choice? If so, i’d like to read where they said it in leu of taking your word on it so that im better informed. Link?
  8. Mazahs Loyal Player

    They (the devs) stated Hybrid was the "classic style of play" using both weapons and powers for DPS.
    It would also allow more options for support.

    I think people want it to be the choice to be for hybrid roles, but that was not the intention of the devs in the Stat revamp.
    You statement her, is what I was speaking to Hy rid as i understand it is what u pick if your running your support role

    Link: https://www.dcuniverseonline.com/update-notes/dcuo-game-update-73

    New Playstyle Focuses!
    • Hybrid– This focus emphasizes a balanced approach in mixing weapon and superpower attacks for DPS, and contributes extra stats for Support Roles. This is how the game was originally designed and is considered the “classic” playstyle.
    • Weapons Expert – This focus emphasizes a weapons-heavy play style, primarily dealing damage with weapons and supplementing damage and survivability with superpowers.
    • Superpowered – This focus emphasizes a superpowers-heavy play style, primarily dealing damage with superpowers and using weapons for counters or during periods of low power.
  9. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Ok yes thats what i was saying. Ppl want it to mean something it doesnt.