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  1. NinjaForceZ13 New Player

    I have noticed this the past two days. Thing happens in The Huntress challenge and the fight against bat woman in Arkham.

    First Huntress.
    The last boss takes 0 damage for the first 30 seconds and then after his health drops to 50% he starts doing nothing but Backflip shot and flamethrower attacks. Neither seem to be interruptable, You can't even move when the flamethrower is going in Fact it won't even let you break out, Your trinket to breakout activates but does nothing.
    Also when he's fighting if he does a combo and you hold block he completes the combo with no stun or knock back effect on him. If you throw a combo to stun him it has no effect,
    His weapon rang is unlimited. Healing barrels randomly break because of his infinite weapon rang.

    Now Bat woman
    She starts out like norm takes damage does damage. But once you get her health to 50% she puts you in the stasis pods. Which you now cannot break out of. Not with breakout, Not With Powers, Not even with by the time you are finally free your health is now at 25% or less she then hits you with bunker buster( her version anyways) just as you get free then one combo and you are dead. Now you go back in to fight her bang Stasis pod bunker buster stasis pod bunker buster over and over you can't even get a blow in. and the device in the room has no effect anymore.

    This is why I say the devs do not even spend any time on this game at all, and the ones who do only do so on the PC not the PS3,
    They make no effort to look for such issues. We can no longer report them through the In game bugs.
    When We do report anything it takes 3 months to fix. Yet if it was the pc it would be fixed in 3 days are less.
    It is very clear that the DCUO devs only care about the PC version. However are more than willing to take money from ps3 gamers but unwilling to properly maintain the game on ps3.DLC 7 just arrived and already PPL are talking about DLC 8 and 9 in the developer discussion The hot topics are DLCs 8 and 9 yet no discussion is ever held about how to stabilize the game and improve the quality of the game overall on both ps3 and pc.

    Screw the DLC give us a playable enjoyable game that is a challenge but is also Not flawed to the point of making joker want to drink his own joker toxin and blow him self up with a nuke.

    Spend time improving the game not making it worse with new DLC content the game isn't ready to handle.

    Here's an IDEA devs get on the ps3 version NO GOD MODE.NO MAX LVL GEAR. Get on the game with the gear we use. Run the challenges see for your selves.
    Not enough Time? Well how about this, You have weakly meetings to discuss and review Ideas and plans and or progress of new content, Take one of those hour long meetings and turn it into a developer bug hunt, where the devs and techs spend one hour running the challenges ( NOT IN GOD MODE, NOT IN MAX LVL GEAR ) and see how buggy the ps3 version of the game is and explain to all of us why the discussion of DLCs 8 and 9 are so important at this point.

    Thank you.
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  2. Orca New Player

    I was going to post something thoughtful but decided against it.
    Maybe you should take a small break from the game.
    Nothing on these forums is going to make the game better or run better
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  3. Little Sister New Player

    It sounds to me like you are lagging.
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  4. Foxe New Player

    I've run the huntress solo a good 20+ times and not had an issue really
  5. Random Mind New Player

    I have a few issues with the Huntress challenge, the first is when I'm unlocking the door for the 1st time on the first stage. The problem I have is it won't let me breakout when the alarm sounds, so Little Vinny gets to hammer away on me until it finally lets me fight back. It is funny because the first couple of times it did, now it never does. My second problem is that if I lose to the final boss, whoever it is, sometimes it lets me fight just the boss again, other times I have to redo the mission just to fight the last boss. This isn't hard but it is annoying. Lastly, the healing barrel in the last room is sometimes there and sometimes not for me, which once again is annoying, because it just means that I have to grab one from another room and bring it to the final boss.
  6. Mave New Player

    I haven't beaten that one yet because of the last boss' infinite backflip shot and flamethrower but I have beaten the bizarro one with ease multiple times, I too feel like the Huntress final boss is buggy, the rest of that challenge is a joke though.
  7. Remander 10000 Post Club

    Let Santos go. I think the other bosses are actually easier, for the most part.
  8. BrownMamba New Player

    Just wondering when you guys are stunned by the backflip/flamethrower, do you have any power; if you do you should be able to break out and lunge him to knock him down. If its not working you must be experiencing lag.
  9. BrownMamba New Player

    Bane is probably the hardest rest of them including Santos are easy.
  10. Remander 10000 Post Club

    Yeah, that's why I said "for the most part." For me, Bane has been the toughest. Those reading this thread should also consider that there is a feat for defeating each boss, so once you beat Santos the first time, you should just let him go from there on out, so you can work on getting all the bosses for the feat. Nothing to gain by facing Santos more than once.
  11. Little Sister New Player

    Personally I think Scarecrow is the hardest.
  12. FESTER665 New Player

    I ran against Scarecrow a few times the first night and ripped right through him, got him again yesterday and now the statues become hallucinations..... That wasn't happening the first time I ran through him, definitely changes the fight. Still not sure why he wasn't bringing them out the first times I fought him.

    I still need to beat stupid Bane though.... I don't know what it is against that guy. LOL
  13. Little Sister New Player

    I like fighting Bane hehe. I find brawling really easy to counter, interrupt, etc. I have trouble fighting rifles : /

    PS - Does anyone know about Scarecrow's green mist rifle attack? Is it supposed to be uninterruptible? Maybe the OP is right and maybe there are some mechanics that are bonkers in this instance.
  14. Remander 10000 Post Club

    See Aiden Warren's video in Oracle's DB. He faces Scarecrow and takes him down fairly easily.
  15. BO PERRY_CRS Well-Known Player

    Twenty plus times? LOL, almost forgot about replays!
  16. Wilder Midnight New Player

    i started off thinking the huntress solo was the harder of the two but have since turned around.i have an old fire dps i levelled up to 30 with martial arts so i keep her solely in martial arts and can clear the whole thing in a few minutes. martial arts square moves knock the bosses down all over the place. if you're beast with the dual pistols more power to you but i suggest training yourself to never hit that button.
  17. Foxe New Player

    I also played on PC test....
  18. Frostbight New Player

    Yeah you can use your powers to try and stun him. I know he can shoot you for 500-600 point but I try and fight thru it and you can prevent some of the damage if you combo him properly. I used to have to fight santo with to orange barrels now i can kill him on one cola.
  19. PolarisSylar Well-Known Player

    These t5 solos are great don't change the difficulty,ok devs. People just need to the counter mechanics it .
  20. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    There's a feat on Santos as well... beat him without him changing weapons I believe.

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