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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Red Raptor, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Red Raptor Active Player

    Human skins 1,2, & 3 are causing some movement modes to misbehave. Animations appear to be missing. For example: While wearing any of these 3 skins Acrobatics Characters do not change directions when moving forward and backward while wall-climbing. Has a "moonwalking" effect. Acrobatics movement behaves normally when using any of the Classic skins. Please help. -Thanks!

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  2. Red Raptor Active Player


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    If it's helpful, the toon in the video is wearing...
    Human 1 skin
    Fringe Hair
    Full Domino Face
    Gotham Knight Head
    NO Shoulders equipped
    Armored Detective ALL other style slots
    Mechanized Aura
    Ikon Material on Waist

    I really hope this is addressed soon. Is this occurring for Switch users?
  3. Healing Juice Active Player

    I’m also having the same problem! I’ll post my skin and apparel when i get back on!
  4. Red Raptor Active Player

    @Batuba Also, occurring on male and female Acrobatics characters and all 3 body types when wearing the New Human 1, 2, & 3 skins. Hoping for a fix soon, Thanks!
  5. Red Raptor Active Player

    Granted, this is not a Dev's response, but it's a shame all the same. Seems like this would be relatively easy to fix if someone would just take a look at it...

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  6. FunkyLee New Player

    I still have this issue and it’s especially annoying because I don’t have access to the skin vendors early on. Can anyone confirm if changing skins back to classic will actually help (on Switch)?
  7. Red Raptor Active Player

    The skins vendor is behind STAR labs in Metropolis for heroes and behind ACE Chemicals in Gotham for villains. Both are far enough away from trouble to access in peace for those just getting started as long as you have the cash. The issue with the updated human skins and how they affect acrobatics appears to be resolved on the test server. Whether or not the changes in test make it to the live servers is anyone's guess. I remain hopeful...
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