How to use armory?

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  1. At Least I’m Tryin Well-Known Player

    For the life of me, I can't figure out how the general Computer / Gaming crowd thinks.

    This isn't to "troll" folks, I really do wonder this. Here's yet another example.

    OK, so I got notification that I have access to "armory". I have to leave the game and do research online to figure out what that is and how to use it. Looks great. I have been wanting access to something like what is described for the new Armory feature. Cool! It looks like I have four to work with since I am Legendary.

    So, how to use it? More online research shows some promising hits. A few sites reveal I need to go to my base and find the armory and use it. Hey, I found an armory there. I know the online crowd likes intuitive thinking, so I do my best. I gear up for dps and Imprint it, give it a name (DPS) and even assign a icon! That was easy! Then I try Troll and after that PvP (I haven't gotten proficient enough to differentiate PVP dps and PvP Main yet), so that's three!
    I step outside to try it out. Hell, I don't see any clue for switching gear. After a careful search of my UI, it's back inside and back at the armory. There I notice that it looks like maybe I created one "gear-up" and only overwrote that. I wonder if I wasted any cash or MOT's doing it??? I hope not. I've been burned like that too many times before.
    Back out of the game and more research.
    DC Universe Online Wikia - Armory shows a little more promise. It says there it says something about a Power Generator. I fly over all the crap I have placed in my lair searching for a Power Generator and lo and behold, there is a new piece of equipment. I interact with it and I guess its a good thing I have spent money powering all my batteries, or it looks like I wouldn't have been able to do anything at all.
    According to the Wikia, "To choose which builds they wish to equip, players must access their lair Power Generators (located on the lower floors) and choose four builds and assign them to Directional Arrows (PS3/4) or NumPad Numbers (PC) to be used in the field."
    Well I am attempting to use my PC to choose a build and have clicked everything there is to click and have pressed every key on my keyboard. There is only one Build there with the other three blank.
    I tried for a lot longer to figure this out, but hopefully you get the idea. There's also a write-up on Game Update 33 that is also as helpful as a bag of hammers.
    It looks like if I select imprint again, it only gives me the option to overwrite what I have already imprinted. And Activate??? The best I can determine is that it switches your gear same as pressing the number key 1 (which is the only one that is working for me).

    If it was me in charge of this, I would do something like oh, I dunno, put some instructions somewhere they could be found???
    A good for instance in the title of this thread. That's what I used to search for, along with simply: armory. Seems like something a normal person could follow would pop up. Nah. Try it yourself. Or maybe my computer is on the twilight network, which I do not rule out.

    I'll say it for you. I am a &etard. A Mongoloid. A fu@kTard. A Stupida$$. I get it.
    After we all get past that, could someone please direct to simple description of how the armory works or if none exist, write a few lines about how to use this new feature?
    As always, I hope all are having a great day.
  2. Sore Devoted Player

    Have you tried YouTube? There might be some step-by-step instructional videos from players. I bet Odyssey, Superpatriot, Trexlight, Orbit, or others will have one somewhere.
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  3. At Least I’m Tryin Well-Known Player

    Well, I'll be hornswaggled, buns buttered, hog tied, or whatever!
    I saw Sore's response, and after some experimentation figured out that Odyssey, Superpatriot and others are not some sort of websites or whatever, but maybe users/contributors of youtube. This reminded me that I didn't think of trying youtube for my search (I guess I am more of a reader than a watcher). So I just did a search of youtube using "How to use armories".
    Hey, Guess who the first one to pop up is? Superpatriot!
    It takes him almost 2 minutes to find the Armory in his base inventory and to place it. It takes another minute and a half to discuss his currently equipped gear and to then "imprint" it. A minute later it is imprinted. He scrolls over the other options of the armory and can only guess at what "Activate" means.
    The vid is mediumly painful with lots of 'um's" and "ah's", "am I right?'s' and generally getting off topic as well.
    The vid takes a short intermission while he changes and when we come back, though nothing is said about it, the astute observer will notice that a second armory is present, sitting close to the original one that was placed. Of course he neglects to mention how he got a second one. So I try placing another one myself. Well, after carefully searching through the 500 or so items in my base inventory, which isn't easy because they cant seem to figure out how to make the list alphabetize (bless their hearts), I just give up and buy another one for 600 Station Points in the marketplace because I am tired of screwing around with this.
    Nonetheless, thank-you Superpatriot for taking the time to make and post your instructional vid. You are the man!

    Here are the At least I'm Tryin' instructions on how to use the armory:

    Step 1) Press Escape and go to the in-game marketplace and collect your Armory, which gets placed in your regular equipment inventory. I believe it can be found under the "Redeem Claim" tab.
    Step 2) Go to your inventory and right click it to put it into your base inventory.
    Step 3) Go to your base and enter decoration mode from the main console.
    Find a place to put the armory and put it there. Press Escape to get out of Decorator mode.
    Step 4) Interact with the Armory. On first use, the only option is Imprint I think. Be sure you are geared up how you want to save the "Equipping". After you have Imprinted, the following options are available: Imprint, Activate, Rename, Change Icon.
    Step 5) Select Rename and give the gearing a name. Then select Change Icon and pick out a cool looking icon to assign to it.
    Step 6) After clicking Done (or whatever) you can fly downstairs to interact with the Generator to see what number keys on the number pad were assigned to your "build".
    Step 7) You are done.

    Now, when you are flying around in Metropolis or wherever, and some bu#wipe tries to gank you while you are geared as a troll or whatever, you can press the appropriate number key on your numberpad to immediately switch to PvP and kick dey a$$ !!!

    It really doesn't seem like it was necessary to make figuring this out that difficult, but I haven't been made supreme ruler of the universe yet.

    Thank-you Sore. You always rock in these forums. Thank-you. I don't think I would have been able to figure out what I have without your help.

    So, now that I have pi$$ed and moaned, cried and complained....
    I'm all edumucated, so it's off to metropolis....

  4. Sore Devoted Player

    I'm sorry the experience hasn't been smoother for you. I was able to click-in from the Thanksgiving Twitch stream with Spytle and Mepps. I also played with it on the test server and found my way quickly. I do agree that the game leaves a TON for you to discover on your own. It is definitely not intuitive. Players MUST research or accept ignorance. I think that is status quo for MMOs.
  5. At Least I’m Tryin Well-Known Player

    Hey Folks!
    Here's an "addendum".

    The armory saves power point and skill point selections.
    So, you can have completely different skills and powers !!!
    I'll say it again ...
    You can have completely different skills and powers !!! for each armory assignment.

    But, it can be a nuisance too. Every time you get another SP, you must imptint each armory or when you apply the armory, you will have an un-assigned SP. Same with getting a new, higher level piece of equipment.
    Nice is: you can free up space in your inventory by placing all the equipment of the "build" into your bank.
    or, even more creative ...
    You can keep that SP unassigned to activate a weapon you want to collect, and then unassign it by applying the armory again! It makes a sortof temporary mobile SP !!! Very Cool !
    You could even save the re-spec fee by saving an armory without any SP or PP assigbed, but this would be most likely impractcal.

    Also, to clarify the: the At least I'm Tryin' instructions,
    I think when I was notified that I had 4 Armories, I think what they meant was that I had 4 armory spaces, and 1 free armory, that I could fill / use the other 3 by buying them in the marketplace. At least that's how I had to do it.

    The armory also remembers your consumables. I don't think it remembers your role (dps or Main Role - Troll, Heal, Tank) but I forgot to verify this before I got this far with the thread. My Bad. Outta the consumable? The space will be empty.

    A huge tip of the hat to the dev's !!!

    Now, if only they would think about ...
    1) alphabetizing the base inventory
    2) not automatically dumping every member of the league you just joined into your in-game mail contact list, thus rendering it totally useless with the five hundred names of people you don't know and don't care about and never will mail anything to (grrr !)
    They would have a trifecta !!!

    Personally, I would like to be able to join a league AND still be able to use my contact list. But I realize I'm not normal, I mean c'mon, no one in their right mind would want to be able to decide who is listed in their contact list. What a maroon !!!

    Sorry folks, sometimes I do get carried away.
    Have a great day!!!
  6. Opamp New Player

    I just want to point out - I didn't even get to this step. My quest said "Go to your Base and place your Armory". I checked my inventory, didn't see one, so I just gave up.

    So no, it's not just you. I created a thread about creating a tutorial. Please feel free to comment there.

    And thank you for this write up.
  7. Valkreizy New Player

    tl;dr : short question :

    do i need to have multiple armories to imprint multiple gears? (ie: do i need one armory item for each one or will just one armory be enough?)

    edit :

    also, do i need to keep those alternate gears in my inventory or can i just keep it in my bank/shared bank and still have access to it?
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  8. At Least I’m Tryin Well-Known Player

    Hey, I finally saw this ...

    "do i need to have multiple armories to imprint multiple gears? (ie: do i need one armory item for each one or will just one armory be enough?"

    YES: One for each Imprint

    "also, do i need to keep those alternate gears in my inventory or can i just keep it in my bank/shared bank and still have access to it?"

    No and then Yes: ya gotta have the gear stored somewhere, it can be in your Bank or your Inventory.

    Also, you can have only 6 "Amenities" (Teleporters, Vendors, Sparring Partners, etc.) in your Base, so don't waste time trying to put in more. An easy way to manage more is to just get into "Decorating" Mode and Delete one and replace it with whatever you need at the moment, because it will always be in the list of available things to place.
    Only another Computer Engineer can tell you why they think this is a good way to set this up. Or to say why they only let us have 6 spaces to begin with.
    As we say in the South...Bless their hearts.
  9. 13igtyme Loyal Player

    Why do you have four to work with because your legendary, I thought they only gave you one free armory per toon.
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  10. At Least I’m Tryin Well-Known Player

    Ya have to buy the others in the marketplace. The one free is to enable you to see the benefits, so, you'll spend the money.
  11. 13igtyme Loyal Player

    That's my point, premium could also have 4 armories, only one is free and you don't have to be legendary.

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