How to redeem DLC bought from Steam?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by NightCreation, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. NightCreation Well-Known Player

    I bought the Lightning Strikes DLC from Steam just now and no matter where I look on my account, I can't find a key or anything to redeem it in the game. Where do I get find the redeem key?
  2. ChaosgoleM New Player

    Go the steam aplication, open it, go to library, right click on dcuo, dlc, you will see a code, then to dcuo web, login, then in the home web you will see at the right side a box in wich you can enter the code of the content you want to redeem, that's.

    I hope you can redeem your code with this info!
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  3. §SuperM4NFan§ New Player

    What if you got it from the website, where would the redeem code be?
  4. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I don't think there's a code if you buy it from the website because you have to log in to actually buy it, so it should automatically be applied your account.
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  5. §SuperM4NFan§ New Player

    I originally downloaded the game from Steam, but bought the DLC from the website... does that change anything? Also when i secondly downloaded DCUO from the Website, it still hasn't come through on my account.
  6. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    You should probably send a ticket to customer support.
  7. idtr New Player

  8. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    If you purchased from Steam, you should have a code to enter. You can enter it in-game or on our website.
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  9. Kintuse Well-Known Player

    This is meant if you're still having trouble or for others having trouble. I had speed bumps too a bit after purchasing the dlc from Steam despite downloading the game from SOE's own site.

    Sales page (in case anyone is curious. PC only of course I believe.)

    Some people will tell you to right-click the game and go to "View downloadable content"
    [IMG]This is actually not where to look for the code.

    What you wanna do is click CD Key on the right of the page
    This is where you'll find the code.

    After that it's just a matter of inputting the game code in-game or at after logging in.
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  10. Adell New Player

    Since we're talking about the Steam DLCs and Mepps replied... Until when will this sale last?
  11. Kintuse Well-Known Player

    Roughly 32 hours from the time of this post.
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  12. Adell New Player

    Oh, horrible timing for me then. I just used up all my money to buy a new computer in order to play DCUO. Too bad because, with this sale, you could get all the DLCs for $23...
  13. Kintuse Well-Known Player

    The irony is terrible.. It's not like there won't be other sales though in the future and when Friday comes around you can just sub for now at least, right? I'm still sorry to hear. I do wish sales would be announced more earlier rather than one or two days beforehand. Maybe like a week in advance at the least before I spend my money too.
  14. Adell New Player

    This always happens to me, laughably enough. I have horrible luck.

    Maybe someone would be interested in Gun Monkeys (which I have an extra key of) and would be willing to trade it for two DLCs. :p
  15. veld Level 30

    I bought the dlc's i hadn't previously in case i ever decide to drop legendary, but it can't redeem my keys via the website or in game because it says i already have access to that content. I should still be able to add keys to my account though. Seems silly that i am going to have to waste a CS reps time getting this fixed.
  16. Adell New Player

    Maybe you can just keep the CD Keys and redeem them when your Legendary subscription goes down. Or give the DLCs to me I mean what...
  17. Foxy Active Player

    I've been playing on the PC without steam, how can make it so I can buy the DLC's from them and gain access on my account still?
  18. Adell New Player


    You CAN buy the DLC from Steam without connecting DCUO to Steam BECAUSE Steam will give you a CD KEY for the DLC which you will enter in the DCUO WEBSITE or the IN GAME MARKETPLACE.
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  19. Furling Well-Known Player

    Foxy, do exactly like Kintuse said above. I'm in the same boat, play on PC without steam, and I bought a bunch of DLC's for my kids accounts and applied them all last night. Just do like Kintuse showed above and it worked fine for me. You do NOT have to actually download the game through steam. You are just after the activation codes... but they are only accessible through the steam app.
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  20. Deranya Dedicated Player

    Yay I can buy them cheap!
    nooo, I forgot which I already own xD any way to see it without being ingame?