How to make DC great again!

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    its better then the game closing and everything people have put into the game gone because people refuse to realize that dropping PS3 or going to a newer engine is 1 of the same, you cant go to a new engine and it work properly with PS3 being supported, therefor PS3 will need to be dropped therefor a good chunk of revenue lost. Which isn't ideal or going to happen til 75% + are on PC / xb1 / PS4.

    and all you mentioned (powers new UI ect) cost money, with taking a $$$ cut from PS3 people they aren't doing any of that. Hell they aren't doing any of that with PS3 lmao
  2. Zlohsac Committed Player

    Yes, I understand that going to U4 is the same thing as dropping PS3. But, lets be optimistic for a minute and assume DCUO is around in 10 years. What if by then the population still isn't 75% PC/PS4/XB1? By then the PS3 will be over 20 years old. The PS4 will be over 10 years old and i'd imagine the PS5 would be out or close to it. And DCUO would be a 16 year old game running on an archaic engine.

    What then? Still no dropping of the PS3? DCUO is supposed to trudge along still supporting it because it represents the largest part of the population? If the PS3 is always the biggest part of the population are they supposed to never pull the plug?

    I understand all these things cost money and dropping the PS3 would cause them to lose money but when is enough, enough. Like I said before, none of this will probably ever happen because it would require them to take a risk. It would require them to bet on the hope that starting over and revamping the game from top to bottom will bring in new players and bring back some of the old ones. To bet on the long term instead of focusing on the short term.
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    This is agenuine question

    What aspects of the U4 engine would improve the game? This is a serious question.
  4. light FX Steadfast Player

    What would make the game better? Well imo it needs to be sold off to another game studio.
  5. Zlohsac Committed Player

    Everything. Better graphics, better performance ... it's just better.
  6. the solowing Steadfast Player

    the game is in this state because people paid to make it this way
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    Actually, this isn't just particular to MMO's. Every business reaches that point at sometime. What happens then depends on risk vs. reward. If outdated graphics are what would make or break people continuing to support the game, then they might assume the work (as some MMO's have done). If there's another aspect (like creating new costumes, or raids or whatever) that the success of the game hinges on, they'll focus there. It's not so much of a question of thinking long term as it is just judging whether it's a good investment that will pay for itself or not.
  8. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Lol. A "realist". Mm-hmm. You just wave your magic wand and suddenly everything in the game is better. Yep, that's being realistic. Also, you're betting on a lot of suppositions. "Hey, CurlyFace45! Come check out DCUO! It has awesome graphics now!" "Cool. And what's the raid content like?" "Um, well, there aren't any new raids. The team had to focus on the graphics, right?" "Booooring. Nah, bruh. I'm playing Destiny 8 right now."
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    Shouldn't something has been great at any time in the first place to becoem great "again"??? DCUO was never top, in no point, just a mediocre catch-up for folks who's MMOs got cancelled, like CoH/CoV or SWG. DCUO failed from the start, remember how early the "megaserver" and "well we need to go F2P in some way" happened. A couple of overly glorified DLCs that some outdated players mainly worship because those DLCs were their time to "shine" - and all of them seemingly have not any single other aspect in their sad lifes to "shine" - do not make a failure of the dimension of DCUO "great", not even temporarily, and especially not when those very same DLCs drove other players off.

    Besides, there is no use in tinkering with powers now. Wait for statrevamp, wait for how few players it will bring back and how many players will leave, and then you might have some dves desperate enough to finally listen. Maybe.
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  10. BumblingB 15000 Post Club


    Doesn't quite work as well as it was in my head...
  11. Zlohsac Committed Player

    Uhhhhhh, what?

    I'm having a hard time understanding why people can't understand how outdated the game is. That it needs some major updates. Not just visual, not just QoL, but everything. Everything means PvE content. It means PvP content ... EVERYTHING. Yeah, doing these things doesn't guarantee to make everything better and I never said it would. There's no denying that doing it is a risk. But, how is keeping the game like it is now any better? Why wouldn't you want the best possible version of the game?

    But you're right, being realistic in thinking major updates are needed, is wrong. Being realistic in thinking that none of it will happen because there's not an immediate guaranteed monetary return.
  12. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Strong reading comprehension you got there.
  13. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    So you'd describe all of these things just happening in this game as a realistic expectation? He just described creating a completely different game, one that has nothing in common with DCUO at all. Lol.
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    None of the OP ideas will improve the game, those are good adds to the game but nothing as a game changing at all.

    Fix bugs, improve quality of life, figure out a way for the new players to experience the DCUO game without others screwing that experience in content, create better more engaging content, find a better pace to the end game, a better UI, ETC ETC ETC and then start adding more cool stuff to the improved game
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    Many games go this way because of the whales paying into it. This game has ENCOURAGED the whales by making it their paradise for pay to win. This game used to require some sort of skill, now its not the case, as you point out, the pay to win model is here, but that's not the whales fault, its the money grabbing pieces of **** who run this game who live to make money and ruin all the players enjoyment who do this, Daybreak saw an opportunity and by christ they have took it with both hands, strangleholded the game and isolated the entire community to valuable (whales) to meh (everyone else).

    How long will it be before the whales realise what they have paid into is a moneyless pit scheme?
  16. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    you can start by not using cult 45's catch phrase.
  17. Unida Dedicated Player

    hire shiny mackerel.

    do everything he suggests.

    we'd get a good game.
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    gonna kill. lol.
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    OK seriously why ppl blame ps3 for dc current dilemma. Doubt ps3 has anything to do with dc power releases due to the fact that the powers are basically already there just as a ai movepool. Only thing that I can see ps3 causing is graphics wise and powers were built for ps3 to handle as for the zones.Well that's on the devs they allow their imagination run wild well beyond the ps3 uses that's y zoning in takes awhile and y there tends to b delay in power. Practically the same can go for ps4 hell even a PC that is built to handle dc at minimum. Dc down fall is devs poor choices they listen to the wrong set of ppl and noe they got this tc b.s. No way stats revamp should be taking this long. The coding seems to be sloppy I'm not even considered amateur but ik they should have implemented some form of dial code to fiddle with and base all powers of one style accordingly exm dots burst combo. And adjust the dials to find a next to perfect balance seems they digging thru a lot of unnecessary stuff. I use to say limited staff was an issue but ik damn well dc makes well enough money being on all mainstream platform to hire more employee shows that its just about the money. Hell they recycle old crap all the time nothing new. Same old mechanics. Same past content design just different skin / area. League hsll was new but became a let down they could have fine great things with it. I'm still here waiting for the revamp as for water that coming when grod reverseflash and the other movement types they promised drop.'that's never'
  20. the solowing Steadfast Player

    They are a business, their objective is to make money, they will abandon projects that don't yield returns on the investment like *cough*lairthemes *cough* if its popular by the revenue it creates then they will try to keep it going, like anyone else would. If there was no interest in TPs you think they would still be going? No. Hell if you can get the players to stop buying into it youll see them slowly move away from it
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