How to increase Restoration?

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  1. Mileena New Player

    I want my healing output to be a lot better. I have a lot of health now as a level 30, and my healing output isn't really helpful. How do you increase restoration?
  2. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Better gear, mods, and the Innates in the weapon skill trees.
  3. Mileena New Player

    What kind of gear specifically? Also, how do mods work? I don't really know a lot about this game yet.
  4. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Well that depends on what gear you are wearing right now. Go to your Journal and do there should be a Research and Development mission that is like a tutorial on mods.

    The more skill points you earn, the more Restoration you'll be able to get from innates in the weapons trees also.
  5. Mileena New Player

    Thanks. I'm a new level 30 and I'm wearing the new gear from Game Update 25. I'll have to check out that mission.
  6. johnnyops New Player

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  7. Mileena New Player

  8. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Ahh, that's your best option right now honestly. With HP that high though in PvP gear, it's going to take more power to heal yourself to full HP... So don't always feel compelled to be at full HP, being at around 75% is still fine, conserve power! hahah

    You can pull up your On Duty tab and then run some T1 instances, or do some challenges to buy some T1 PvE gear with Marks of Triumph your earn there, that will raise your CR {{Combat Rating}} up so you can move on to doing some T2 content. May be a bit complicated... Ask around in-game also if you need info on things, I'm sure some helpful people won't mind guiding you a bit.
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  9. Mileena New Player

    Thank you so much! Just one more question, where are the PvE vendors?
  10. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Here's a little map link... may be hard to read but it's all I can find hahah. Not sure if you're a Hero or a Villain either.

    Hero PvE T1 Vendors:
    • Flash {{Meta Wing}}
    • Steel {{Tech Wing}}
    • Raven {{Magic Wing}}
    Villain PvE T1 Vendors:
    • Metallo {{Meta Wing}}
    • Mister Freeze {{Tech Wing}}
    • Brother Blood {{Magic Wing}}

    You can buy from any of those. Hope it helps.
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  11. johnnyops New Player


    Reference post by Irish Play
  12. johnnyops New Player

    Thanks, I knew there was a better map but couldn't remember where it was located. Forgot to check dcuobook.
  13. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    All the maps are kinda outdated now since GU25 new PvP gear and DLC7. Hopefully someone makes a new one hahah.
  14. johnnyops New Player

    True but it leads you in the right direction then you have to click around on the cases, honestly wish they had a better system but one can dream.