How to Encourage 2 of each role in Raids

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  1. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    no say you are rolling with 2 trolls, 1 troll has 5987 vit the other has 6125 vit, the 5987 vit troll for w/e reason thinks he should be throwing PoT and it use to be he'd over write the 6125 trolls PoT. Now it doesn't he can spam PoT all he wants who ever has highest vit has PoT duties.

    granted almost nobody runs 2 trolls anymore anyways so it doesn't matter, but it still nice to see they are trying to help the 2-2-2-2 setup crowd :)
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  2. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

    Require 2 2 2 2 for your runs. Forget the clock. Bring back the fun and equality for all roles. # be part of the solution.
  3. Heavens Sword Dedicated Player

    Yeah more buffs provided by Controllers would be nice,

    Stronger debuffs would be nice, maybe stackable up to 2. NPCs able to make it 3. Possibly even group debuffs not as strong as single target.

    Maybe even debuffs provided additional boost, defense debuff providing additional defense to group, damage debuff providing might and precision. A healing debuff that provides some health back from damage done to debuffed enemy.

    Some call us the shielding class, perhaps a Resto+DOM boost to group would be cool. Maybe provided by our Agro dropping halfshields (controller role only) meanwhile our full shield being 4 man shields (controller role only)

    Enemies under CC take more damage

    Though I think POT should maybe be established by any harmful power a Controller uses like AGRO for Tanks, if they keep POT going foward it would be cool as a debuff, maybe provide more power back from weapon combos and return some of the cost of any power cast on debuffed enemy.
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  4. Silent Rage Well-Known Player

    Just today I ran BSP trying for the kill only 9 adds feat and we had 2-2-2-2 for maximum survivability, keeping the adds away as well as keeping skirmishers stunned and power bars full. I never had s smoother run.
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  5. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Dang and I would have done it for a vanilla Ice Cream (one scoop). Great idea maybe we could add one more to sweeten the pot...

    Support Bonus:
    Two tanks provides defense buff
    Two healers provides small hot
    Two trolls provides small pot (make sure this is stackable so it is not negated by the trolls POT)
    Two DPS provide small defense debuff (but only applies with two .. 3 ,4, 5 or 6 dps on a raid and the bonus is lost)
    Two of each role provides damage buff

    Another thing they could FINALLY do is allow POT from both trolls to stack. I know they are doing this with HOT for healers. This would allow both Trolls to use their POT and would actually allow both to use other attacks that would add additional debuffs making mobs take damage faster. In many cases , Quatum in particular, the POT is also a good stun/hold so telling the 2nd Troll "don't throw POT" forces him to give up a very effective tool that makes everyone's job easier... hey if everything in the room is stunned and hanging in mid air while the entire team blast away.. No one is taking damage.. Healer doesn't need to work as hard healing and can use attacks to help kill stuff If the healer dosent need to constantly heal he's using less power which gives even more to the Troll to keep everyone's levels up.. so they all do more damage. If troll debuffs double ... the mobs are taking even more damage faster so mobs are gone quicker and the team can move on.
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  6. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    You want the simple answer? Because as a Troll and a Healer and a Tank I get very tired of this post in LFG Chat.. "Need (name your support role) for LAST BOSS. See I am not going to respond to that because guess what .. If you didn't need me to start the dang raid then figure out a way to finish it without me too. Yes sure if I join that raid I get the reward from the final boss but I'm TRYING to outfit my toon too and that crap just means I didn't get the first couple drops from the other boss battles.. AND now unless I want to wait an entire week I can't get them without burning the exact same amount of replays I would have to use if I had been on the mission from the start. Oh and 5-1-1-1 gets things done faster.. YEAH sometimes but when a Team leader is in LFG screaming for a healer or a Tank its because 5-1-1-1 failed and usually about 3, 4 ?? many times before it dawned on someone we need a ______. Then so and so with the least amount of damage gets kicked and you all sit for 10- 15- 20 minutes TRYING to find a healer. In the mean time a 2-2-2-2 or even a 3-2-2-1 that started at the same time already had the Tank/troll/healer and didn't team wipe at all.. and they are back out looking for the next raid or alert to join. Despite current thinking DAMAGE is not always the answer to everything. And one reason you all have sooo much trouble finding the other roles is because you spend so much time totally ignoring them.. until YOU need them

    I also love .. GLF Tank with DPS Armory.. So we know we are going to need you for the boss battle(s) but can YOU have two complete sets of armor so when its just mobs we have more burn? Hey here's an idea.. why don't you spend twice the time running missions and carry TWO sets of full gear and BUY an extra armory?

    I do not respond to either of those requests by the way... You want my TROLL or my TANK.. you invite them at the start of the mission. Contrary to what most team leaders think I am not here just to clean up their mess. Oh and news flash.. while it may not be any where near as much healers, tanks and Trolls all carry weapons and have attacks .. they all do DAMAGE.

    And Extra heals means the team stays on its feet shooting at stuff instead of on one knee because half the DPS out there don't use a single SP point to TRY and increase health or defense Oh and GOD forbid when one goes down unless the healer or Troll rezzes because the other DPS won't stop even if the man down is right beside them .. MY DAMAGE WOULD SUFFER.. God forbid it would cut down on their damage. Crowd Control? If everything is stunned, helpless and dangling in mid air NO ONE is taking damage and chances are those same helpless mobs are debuffed so they take more damage. Aggro ... same as heals. If my tank is keeping the entire mob in ONE place and they are all attacking him .. then no one else is taking damage AND any AOE attacks your DPS has will hit and damage MORE targets. Gee that sure sounds like it would all help kill mobs faster to me.
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  7. Zylo Committed Player

    Oh,no....think of the all those poor DPS that this game been getting caterd to that are going to left out. oh the humanity. there all going to cancel their subs and the game going to get shut down for good since we lost 80% of the player base. cant have these kinds of awsome ideas if the dps arent included.:rolleyes:
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  8. Avian Dedicated Player

    Good idea but maybe it should be exactly 2 of the same role for the buff, fx if you have 3+ you don't get the buff.
  9. Heavens Sword Dedicated Player

    Also thinking 2 of each role provides extended recovery time.

    few seconds for every support role doubled up on, double the time to revive someone with a balanced group.
  10. Antwoman Dedicated Player

    I bet if DCUO was t opay you cold hard cash there would be 3 of each role....but you know they don't have that issue since they have to pay the light bills.
  11. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

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  12. Heavens Sword Dedicated Player

    3221 was cool, though i never minded two tanks, 3311 was nice for controllers, I think 4211 should be considered before 5111 as a norm with playerbase or content pushing for at least one support role to be doubled up on.

    Something should be done so players even consider a balanced group.
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  13. Galil ACE Well-Known Player

    If you really want people to play support roles give the, extra loot or more base items.
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  14. Heavens Sword Dedicated Player

    So buffs have been discussed, even additional recovery time, what else can be considered to promote a balanced setup?

    Shorter cooldown on consumables & trinkets

    Faster supercharge buildup
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  15. Sore Steadfast Player

    I'd just focus on diminishing the damage gap between a DPS and a support role. 10:1 really makes stacking DPS preferable. 1:1 would make DPS irrelevant. So to me the solution is probably somewhere between.
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  16. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Somwhere in the area of 5:1 is pretty nice :D
  17. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    This is exactly what needs to happen imo, even with WM and dedicated hybrid specs supporters don't deal any meaningful damage compared to DPS. If we could actually play supporters offensively (or even do some relevant amount of damage as pure support) then it wouldn't be as much of a slowdown to include more than one of each in the group and the additional support might be more welcome over additional DPS.
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  18. crapmedrawers Well-Known Player

    Or all powers can tank dps heal and troll no more role for powers
  19. Bakhand of Death Level 30

    I support this idea!! Real why the f do we need 5 DPS? 99.9% of the time the last DPS isn't even doing enough damage to help the team in any way.
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  20. Heavens Sword Dedicated Player

    A better ratio is prob needed, still think Controllers need an even better ratio still, designed with no damage penalty, an innate damage boost for delivering power which imo should have been adjusted, less survivability in terms of shield strength and defense.

    I think Dominance should play a role in towards additional damage.
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