How to delete utility belt when you don't have utility belt add on...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Reinheld, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. Reinheld Loyal Player

    So I know this has been asked before, (especially during past 'skip to' giveaways) but as I've always had the 'gear up' bundle on my premiums or a membership I've never had to deal with it personally. However, I did set up a new F2P account to check out things with a completely fresh account just using the 255 upgrade and now have a belt I cannot open, salvage, delete or anything. What is the resolution on this, or is it just to put it in the corner of my bank (2 rows by the do F2P people manage) to eat up a space?

    I did see a few old posts, but none seemed to be addressed by a dev. The suggestion from the community is to put in a ticket, which I was not going to bother with, just wondered if there was an alternative to that? It's really not all that big an issue as I probably will abandon the account, it just popped up the question as to how you deal with the issue.

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  2. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I actually think that's probably impossible. They probably intended it to be that way to incentivize you going at least premium. I remember that back when I did f2p on my little bro's ps3. It was during 2 years ago in Jan. Man, so much junk just ends up in your inventory fast.

    Oh and to answer your F2P question, they don't. They either pay or play on test.
  3. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    You have to put in a support ticket. I had a similar problem at a point when I wasn't a member- Goons of Gotham generator mod boxes drop from some Earth 3 content and if you had Earth 3 but not Goons of Gotham then you were stuck with them in your inventory until you put in a ticket.
    They resolved this by making the generator mod box able to be deleted but unfortunately I don't think they'll implement this change to gear boxes- I've noticed that you can't delete them without opening them up which forces your character's cr to increase. If you could delete them before opening then you could keep a character from leveling indefinitely and farm source marks from the 'sweet spots' in cr (where there is lots of relevant content you can complete solo).
    The best solution I can come up with is to allow you to delete unopened gear boxes and to *gasp* make sure there is enough relevant content we don't go looking for alternative sources for marks.
  4. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Yeah, I get it on all the gear boxes except the utility belt. I know they want to force you to the higher CRs, and yeah, it's a bugger to keep in the sweet spot for source farming when you HAVE to open boxes eventually. My method is to try and choose as much of the same type of gear as possible (preferably rings and necks....staying away from legs/back/head/chest/weapon) then when I do have to open something due to space, I open all of that type of gear to sqash any progression I get off it as all the following boxes will open to the same CR. I can keep it to about 1 CR gain per inventory/bank cleanout...Unless I have a lot of purple drops, which I try to avoid.

    But for the utility belt, it's a hassle. I'll drop in a support ticket at some point if I keep the account.

  5. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    Yeah, this is the only workable solution to ****** you cr advancement I've found as well.

    As for the belt- who knows. After about a half-dozen tickets (during which they suggested multiple times I post it as a bug on the forums) I noticed they changed them so they could be deleted. Was it part of a scheduled patch? Probably... But I like to think that part of it was them getting tired of getting tickets about the same thing.
    As for why I didn't take their advice and post about it on the forums- I wanted that crap out of my inventory, not to make a bug posting about something that isn't a bug and then wait for several months before they address it- if they even ever did.

    EDIT: Seriously? You allow 'crap' on the forums but not. r e t a r d when used in a perfectly legitimate way? You guys are ********.

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