How to Conquer all the different Iconic Anomaly:The Hunt Bosses Video guides

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  1. QueenofWar (Crisis Core) New Player

    Hey guys

    So a while back,
    I heard that some people were upset about DLC 7 since they had a difficult time defeating the bosses for the Solo mission The Hunt.

    Thus, to help give ONE out of MANY possible ways to defeat your Iconic Anomaly boss
    We decided to make Videos giving Tips/advice for each.

    There are 5 in total and I will link the videos as I upload them onto YT for viewing.
    to Start off here are the first 3.



    Killer Croc

    * Note: keep in mind that some info might be repetitive since the idea behind defeating each boss is essentially the same except for minor differences.

    Scarecrow and Santo will come tomorrow
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  2. QueenofWar (Crisis Core) New Player

    here is Scarcrow finally up...

    Santo is coming up soon ;)
  3. Wizz Tron New Player

    You got a sweet sexy-ish voice
  4. Valor New Player

  5. QueenofWar (Crisis Core) New Player

    thanks wizz i think .. lol davon my husband makes fun of it all the time lol .. I can't ever listen to myself HAHA
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  6. QueenofWar (Crisis Core) New Player

    And lastly Santo Cassamento is up

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