How the hell do you submit a support ticket now???

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    Like the title says...where do you go to do this??? I had about 25 Total Recovery kits left after using 2 of them...since you can't split items anymore I had to take the whole stack out of my shared bank. When I was done, I put them back in the smae spot. I switched toons and there's no recovery kits in my shared bank.

    Switched back to my other toon, and there's nothing in my inventory, bank or shared bank. I checked to see if I deleted them, but there's no option to recover the kits, which tells me I didn't delete them accidentally.

    I paid good money for those kits, and ever since the Exceptional Recovery Kit fiasco i'm out of options here. I went to the DCUO main website and clicked on support, but there's nothing there to submit a ticket for support. So what the hell do I do???
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    Just as they slowly disappeared from the game, the Devs are slowly making them disappear from your bank.
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    what secret question am I suppost to answer??? stupid fricking game. I reset the new raid and it took the replays but DID NOT RESET IT.
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