How much does latency affect dps in this game?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Shark Dental, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    I'm wondering about the effect of latency and lag due to older hardware/laptops/ps3 vs ps4, etc. because it seems that I can clip powers and rotations as fast as in videos I've seen (fast enough to run into that ding that means the power hasn't come off of CD yet, according to my screen) but my damage is nowhere near what i can see in the video. I'd say it's more like half almost. Does latency really affect dps that much in this game? Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    My latency is at about 130 btw. Just fyi.
  3. Paradox Well-Known Player

    I have been wondering this same question for a long time, and strongly suspect the answer is yes. I can't give you specific data since I can't test different internet speeds/latencies/etc.

    It seems that this more an issue for me at least since the recent revamp. One of the reasons I got obtained a lot of skill points on some toons (more than 330) was to at least partially compensate for poor internet characteristics. However, with the recent revamp, damage stats are easily maxed, and now the "extra" skill points don't help to mitigate the effects of my less than ideal internet.
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  4. Gimpy Loyal Player

    Yes, they do.

    Those with faster connections, cpus, etc., etc., closer to the servers and so on,,,,,

    so depending on the sum of all those factors ( more than 1 combination) it has the ability to impact some players performance,,,

    in either direction positively or negatively.

    Speed matters.
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  5. Giga Vamm Dedicated Player

    Has anyone else been seeing more lag with this game than other MMOs they play? I have no issues in World of Warcraft, but I sometimes notice in DCUO that I'll hear sound effects for different interactions/powers/etc. before I visually see them on the screen.
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  6. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    I have had a lot more lag than before the revamp, but that seems to be common for me when there's a higher volume of players logging in (like on double-mark weekends, etc. or last night when water hit test, lol). Still, the lag on DCUO is never even close to that I used to have when I played SWTOR. At least here I can turn my graphics up almost all the way when I want to enjoy the view. Not during raids of course, and especially not when some (ugh, I don't even know the word to express what my heart feels about these players, lol) who decides to pop a Zeus orbital, lol.
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