How Many Toons Do You Have?

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  1. Robert-Vim Well-Known Player

    I am absolutely IMPRESSED with what you have done to your bases! Meeting and hanging out last night was a LOT of fun. I feel privileged to have seen them. The fairy pub is my favorite! It doesn't look like it's in this game! You did such intricate work combining things to create the fantasy world. It is amazing!.. again... Thank you so very much for letting me see those creations of yours. truly inspiring. Oh and if you want to continue our assault on duos I'm "game" for whenever my son and I aren't running em. ;) 1:30 AM kinda snuck up on us.
  2. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Yeah it did get late fast! I had a blast running around with you and looking at your bases too. Will see you more ingame! Really wish the friends list was universal across all your characters, same with the ignore list.
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  3. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    I have 22 currently
    I play them all, even my 2 mules
    They are all "OG names" as I've been playing this game since it started

    My patience with this game and its inflated replay badge / time capsule method is low, so I dont play as consistently anymore.
    But I still like my toons too much to delete them while the servers are still running.
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  4. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    3 currently at end game. My villain main and 2 heroes. I got some 160 arts for my OG hero during double xp after using the CR skip on him during the anniversary event. I also ran ffe a couple of times on my hero since I'm done with reknown on my villain. I actually use my end game heroes to join elite raid LFG groups on the hero side then switch to my villain. It's sometimes hard to find villain groups for elite raids after the first few weeks, depending on the day and time you are logged on. I'm enjoying doing electric dps on my hero since it was broken back when I switched to celestial and the villain side (during DWF/KCT). I've been buying some SP over at least get him closer to his CR.
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  5. Robert-Vim Well-Known Player

    Yeah I've put too much work into the toons I have to ever want to delete em so I know the feeling. The games "power adjustments" have been a lil off over the years imo. :(
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  6. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    I have 10 total but six I use but four I'm using atm lol.
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  7. ACE FREHLEY Well-Known Player

    I have a full 32 slots used. I hope one day, they will let us have more slots to purchase.
    I grew up reading comics in the late 70's, 80's and I made all my favorite heroes from that era:
    Justice League
    Martian Manhunter
    Green Lantern
    Wonder Woman
    Green Arrow
    Red Tornado
    Justice Society
    Green Lantern
    Dr. Fate
    Dr. Mid-Nite
    Black Canary
    Teen Titans
    Kid Flash
    Wonder Girl
    Misc. Heroes
    Captain Marvel
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  8. Robert-Vim Well-Known Player

    ..and the Space Ace for a r/l hero..paulie? ya hear me spaceman?... you n me? ..same page.. ;) I have many of the same as toons..would luv to see some if we're ever on same shard..
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  9. Samasaurus New Player

    I'm a F2P, so I just have two: a hero and a villain. Both are original creations. The villain was perfected through many bold sacrifices of now-deactivated accounts. The hero is basically me and has about 250 items crammed into a space-themed base.
  10. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    20 for me. Thirteen actively going through the tiers, the rest being storage/vanity characters. Some of the storage characters were used either to test a new power set before switching an existing character to the new set, others were made to explore some content paths.

    Will Chill: Ice, oldest character.
    Techhawk: Gadgets, technological take on the DC hawks.
    AmericanArcher: Munitions, think super soldier with a bow. But he also uses a shield (I HAD to do it when Shield was added lol)
    Headlong: Electric speedster, something of a carryover from time spent in CO.
    Flynne Cordova: Heroic Light character. I've always looked at Light as a DC version of Jedi (signature aspect of this fictional universe), and since that was the name of my Jedi character in Star Wars Galaxies....:D
    Amelia Powers: Earth and Superman Family fangirl. Always uses the Superman emblem (or some version of it) in her costumes and has one loadout that (for me) works as Kryptonian powers.
    WaterCooler: Started as an Ice vanity character, switched to Water and made active when that powerset came into the game.
    WizardofSpeedandTime: Quantum speedster, inspiration taken from an old short film from WAY back. And yes, that name managed to fit in character creation lol
    GrimmSight: Rage character and something of another CO "refugee." He was retired in his old universe but got pulled here and was REALLY angry about it. Had to tweak the name from CO, though.
    DoubleFission: Atomic character with a bad pun name. :p
    MaliciousMomentum: Villainous Electric speedster counterpart to Headlong. I keep trying to use Zoom colors but I end up going black and red more often than not.
    Loveshock: Electric Cupid, another that started as a vanity character then ended up being active.
    Anita Cordova: Munitions again, but different weapon combos than AmericanArcher. Inspired by my Officer character from SWG.
    NorthernWildkat: Inspired by someone making college mascot themed characters in the Costume Contest thread. Had thought to make her active but she's since moved into a storage capacity. Ice character to go with the Northern part of the name.
    QuikkBat: Vanity character, Flash/Batman mashup that I made before I ever heard of Red Death (I swear, it's the truth lol). Most new Batman costume pieces go to her (didn't bother with the Batman Who Laughs TC set, though) as well as some Flash stuff. Gadgets speedster.
    ArrowBomb: Storage character made to test out Munitions.
    HoldingTank: Water test character made with storage in mind (hence the name).
    Vaultrunner: Light storage character made to test what items were dropping in the Vault for lower level characters.
    CrazyStrongKiddyKat: Smallish Earth catgirl made for storage and to explore the Villain Tech path, so she gets some Joker and Harley stuff.
    ScaryMagicalKiddyCat: Smallest Light catgirl made for storage and to explore the Villain Magic path. Think mystical Sinestro Corps that looks like a black cat with the Runed Gargoyle wings.
  11. darth_paul Dedicated Player

    17 total, one for each power and two duplicates due to differences in powers for heroes and villains.


    1.) Fighting Floridian - Male Green Lantern Speedster. This was my 3rd or 4th character created, but quickly became my main. He's a cross between my love for the Florida Gators and Green Lanterns, so he;s this reptile skinned hard charging hero who bashes through criminals with a hard light shield and other constructs.
    2.) Flaming Fista - Female fire powered flier. The first female alt that I made. The only backstory that I have for her is that she is a model in her civilian life and the girlfriend of Fighting Floridian. In her super-heroine persona she heats things up with hand blasters.
    3.) Flying Fearowl - Male gadgets flier. Uses martial arts digital tech katars and more gadgets to fight crime. He's a bit of a goofball, but serious when it counts. Is also the brother of Flaming Fista and the best friend of Fighting Floridian.
    4.) Quantum Tigress - Female acrobatic mutant tigress with blue fur who uses a quantum energy staff along with other time and space powers.
    5.) Liquica - Female water powered Atlantean. She can make water contructs to attack with, skim through the air on rainclouds, and is an expert markswoman with her dual pistols. She can also power up to become a watery form.
    6.) Elysium Angel - Female celestial filer who brings divine retribution to evil does from above with her holy bow and powers.
    7.) Incredible Frozone - Male ice powered hero. He's just my version of Frozone from the Incredibles. He uses ice axes with his powers and skimming for movement.
    8.) Nuclear Vessel - Male atomic powered sea captain with flight and hand blasters. He's a normal fisherman by day, and when duty calls to combat evil, he powers up to a steely form via a pair of nuclear powered fish hooks.


    9.) Arbok Commander - Male mental powered with acrobatics and psychic dual pistols. This guy is my version of G.I. Joe arch-foe, Cobra Commander, with the name of the first part of his name as "Arbok" like the Pokemon, because it's "Cobra" spelled backwards with a "K." He's mental powered, because the Commander is delusional, and I think that those are the exact kind of powers that he'd like to have to rule the world with.
    10.) Plantasma - Female nature powered with flight and a rose shaped rifle. She's an evil green skinned alien who masquerades as a ranch hand while she plots to take over the world with flora and fauna.
    11.) Stingabee - Female sorcery powered android with flight and a mystical scythe. She's your typical anime girl who looks all sweet and innocent, but she's really an advanced war robot programmed for evil, plus she's got stange arcane powers.
    12.) Filty Trix - Female earth powered speedster. She enjoys pulling dirty pranks on people in her crimes and using her earthen powers to cause all kinds of destruction. She also creates various dual wielded weapons out of stone to fight with.
    13.) Krsystal Despair - Female alien Sinestro Corps member with a crystalline body and bat-like wings for flight. She makes all kinds of fearsome constructs with her yellow light, but mainly fights with a deadly shield weapon.
    14.) Space Spectro - Male celestial powered space criminal from the anitmatter universe. He's my version of the evil doppelganger of Space Ghost, the Space Specter, so he's appropriately got flight and hand blasters along with his dark celestial space powers.
    15.) Fistdemeanor - Female electric powered flier who skims on thunder clouds and battles with a staff of pure electrical energy.
    She is the younger sister of Flaming Fista and Flying Fearowl who has gone rogue against her siblings in defiance of them.
    16.) Footclan Bebop - Male mutant warthog rage powered brawler who uses hard light skimming disks to fly. My version of Bebop from TMNT who also has the red light of rage as his added super-power,
    17.) Footclan Rocksteady - Male mutant rhino munitions expert who flies on skimming discs that are a combination of the high tech and wizardry of the Foot. Like his buddy, Bebop, he's my version of Rockstedy from TMNT, and is a little more straighforward, but I made him represent the 'ninja magic" of the foot whereas Bebop represents the "tech" aspects.

    And, that's everyone, and I play each of them regularly.
  12. Shalayah Committed Player

    I have 5 but I’ve only used 2 since coming back to the game

    OP Jane: Water healer (low level alt) had big plans with this one to create a big helpful league and give stuff away but I just ended up quitting because of life and boredom. I might get back to this one at some point but Imma make her a tank.

    Smack Them: Munitions I think? My “friend” used this character before they stopped playing. He actually introduced me to this game since I was obsessed with DC at one point.

    Shalayah: Water healer and my main character. I made this character when I decided to play this game again back in December. I wanted a fresh start to learn everything because a lot has changed since I last played the game.

    My inventory: I use this alt to hoard rare and expensive items.

    There’s one more but I’m forgetting off the top of my head. Was a gadgets troll.
  13. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    All the powers, 4 duplicates in a friends league, 3 villains on my main account, I haven't been on my PSN account since PS3 was dropped and I think I had more there... I really don't know tbh.

    Many of my friends are on Switch so... probably gonna start that process all over again soon.
  14. MisterTeapot New Player

    Two mains, Mister Teapot (Mental) and Large Farva (Fire). Plus a bunch of L30 variations (ie Major Teapot, Master Teapot etc) for daily/weekly farming

    not long at all..... when i was writing my infinite catalyst guide, i ran the open world fp dailies (+weekly) at level 12 dozens of times. some powers are better than others, fire was the easiest with forward flip(acro)->engulf->detonate->flashpoint, with a shield for cogs/cuffs and heat vision for stragglers. at worst it takes maybe 5 mins more than running with either of my mains.... the weeklies are a little more painful than the dailies, but you can commonly find others running them and just jump in.
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  15. MisterTeapot New Player

    Hilariously, I played this game for YEARS on PS3 then went to boot it up a couple years ago and got the message that it was discontinued. Was super sad but at least I had my memories.... fast forward to a few weeks ago when I got the craving again and I googled 'games like DCUO' only to find out it actually still existed and I could have been playing on PC the whole damn time hahaha.
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