how many skill points dose an ice tank need?

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  1. Revan3200 Member

    i just would like to know because im thinking of switching 1 of my toons to an ice tank
  2. 13igtyme Well-Known Member

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  3. AriusKilim Member

    An Ice Tank needs a brain first before he needs to worry about Skill Points. Read a few guides on ice tanking and tanking encounters in DCUO first. After that it depends(Not much mind you) on which tier of PVE you're tackling.
  4. Revan3200 Member

    i know how to use an ice tank lol ive had an ice tank since the start 2 years ago i switched to a dps gadgets a few months ago for my league, im just not up to speed with the hole new skills in the trees lol
  5. Statman Well-Known Member

    There's a thread in Oracles Database which goes over all the skill point allocations for each role. I can't recall the exact numbers for a Tank though.
  6. Radium Well-Known Member

    Before there really wasn't a need for a whole lot. This is all about to change with T5 it seems.

    So if you're an Ice Tank at top content right now what you can spec into and get really good gains from are:


    Dom and Resto act as a 1:1 damage mitigation through your shields, each point helps equally. Health because it never hurts anyone to have more. Defence because when we spec into it it will almost double, but not as effective as each of those other 3 stats.

    Now that the new bubbles are out it takes a lot more to fully spec into it. I actually don't think it's possible to get everything from all of the second tier trees so don't sweat it as much.

    If you still have enough for these though, go with Resto first.
  7. SoulChills Member

    really just dom lol fill those dom(main ones anyway) traits and your good, resto is for extra buffs if you want. Dom helps your shields last longer, and be more effective. I havent spec'ed into resto so i cant tell you dom first(in my opinion) since i never die in raids...not often in pvp either. The guys above has good advice too though.

    Get the home base mod that makes reflection heal you also cant remember what its called though
  8. Statman Well-Known Member

    Resto also adds to your shields (and any self healing you do) equal to dom these days, and I believe you get more out of speccing Resto than you do Dom (I could be wrong on that), though only be a couple of points.
  9. Peacemakaz Well-Known Member

    Yea, going resto actually is better in every way in an ice tank, whether it is skill points or mods. As long as you get your minimum dom requirement, you want resto skill points, and resto mods, though personally I would still go dominance incase I ever wanted to switch powers to earth.
  10. Octantis Well-Known Member

    If you're at the top content, you can get away with just Dom by itself :D


    I spec into Dom and DPS, personally. If you use all 4 ice shields, you don't need Resto to make them last longer since you have quantity vs. quality. Don't need Health because you're never taking damage directly to your Health if you use a shield cycling build. And don't need extra Defense for the same reason you don't need Health, as well as since half Home Turf gear and Half T4 gets you up to 7100 buffed anyway.

    But if you're not at that point, spec for Dom first, then Def, then Health. Again, Health isn't needed for an ice tank if you're using the shields effectively.

    People can refute me on this all they want, but I know my own performance in Alerts and Raids, and have been called "Tough" even without any mods or SP increasing my health or Defense. Seriously, an all-shield build gives you tons of freedom with your SP, even if it doesn't do so with your Power Points :p

    You mean this guide? :)

    Here's a snippet:

  11. Sw33t New Member

    I have an Ice tank, and I prioritize Defense > Health > Dominance > Restoration, in that order. It works very well.
  12. SoulChills Member

    the guy with the charts runs something similar to what i use. i filled dom a couple defense, then dps traits my results....i never die and im like a unseen dps in raids. Its frown upon for some reason though. In pvp.....its devastating to the opponent as a ice tank. Reactions in duels-"How'd he triangle me for 1200 as a tank?" lol
  13. Will Power Well-Known Member

    Well I'm up the creek cause I'm a Fire Tank. Ice has it Easy. Fires a pain when specing I need all dom I need All Resto I need All Health I need All Defence and I'd Love to have All Power However there aren't enough Feats in the game to have all I want.

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