How many new feats.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by ARI ATARI, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. ARI ATARI New Player

    With the new trees, skill points become valuable again.
    Are there going to be more ways to get them? Alot more?
    right now the only grind I have left is r&d and lair battles and the lair battles aren't worth anything.
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  2. Conner New Player

    Probably like 3-5 skill points worth.

    Lair battles are horrible. They need to boost some of those points up. Doing a 1000 for 10 points seems pointless
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  3. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    I so agree with that statment.
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  4. Radium Devoted Player

    We'll probably get a preview when the update drops on test.
  5. AlTheButcher New Player

    Between GU 25 and DLC 7 I'm thinking close to 10 new skill points being available. Atleast 3 new Iconic 50 pt styles, I'm sure 2 or 3 25pt feats a piece from the new raids, ops, and anomalies. A few new feats from pvp, a couple from the seasonal, wouldn't be suprised to see a couple new lair style feats as well. It should add up nicely.
  6. details26 Committed Player

    1000 for 10 points?

    That would seem faster than the 5000 reapers killed for 10 points
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  7. Conner New Player

    That 5000 for 10 was bs too. But it's alot easier to get them then the lair battles when half the time people dip out on you before a round can finish.
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  8. Octantis New Player

    I imagine they're more like the Mainframe Boosts where you're supposed choose what you want to specialize in. The amounts I've calculated are needed to max out stuff are just rediculously high, like nearly 300 for Tanks.

    Of course, once T4 drops Marks of Triumphs, people can get all Boost 2s in a single week ....
  9. uXix Committed Player

    Lair battles should be 250 after this map rotation system is live, 1000 would be kind of impossible.

    Not to mention the queue times and the people who leave when starting and you have to queue up again and waste more time.
  10. ARI ATARI New Player

    for map rotation i think its the only option for the 1v1 category.
  11. Radium Devoted Player

    They expanded it a little bit, we also get 1v1 Batcave now as well.
  12. Gunny New Player

    Fact that they are cutting all the PvP win feats (except lair battles....LOL) by 80%, there goes quite a bit of grinding.

    IMHO, they probably should have not touched the 250x win feats, and instead did that only to lair battles.

    I am definitely benefiting from the PvP win feat cuts, and will happily take the 2-3 SP, but I'll know full well I did not put the work in like others have....I am maybe at the 120 mark for each of the 6 or so.
  13. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I thought that was just for Legends?
  14. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    That is Legends. There is a difference between 1v1 Legends and 1v1 Lair Battles when it comes to Feats. Just how "technically" 1v1 is a Duel but it doesn't count towards the Duel feats. Man wouldn't that be nice:) .
  15. WL Corpsman New Player

    SP has ALWAYS been a VALUABLE COMMODITY in DCUO. You have 160! Point made, and why do you need more? When the new innates come out, your just re-allocating, With that many, you probably can still "dual spec". The skilled players I've come across in game are normally 90+ sp to max BASE stats (ATARI being one of them) . I've run across some exceptions (RARELY) but they understand basic concepts of how to play the game and their role. My point is sp have always been valuable from day one. Don't believe me, just ask sp of memebers of failed raid groups. Glad the Develpers are making progress for the dedicated players who want to see progression in game difficulty
  16. Radium Devoted Player

    Ah, my bad, I still forget about Legends being a part of all this too lol