How many Electric healers use flux?

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  1. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    Just had me a good laugh. I love how big mouths can never back it up. Was running rip in time elite. Had a guy come in for first boss as the troll left for some reason. We get Vandal to the point where he needs like two more hits, but we wipe. Due to no power for me or tank, supply drop and soder need a few more seconds, and there was too many bombs. Didn't help the tank and DPS should not have run the elite. Buddy's like "okay I'm healing. As an electric healer I can tell you Fractured has no idea what he's doing". Tells me I should use a shield. I'm like okay, show me how it's done bud. I switch to DPS. I think we lasted all of 35 seconds before only I was alive. So I pull up chat and start saying " wow bud thanks for the lesson". But he bounced out as I hit enter. So. How many of you use Flux. Because I don't and won't.
  2. Here2Help Devoted Player

    I use Flux. I love having shields. I also use Group Transducer for some more tasty shields ;)
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  3. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    To e
    to each their own. I'm genially curious to see if a lot do use it. I find it a wasted slot because it lasts like 5 seconds. Plus I'm there to heal. It's the tanks job to prevent damage lol. That's just how I roll. I did used to use the CC trinket as a shield though. I just no longer keep it on my belt.
  4. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    And don't get me wrong. I didn't laugh because he used flux. His inability to heal and then leave ASAP had me in stitches.
  5. Here2Help Devoted Player

    Tanks only prevent the group from taking damage from certain places. A tank can't ensure the group takes no damage at all. My mentality with Electricity is to shield that damage that group members may take so then I don't have to heal it back. With it being incredibly burst-focused, it allows for breathers in between bursts and to allow me to properly manage my own power. You also can't heal through a one-shot, but a well-timed shield can prevent a one-shot sometimes. There's something to think about ;)
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  6. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    People I heal don't get one-shotted as I give them a back up with bio-capicitor I believe it's called. Like I said to each their own. I've been an electric healer since the power dropped. I've tinkered with the shield. I just don't like it.
  7. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Never leave home without flux and group transducer
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  8. Here2Help Devoted Player

    I'm not enforcing you use Flux. I'm just explaining why I use it. Anyway, that back up you give them doesn't actually prevent them from getting one-shotted.
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  9. Original Empress Well-Known Player

    I use flux in my Alert healer LO.
  10. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    The only thing I could possibly remove from my loudout for flux would be electrogenesis. But I like it too much. It's a great heal if used right. I'm all over the battlefield though. I don't stand idle at the back like most healers and trolls do. I use super speed so I like to double jump in pop electrogenesis and pop back out all lickity split like. I just can't justify using flux. Electrogenesis used right, acts as a shield for the entire group.
  11. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    I've never had issues. But that's not to say people don't get the ol' 123 real quick and go down. But I usually have electrogenesis active for someone in the middle of the group too, constantly healing. I totally respect others loadouts. I was just generally curious to see how many people use it. It seems like three of you do anyways lol. I've got 19 toons (a few are my kids but I use them time to time) and only my one toon is an electric healer. I've honestly never had an electric healer run with me that used flux. Most of my other toons are DPS, got one troll and one tank.
  12. Rigby Active Player

    For Alerts I typically use Bio-Capacitor, Galvanize, Electrogenesis, Invigorate, Flux, and Bioelectric Surge. I've always been one to run with a shield for all my healers; it just fits my play style. When damage comes in heavy and sudden, I like that popping a shield puts a halt to all the damage long enough for me to either gather my wits and heal some of that burst damage while preventing any more from coming in, or just get me through a cool down from another power.
  13. Balistical lce Well-Known Player

    I personally love using Flux. I myself have been Electric literally since the day it launched. At first, I didn't really like using Electricity because I wasn't aware of how to use the power correctly, but over time I have learned to love the power, and after falling in love with it, I decided to do some extensive testing over the years to figure out the best way that I could use this power. And as to this day, I am very confident about my healing and what I can do with this power. Though the dps side let's me down massively... On the other hand though, I deffinetly use Flux because it saves my group and leaguemates. It's a shield. It does its job. To each their own though
  14. krytine Loyal Player

    I quit using flux a while ago but the only reason i dont use it is for 8man events. I have played with electric healing never dps ever since it dropped. Invigorate was great but they shortend the ticks from it and tansducer just didnt seem to hold up well so i came up with my way and i enjoy it found ways to make ionic drain to work well but it was too boring. So again with flux in 8 mans it never went to who i wanted it on and was totally random maybe that changed but it put a bad taste in my mouth so no flux for me
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  15. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    All healers should have a shield for RIT if you need it.
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  16. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    Yeah, I just tried it for fun in my loadout. And it blows. It lasts about 5 seconds on someone who's swarmed, where as electrogenesis lasts about 45, and keeps healing. Electrogenesis is effectively a better "shield" in my books. But everyone plays to their own style. It just don't jive for me.
  17. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    Pardon me, but I don't know what RIT is. I'm sure it's obvious once explained. But I have no idea lol.
  18. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    Oh got it. Rip in Time lol.
  19. The VL Active Player

    I use both, swapping them out depending on the run, however Electrogenesis is not an "effectively better shield", its a basic HoT. It's a bit more than "to each their own.." Rip in Time isn't anything to compare Flux vs Electrogenesis over at this point so it doesn't really matter but for high-end content or content being ran roughly at level you'll do better running Flux (189 healer in GoM Elite/Olympus Elite and content of that nature). You can probably solo heal Olympus(normal) running Electrogenesis without any issue, GoM regular too even. These raids are quite easy to do. Same goes for Alerts, easy enough to run Electrogenesis. It depends on what you're running and what kind of player you are (Casual/Serious/Elite/Feat Hunter/etc).

    High End Content:
    Flux vs Electrogenesis: The benefits of using Flux outweigh those from using Electrogenesis. Electricity is a burst-type healer. Even while a teammate/group has Electrogenesis HoTs on them you would simply heal everyone up overtaking the HoTs hitting Bioelectrical Surge(while they have Bio-Cap and sometimes even without it) regardless of how "well" you use Electrogenesis or how well you "move around" anyways. Its a concept similar to one brought up when people try to defend the use of Ionic Drain, which I've also dismantled.

    One could say "they'll just heal over time while Bioelectric Surge is on cooldown" however the HoTs themselves are nothing to be amazed by along with the fact that incoming damage could have been prevented in the first place via Flux, take into account the other powers that can be used during that short cooldown, clipped even.

    The argument of "I always have Bio-Cap on all my teammates so no one gets 1 shotted" is also another cliche excuse and not a very argument itself and somewhat ignorant. A 1 shot will kill someone indefinitely, its a 1 shot. Consecutive Heavy Hits are another story. There are times Bio-Cap isn't enough due to the type and timing of the attacks. Electrogenesis is definitely not enough in those situations either.

    Scenario: A tank may use up the Bio-Cap you place on them and get hammered away before you can reuse it. Tank's health is low while he's taking consecutive heavy hits, Bio-Cap on Cooldown, Bio-Surge not at max potential due to lack of Bio Cap. You're too far away to cast Electrogenesis properly and there isn't enough time. And no you wouldn't be close to the tank because of the type of boss fight. Tank taking more damage than you can heal. Possible Death.

    Now, the scenario here may easily be a matter of moments, seconds even (Bio-Cap cooldown isn't long lol), but it can and does happen in certain content. GoM Elite for example. All this could happen the moment right after you used Bio-Cap. Would you stop pressing your healing powers to rush over and try to use Electrogenesis? During that period you're getting over there you may be too late, and even if you aren't the HoTs likely won't be bigger than the incoming damage on tank. This is where Flux comes into play.
    Flux would shield the tank, preventing/absorbing incoming damage all together so you have the time to get the tank their feet through Bio-Cap and whatnot.

    TL;DR: Logically/Statistically Flux is superior in plenty of content with added benefits of resistance and rez/pickup capability. Electrogenesis is not a shield and is not an "effectively better shield." If you absolutely must keep Electrogenesis due to some personal desire or whatever maybe sacrifice Galvanize or Supercharge slot(if empty) for Flux. "To each their own" is a fine argument so long as the limits of your loadout without it are understood. Going into Olympus Elite as a solo Electric Healer without Flux probably is not going to work out as well if you did. In GoM Elite, the other healer would probably have to do some more work to cover you. If you're playing to be the best or you're a serious player doing feats at level you'll want to use Flux. If you're just playing for fun and you're not concerned about the best setups for "elite feats, etc" then by all means play as you wish. Do as I do, use Electrogenesis for simple predictable easy stuff, Flux for difficult.

    (PS: Flux generally lasts a lot longer than 5 seconds. Saying it lasts 5 seconds is not a good sign of stats/spec. But to entertain the idea, even if it were 5 seconds of preventing incoming damage it would be enough to set up and use the burst heals as it should be done.)
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  20. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Shields are not there to prevent one shots. They are there for pick ups. If someone has a damage dot on them, you or the troll are the only two that can drop a shield to help with pick ups. Your JOB is support. Bring shields, they are very worth it.
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