How many DCUO characters have you created?

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  1. Ronster72 New Player

    i get to 70, i get lonely, i make new character
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  2. Terri Ashra Committed Player

    16. 1 for every powerset, movement mode and storyline and my main
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  3. Hurly-Burly Active Player


    I might try this alt thing out. I will probably get to 10.
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  4. Earth742 Well-Known Player

    50 so far, across 7 Premium Accounts. I have plans for more, pending Character Slots to be purchased on 2 accounts. 2 accounts have Light, 1 has Rage. The account my 2 Amazons are on I plan to sub ASAP...

    I have multiple Mains, and tiers of alts. I am an altoholic.
    The "which chars I play" is more often than not, dictated by the Content of the Current Events in game, such as Episodes & Seasonal Events.
    Currently Maining
    Heroes: Drusilla TroyDCM, CirceWW, Mirage BastKa, Cheetahh E777, Doctor Zeul, Captain Amelia, Azuritaa & Azurikka, with other Heroes in support (played if I can make the time).
    Villains: E555 Superrwoman, Cheetaah E553, Azatama Tremere, Owlgrrl.
    Despite being outnumbered, my Villainesses are presently enjoying a slight lead in content & Collections!

    Alliance of Evil
    Bizarra B0A was created by Lex Luthor, using DNA harvested from Supergirl & Power Girl.
    Parrasite Girl was a Met U student until she became one of Bizarra's victims, mutated by the Parasite Mutagen...
    E555 Superrwoman led an invasion from a Tangent Earth 3, currently labelled Earth 555. Most of her invading army was wiped out by Bizarra B0A & Parrasite Girl.
    Cheetaah E553 led an invasion from a Tangent Earth, currently labelled Earth 553. Most of her invading army was wiped out by Bizarra B0A & Parrasite Girl. She seems to have allied with Superrwoman...
    LX55 Matrix, created by Bizarra B0A, uses power of Fear...
    Owlgrrl, from a Tangent Earth 3, currently unknown, indexed as Earth 3.X. Appeared during Anti-Monitor attacks in 2017.
    QQUltra Girl, a Qwardian captured, experimented on & trained by Owlgrrl.
    Ultrra Star, a human from Earth 3 captured, experimented on & trained by Owlgrrl.
    Azatama Tremere, sorceress, a human from Earth 3 captured, experimented on & trained by Owlgrrl.
    Magent SenefKa, appears to be a reanimated mummy...
    Winter Soldier66, appeared in May, 2020, inflicted heavy damage in Gotham & Metropolis, then disappeared. Calculator & Riddler are both unable to track him down... Is he on Luthor's payroll?
    Society Soothsayers sense more Villains on the way...

    Personal Favorites
    Heroes: Joshua Traverse a Green Lantern, Matrix 774 of the Star Sapphires, and LLex Leothor.
    Villains: Bizarra B0A, E555 Superrwoman, Owlgrrl, Winter Soldier66.
  5. Schimaera Devoted Player

    I think someone needs to create a new thread named "How many DCUO characters other than your main have you shelved since the Wonderverse Episode came out?"
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  6. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    probably about 20-odd in all ( I think ), though a lot more if you count the ones that never made it out of character creation, & my favourite is my current main, Irvynnge ( gadgets / bow ).
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  7. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    In 9 years? Around 40 probably deleted all but 6 now since I'm premium for the rest of my dc'ing.

    Favorite 1 if my main he is the 1 I create when I got my own ps3 back in 2013 them jumped ship to ps4 mid 2014.

    He sits at cr313 479sp I've dump a car note into him over my 9 years

    6 villains - 0 heroes
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  8. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Holy Blast from the Past Batman! ;)

    Here is my latest version of my PS4 Heroes.

    And my PS4 EEViLLL Villains. ;)
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  9. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    I've probably created around 40 total, I currently use 20 on PS and 5 on PC. The rest are for when I feel like playing the story mode with this or that power, or when a nephew/niece wants to play the game I don't have to worry about anything when they play on those toons. :)
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  10. Demon Archer Level 30

    I have lost count how many total I have created, but i am at the 32 cap right now. If I were to include all of the alts i have deleted from before, maybe 80ish.
  11. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    Around 100 but maybe 10 got to level 30 and 2 are active by this date. I used to delete every character I didn't want to play with a while ago for some reason.
  12. Disruptor Well-Known Player

    Just 24. I deleted one and remade him as a villain.

    I have one for each power. My main is a fire/hand blaster flyer. That one has every artifact in inventory or in the bank and also has a couple skill point from feats that are no longer in the game.. The current one I'm working on just got to Gotham Wastelands and is fire/one handed/acrobatics.
  13. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Over the years, probably about 50. But I only maintain 1 main. Alts aren't really sustainable as the game is built right now. I do still have 5 alts on the shelf but he others were deleted when I couldn't build them without the right powers and so on.
  14. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    16 on an alternate account (which is the max Legendary membership allowance other than buying more slots) that I share with a friend so it may limit my DCUO time so I have six more on my main account which I've stopped creating more so I can work on the 22 I have. I have really only two main toons on those two accounts that I play regularly. I just wanted all the powers including Water and all of the weapons. Didn't really think about making cosplay characters or OCs. Most of my toons are seasonal influenced like I have a Valentine's one, a St Patrick's one etc. I only have six toons on my main cause if I stopped my membership and went Premium I didn't want to pick which to deactivate. I think I'm done with making any more toons unless we get more powers.
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  15. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Have 9 but ad to stop playing some of them. I am trying to currently play 5 but with WV dlc, it's kind of hard to get them all in
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  16. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    Just wanted to add but when I first started out I tried to divvy up my toons into groups like male/female, hero/villain and dps/support. But the way the game went in various directions and how the general community can be toxic about female toons, villains, support roles and towards flavor of the month powers I suddenly realized trying to get certain toons into PUG or LFG raids was tricky. Luckily I didn't make a Fire Tank villainess that was CR skipped to catch up. Oh no wait I did! And just made her cause I thought it was cool not realizing how the gameplay was going unfortunately. :(
  17. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Since this is three years later, I guess an update is in order. :D

    Grand total now stands at 21.
    • 12 actively progressing through the tiers
    • 7 as either storage or vanity characters, but every 32 days or so they make a visit to Constantine to pick up Catalysts (32 Marks to pick up one of each kind)
    • 2 made and deleted to test out new power sets before using a Power respec token on a progression character
    Five of the storage/vanity characters were used to help fill out my one-person hero League, with three of them having maxed out their base item count. I even used one of them to do an interesting challenge: fill up the walls with mainly Doomed Metropolis base items without having the wall items clip one another AND not obscure or be placed on the existing windows in the base style.

    I'm tempted to try to use the other two vanity/storage characters to make a one-person villain League, but their bases aren't quite as full so getting to the point where I could establish a League hall would be WAY out in the future.

    I'm also tempted to get another character slot to make it an even 20 characters available (the odd number of 19 just bugs me a little LOL). We'll see what happens.
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  18. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    i love making up super heroes. i think i have a knack for it. i really should be in charge of dc comics. argue all you want but its true. something happened and i'm in a divergent reality. could you imagine having dan didios job. its also poor form to reveal lots of personal information on message boards so:

    A) I've learned its never a good thing to brag and name drop the hard way and B) I'm no longer anybody even remotely successful, haven't been for a long time and don't see myself ever going down that road again. From the late eighties to the early oh's i was something of an accomplished artist. i was very competitive, ambitious and lucky. i have a resume that would make you scream "bs!!". i always wonder what would have happened if i focused all that energy into a career in comics. I did send in scripts and story ideas to DC a few times in the late eighties but only got back one form letter once ("rejected"). somehow some of the scripts and story ideas i did submit to DC in the late 80's and early 90's had to have ended up in some drawer somewhere because a lot of things have come to pass that are very eerily close to things that would have happened if I was in charge. In all the years I've lived in New York City and as close as I've worked to DC Comics old offices and studios I never once ever scoped out the location. At one point when their address was 666 Fifth Avenue (for real) I was literally one block away from them. It was like this unattainable far away place where magic is real. I should have camped out in front of their offices begging every editor coming and going for a job any job just get me in there.

    Anyway I came up with most of my characters when I was a little kid and a teen ager.

    In his original incarnation Wilder Midnight was Donna Troys older brother. His code name was "Titan" and their father was Loren Jupiter all of them being descendants of Zeus. For all intents and purposes Titan is exactly the same character as Wilder in powers and even appearance. Titan belonged to a team I used to refer to as "The Elementals of the Universe". I was in the fourth grade. Members of the team included Pyra who naturally had fire powers, Dragonstar represented the Earth but he didn't have traditional Terra/Earth like powers. He was more of a super powered ranger ala AD&D. Super strength and stamina, he had a bow that shot magic arrows with different effects, he could talk to animals and they would help him and the like and when he needed some extra help the earth would help him out. He was the leader of the team. Kid Nero and Mermaid had water based powers. Nero could turn into a water elemental and Mermaid was an aquatic shape changer. Chime and Windsong were sisters with power over air. Windsong was a bit Stormish with a billowing cloak but Chime was supposed to be a living cloud and whenever she moved you could always hear soft windchimes playing. If she enveloped you she would hypnotize you. The Kid Flash of Earth 2 was a member. Hes the grandson of Jay Garrick. Dimensionex was a little impish kind of guy from another dimension (of course) who had warping and energy powers. Shifter was a "Kid Metamorpho". They traveled around in an interdimensional sentient space ship and at one point they were all in a band. There were a ton of other members but most of them were my own knock offs of existing characters.

    In the early eighties gripped with mutant madness I came up with "Generation X". I know marvel published a series with the same name but I came up with it first a decade sooner. The name of the team came from Billy Idols old pop/punk band. These kids were intended to be the bad seeds of the Xavier Institute. Dragonstar maintained his leadership position but went through a complete revamp. Instead of being an AD&D inspired hero his powers came from a Kree artifact, a small gem, that embedded itself into the palm of his hand while on an archaeological dig with his father on what was an ancient Kree warship. The gem would work its way into his nervous system and musculature giving him enhanced strength and speed. He had a danger sense that allowed him to anticipate opponents moves and find weak spots. The gem would allow him to create hard light type constructs and shields but on a much smaller scale than a power ring. Very similar to how hard light works in game but even more rudimentary. He could whip up melee weapons, swinglines and maintained his bow. Very much a "Kid Midnighter". Rakastan was a mutant from Wakanda. he was a feline shapechanger. Alpha was a clone that was given superstrength and invulnerability. I wanted her to be a "supergirl/wondergirl" type of a character so much so that after Kara Zor El died in the Crisis I reworked Alphas origin so that she was actually Kara blasted into the Marvel Universe by the Anti Monitor only she was totally amnesiac. She would have visions and dreams of bottled cities and flying horses and the like. In retrospect the rest of the team was either very weird or very generic. Tear was an empath with a split personality. In her "good mode" her name was pronounced "teer" as in "about to cry" while in her "Bad mode" it was pronounced "tare" as in to rip or rend. Pastel was a runaway Inhuman girl who could create illusions. She exposed herself to terrigen mist which amplified her abilities...but it also make her skin invisible. She always wore a full black body suit and had a big billowy cloak thing going on with the inside of the cloak being a psychedelic swirling pattern. She could fly and her inhuman physiology gave her a small degree of superstrength and endurance. The Kid was always changing his name. It was either "Kid Crimson" or "Kid Comet", "Kid Meteor" at one point. He was an energy manipuator/generator. He could fly, manipulate force fields, absorb and project energy. He had an aura about him. He was always glowing and had to wear gear similar to havok to be able to shut it off. Haywire was a super speedster who had a hard time controlling his speed.

    In the late eighties I brought Wilder-then-Titan back to lead his own team in the DC Universe but I reworked his origin. Gone was the connection to Donna Troy and the Greek gods and I rechristened him "Avalon". Once again same powers and look, he had the cosmic thing going on but in this incarnation it comes about slowly. It starts off as parts of his costume and eventually it overtakes him. This go round Avalon was the son of an exiled Lord of Order and I hate saying it but the group was called "the Smash Club".

    imagine how embarrassed i was to discover "the smash club" was also the name of Jesse Consopoulis' night club on the show "Full House". how rude. still i still think its a cool name for a group of young super heroes. The Smashers were intended to replace the Titans while the Titans (or some of them) would have moved onto a new Infinity Inc. series. Smashgirl and her arch nemesis Glamorilla got their powers when "Aliens from Dimension X" (from the silver age Teen Titans) abducted them during prom night. Smashgirl gained "near kryptonian" levels of super strength and invulnerability and could fly. She had some secondary powers, enhanced vision and hearing, sealed systems. Glamorilla was Smashgirls high school bully and your classic mean girl cheerleader. Alien experimentation turns her into a giant psychotic gorilla. Jay Garricks grandson would reprise his role as the new Kid Flash. Prank was intended to be a new sidekick to Green Arrow. He would be introduced as the unwilling sidekick to a villain named "the Minstral" and would soon get taken under green Arrow and Black Canarys wing. Andrew Droid was the son of a Motherbox hidden away on Earth. I would bring Loren Jupiter back into play as the teams benefactor with Andrews origin being tied into waking up in Mr. Jupiters computer. Krikit was an insectoid shapechanger but he didn't have control over his forms. He would periodically go into a cocoon and come out as something different. Very similar to if he was using Insect Queens ring. Invisle as her name suggests could turn invisible and she could generate light and electricity. Deadboy was a "Kid Dead (Boston Brand) Man". Dies in a gang shooting. Pigeon was thanagarian and roams the night skies of New York City helping the homeless and runaways. Wilder Midnight was late to the party. While I liked the codename "avalon" it really didn't make much sense for the character. He had absolutely no connection to the mythical city or Arthurian legend. Avalon was redubbed "Wilder Midnight" around 1998/9. Just kind of came to me. I think it suits the character. They had a villain team going by the name "the Dis Members" which included characters like Kali Kanzara,Shrillrazor, Ick, Temper and Castaway (alongwith Glamorilla).

    When the game first launched the characters that made it into game were initially kept "separate" from each other. As time passed things started to gel together and Wilder and the Smash Club recieved a revamp. Some of the original members of the Smashers were "written out of continuity" and a few members of Generation X became "DCized". Rakastan and Alpha, redubbed "Betty 52" replaced Krikit and Invisle. They were raised with Wilder and he considers them his little brother and sister. Dragonstars kree artifact is now "the heart of okaara". Glam went from being a campy one off villain to a heroine. I love the dynamic between Smashgirl and Glamorilla. They work much better as "frenemies" than hero and nemesis. Glams seen the error of her mean girl ways...but shes still very vain and self absorbed. Shes a full lown shapechanger who changes into super strong large versions of animals. Wilder himself is still caught up in a war between the lords of order and chaos but his origin is a little more grandiose. Throughout the "series" both the Lords of Order and Chaos try to manipulate him to their side. One thing that blew my mind was way back when I had a story idea where the lords of chaos make him think hes a normal young man in an institution and the DCU and the Smash Club is one big schizo hallucination motly because it made an awesome story on Buffy the Vampire slayer. The big twist to the story as we get to the finale is that Wilder was never intended to be the big chosen was actually Smashgirl. Shes the one that makes the winning play and sacrifices herself to save everything.
    So as it stands the Smash Club consists of Wilder Midnight, Smashgirl, Glamorilla, Rakastan, Dragonstar, and Betty 52. Andrew Droid joins soon after but is more of a supporting character. He's Wilders boyfriend. Dimensionex comes back first as an antagonist but later befriends Wilder. Pigeon also maintains a supporting role and comes in as Rakastan (Rockys) girlfriend...
    So see..this very long wall of text post is what happens when you burn out on running bounties day in and out for a few weeks and have tie to kill before going to work.
    So there.
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  19. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    at least 30, probably closer to 40 or 50, i kept six.
  20. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Statik Abyss on ps3 WAY back in the day was an electric healer Turned quantum dps BUT my identity was stolen and i lost every acct for everything Including PSN. Went years an years w/out playing and just 2.5 months ago downloaded an made Qwantum Abyss. My quantum DPS that i am curently up to 330 sp on.
    It would be AMAZING if someone at daybreak Was able to recover that a ct and merge it as an alt onto my new main OR if sony were willing/able help recover the PSN acct it was attatched to but no one was willing to help from either camp for “reasons”.
    Love the game an glad to be back even if i had to start fresh none the less