How many DCUO characters have you created?

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  1. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    In total I have created about forty characters, I think. Currently I have 23.

    Favourite would be my staff using sorcerer, Sun Wukong. Other characters get used from time to time, for seasonals or lower level missions. Also if I fancy a break from the current DLC I'll send somebody to Central City to beat up Paradox Reapers (I have all the feats, but I really like slapping Reapers about - mindless violence for the win).
  2. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    What's the max character slots? 23? (No COH sized character roster available here)
    So 23 + 10 (definately more) - 30 (I don't think any more than 30) created and deleted for one reason or another.
    That would put it around 33-53. (so what is that like 1/3 of the active characters I had in COH - not including the ones that I deleted there to make roome for new character conceptions to refill the slots from time-to-time)

    Both Heroes and villains. All power sets, all weapons, and all movement powers tried at one time or another.

    I don't have a favorite. I'm an Alt-oholic. Or one might say an Alt-jumper.

    At this point, I tend to play my characters that are in the genre of the genre of the new open world content that is open to all characters over level 10 or holiday event. This means that I revolve though my character base and probably play somewhere between 4-7 (or so) characters in any given content.

    I don't foresee deleting another character until a new power set is released.
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  3. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    I'm currently at 29 and holding. With only 4 more characters slots to maxed out, I have to ponder carefully and make sure any more alts use powersets I haven't used yet.
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  4. (EU PC) WyckedGamesTTV Level 30

    This account (I had one prior t the SEO/Daybreak switch)

    EU Toons
    Main: WyckedGamesTTV (Main Gadget Troll/Deeps) started as a promo toon for my stream, ended up becoming my main
    Heals Alt: NefFalim (Sorcery Heals/Deeps)
    Tank Alt: WyckedTerra (Anniversary Boosted earth Tank)
    Water: WyckedWench
    Electricity LuCeeOh (Iconic Clone)
    Gadget: 4thWall (Iconic Deadpool Clone) - Bank Toon Mostly
    Ice: WyckedCold (Made for helping Viewers)
    Mental: CatWomanDo (My token Dirty Villain - Ctreated by my viewers)
    Atomic: AtomicTheTankEngine (Name holder)

    US Toons
    WyckedgamesTTV: (Gadget Villian made for playing with US Streamers)

    WyckedgamesTTV, NefFalim, WyckedTerra in that order
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  5. ToxicAngelDE Dedicated Player

    II created over 80 chars spread across 8 accounts.
    4 f2p accounts where i just farm stabilizer event to give the items to my main account, 3 accounts are premium for event and stabilizer farming. And one legendary account with 20 chars.
    My main is my favourite - PROFESSOR ZAMORRA .
    Sorc healer since April 2012, i think.
    On my main account, 5 chars are above cr 200, 13 over 166, one is 157 and one 153.
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  6. Brit Loyal Player

    16 character slots as a subscriber. 16 characters created (one hero of each power type, and then my original villain I made before I had to go hero to find raid groups).

    I have three characters who are designed in imitation of existing comic characters.

    I have one character who has the name of a celebrity I enjoy using.

    I have 12 characters with entirely original names and concepts that I came up with on the fly.

    Only Brit has finished her Ninth Tryde suit. Others range from 90 to 190, slowly advancing here and there when the mood strikes me to play a Tank or a Controller again. Other healers will always log behind because why would I ever heal with someone other than Brit? Both the Advance to 170 and Advance to 210 tokens remain unused, because any character I was really interested in playing I already had fairly close to that level anyways.

    I would say that my favorite character is "Great Brit", but I lost the name during PS4 mergers, and while "Great Brit_PC1" is still a fun character, it is not a name I would have personally selected. I've tried to think up a nuanced alternative that still allows her to be called "Brit" (short for Brittany, which is my daughter's name), but haven't come up with something that really sticks. She is always a Healer, but I keep waffling back and forth with power changes between Electric and Nature, depending on what the end-game raids are like.

    So instead, I think I will go with my Earth Tank: Burgundy Bedbug. He's decked out with sort of a Film Noir look to him, but with an insect-like mask, sharing a similar feel to characters like the Shadow and Green Hornet. He is the one who feels the most like he could be seamlessly added into DC comics and fit right in. If I enjoyed Tanking just a little bit more, he'd probably become my main.
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  7. loupblanc Dedicated Player

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  8. ToxicAngelDE Dedicated Player

    Stewart is allways right;) To add: Proud owner of 5 solo-leaguehalls.
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  9. loupblanc Dedicated Player

  10. Zoe· Content Creator

    Old thread, but still cool :)
    I have around 29 characters on EUPC atm.... like 6 on PS4...and around 16 on USPC....
    And I have 2 more accounts with 3 characters on them (2 in one, and 1 in one).
    I have some iconics for style purposes. Most are above 100, like 5 end game characters.
    I haven't played recently because I was waiting on new content, but I still log in to do stabilizer event. lol
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  11. Quantile Active Player

    4 toons total. 3 heros & 1 villian.

    My 3 Heroes are:

    1. QuantiIe
    2. MK Reptile
    3. MK Khameleon

    xReptilex was my villain but I deleted him a few years ago.
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  12. Demon Archer Level 30

    currently have 30, but have created and deleted probably another 15 - 20 easy over the years. I have about 6 that I use regularly.
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  13. ZuroXtheDragon Active Player

    I'm playing since late 2015 but started membership at early 2016.
    And i don't have much time for playing because of my job and sometimes my girlfriend takes over during seasonal events and so...
    But here are the most used characters on my account:

    My characers :
    ZUROX the Dragon - Hero - 261Cr / 380Sp (formal Mental) - Earth
    OmegaSkull - Hero - 214Cr / 203Sp (formal Fire) - Munition
    Empress TENEBRIS - Villain - 42Cr / 71Sp - Lantern
    BÉLAaFASZ - Villain - 40Cr / 37Sp - Munition

    My (ex and new)girl's characters XD :
    Loli Thunder - Villain - 256Cr / 258Sp - Electric
    SweetieBelle - Hero - 172Cr / 192Sp - Quantum

    I wrote even a large story with some ancient lore for my characters
    I got more but these are the only ones mentioned in my little story
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  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    In total 40....16 on my main, member account, 6 on each of 4 premium accounts.

    Out of those I keep 4 at end game, or near end game(CR 250+), CR on my main account, and 1 on each of the premiums at current DLC level (CR 241+). The rest have gone through various levels of 'run for a while' but in the end most end up being storage/farming toons.

    I've got about 4 or 5 that I really want to start kicking into high gear (sitting on one who made the jump to 100 2 years ago, thought about dropping the 210 on him as well), but time does not allow for it.

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  15. Dazz-252 Committed Player

    I have been playing since BETA, so I've lost count. But currently I have 16.
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  16. inferno Loyal Player

    I have 30 toons on this account. I have both heroes and their villain counterparts for each Power set. All of them are above cr 255. Although, they all live and serve my main who is in sole possession of everything and then it just trickles down from him. My main is me favorite because he is the first Character I ever created in the game and everything I have in this game came through him.
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  17. inferno Loyal Player

    Hahaha! I just realized this was an old thread and i saw my initial replay exactly 2 years ago. What a difference 2 years did to my toons.
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  18. MiLady Well-Known Player

    I have 24 total. 15 are at endgame CR (one of each powerset because I like to play the different abilities). However, I dont have any more time to start a new alt with a new power (not that I have a life anyway). My 9 other toons became farmers/mules for holding shared items and buying things for marks. I hope the game remains alt friendly (although this can be improved).
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  19. Do Your Googles Active Player

    32 on my main account(PS4 PRO)
    32 on my Xbox 1s
    28 on my pc.
    All legendary and looking to buy more on the PS.
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  20. darth_paul Dedicated Player

    As my signature shows, 17 characters, all DPS! I have 8 heroes and 9 villains, and there is one for every power with Light and Celestial being duped due to the coloration differences for the factions. I have used every weapon at least once, as well as used every personality type, and used every mentor, and if I haven't used every body type, I've used most of them at least. I enjoy using them all equally,

    1.) Fighting Floridian - Male, Meta, Super-Speed, Light, Shield. CR 123. (My main, but was actually my third hero, who became my main. This guy is my homage to my favorite college football team, the Florida Gators, while being a Green Lantern as well.)
    2.) Flaming Fista - Female, Magic, Flight, Fire, Hand Blasters. CR 80. (My first female hero, and my second character overall. Kind of a female version of a character I made in some flash super-hero game a long time ago I called "The Flaming Fist.")
    3.) Flying Fearowl - Male, Tech, Gadgets, Flight, Martial Arts. CR 77. (My first character made, and was originally called "Owl Raptor" and used super-speed with a bow before I decided to do a complete overhaul on him changing everything but his power. I did this because I put these three in the same league, and having all three have the same alliterative initials of "FF" helps with how I'm known in that league. Also, this toon is based on an actual o.c. of mine just called "The Owl", and the changes better fit the original concept.)
    4.) Incredible Frozone - Male, Meta, Ice, Dual Wield, Skimming. CR 103. (When skimming came out, I just knew that I had to make a toon based on my favorite character from "The Incredibles," as it's just perfect for his preferred mode of transportation.)
    5.) Elysium Angel - Female, Magic, Celestial, Flight, Bow. CR 76. (Another character based on an original comics character of mine, an angel simply known as "Elysium." Needed another bow character after changing Fearowl, so making an in game version of her felt right.)
    6.) Quantum Tigress - Female, Tech, Quantum, Acrobatic, Staff. CR 78. (Made this gal for the quantum power, and kind of just wanted to do a character with one of the cat skins just because I didn't have one and just named her for what she was.)
    7.) Nuclear Vessel - Male, Meta, Atomic, Flight, Hand Blasters. CR 76. (He's got metal skin like Captain Atom, but his whole look is that of a pirate captain to fit his name, which is the theme that I chose for him after thinking of nuclear powered naval warships when this power came out.)
    8.) Liquica - Female, Meta, Water, Dual Pistols, Skimming. CR 210. (My newest toon, but I used the free skip on her, so that's why she's so high. Another girl based on an origial comics character of mine who is a water nymph. Glad to have the surging material!)

    1.) Arbok Commander - Male, Meta, Mental, Acrobatic, Dual Pistols. CR 105. (My first and main villain, modeled after the infamous Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe, who is one of my favorite pop-culture villains. I actually could have called him Cobra Commander, as it was allowed in the name generator, but I thought that I would be a bit funny and more creative and called him Arbok Commander to make him stand out a bit more, and because the inspiration, the Pokemon, Arbok, is just Cobra spelled backwards with a "K.")
    2.) Plantasma - Female, Magic, Nature, Flight, Rifle. CR 79. (My second villain, and just like on the hero side, my second on this side became a female toon. She's big, green, and mean, not much more to say.)
    3.) Fistdemeanor - Female, Tech, Electric, Staff, Skimming. CR 210. (Another one that I used a skip on, but an older character than Liquica, as she was made around the same time as Frozone when skimming was new. My brother helped me come up with her unique name as it's a play on words being a combination of "Fist"and "Misdemeanor." In my canon, she's the delinquent little sister of Flaming Fista and Flying Fearowl, and the three of them plus, Fighting Floridian, who is the boyfriend of Flaming, and the best bud of Fearowl, make up a kind of twist on the "Fantastic Four.")
    4.) Filty Trix - Female, Tech, Earth, Dual Wield, Super-Speed. CR 76. (My sole villain speedster thus far, as I wanted to have at least one on each side, and since the one on hero side is male, I decided on making this one female. Her creative name is a play on not only her powers over the ground beneath her feet, but also on how she's a bad girl who likes to play "dirty tricks" on others.)
    5.) Stingabee - Female, Meta, Sorcery, Two-Handed, Flight. CR 70. (For her I wanted to use the robot skin and make an android girl like you see in a lot of Japanese Anime. So, that's what she is, and I have an alternate look for her where she looks like a regular Japanese school girl, but then she powers up and reveals her true combat robot form. She's got mystical powers, but is mentored by Lex because I don't like the magic track very much, so let's just say, game-wise, that Lex got to her first.)
    6.) Space Spectro - Male, Meta, Celestial, Flight, Hand Blasters. CR 70. (I saw that a lot of people have created "Space Ghost" toons in the game, so I decided to go one step further and made a version of an obscure villain from the franchise, his evil doppelganger from an anti-matter universe, the "Space Specter." I wasn't allowed to call him by his actual name though, as "Specter/Spectre" is blocked, so I just came up with the alternative of "Spectro" as a substitute. I also felt that the darker colors of the celestial powers on the villain side were perfect for such an intergalactic villain and really fit the theme of such a character as well as letting me have both celestial versions in game.)
    7.) Footclan Bebop - Male, Tech, Brawling, Rage, Skimming. CR 78. (Ever since I saw the Beastiamorphs and also saw that we could get the warthog and rhino head pieces in game, I just knew that I had to make my favorite duo from TMNT!)
    8.) Footclan Rocksteady - Male, Magic, One-Handed, Munitions, Skimming. CR 78. (same as above.)
    9. Krystal Despair - Female, Meta, Light, Shield, Flight. CR 79. (The Yellow Lantern to oppose my heroic Green Lantern.)