How many DCUO characters have you created?

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  1. Multiverse Creator League

    Well.... I can tell you the secret. ;)

    The trick is that I do not need.... or even want all my toons at end game.
    When I am burned out from grinding end game..... I load a level 3 toon and play some low level missions.
    Or load a 90CR toon and play in the Gotham wasteland.
    Or load a level 30 toon and play some 30CR missions....
    You get the idea. ;)

    The idea behind playing 50 toons is not to have all 50 toons at end game.
    It is to have some variety and be able to play pretty much any content in the game with one character or another.

    Also to be able to try out all the powers/weapons in the game. ;)
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  2. SuperBell Loyal Player

    So what is your reason for this?
  3. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    I do not push my alts that far as well. The lower level stuff is fun to do for a change of pace.
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  4. Ereez Well-Known Player

    More than I can count lol, Most of em don't make it past 30 though unless I really like the character
  5. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

    I have 5 in a league, another 13 as solos or villains. I like having back stories and teams. Variations on established characters (it's a multi-verse) are my way of having fun.
    Fave is my cr 138 mental controller.
  6. Jeazy Baby Dedicated Player

    Check the signature :), 1 of each power (Light needs a little work still :))
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  7. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    have made something around 30 characters. about a dozen or so are characters I created myself.
    Most of the others are homages on existing characters.
    a few of the others are characters my sister's kids created and I didn't have the heart to get rid of them.
  8. the solowing Unwavering Player

    (Sadly i am human waste for having a placeholder name): Blackout00
    But Roll is pretty much my 98% used character
  9. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    24 or so characters created
    only have 19 currently
    all but 4 have been at end tier at one time or another
    one or more for each power and mentor type
    most are villains
    favs would have to be
    Deprive Main Villain
    Sticky Main Hero
    Drathmor 1st toon I made but rarely play now
    Kneel down
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  10. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    I have about 40 maybe 50 characters. Mine are either mine or mashups of other characters. I don't usually make Batman & Robins type clones.

    This reason right here.^^^^^ I play the whole game. Grinding on end game is more than boring. It's a pain in the rear and a lot of the attitudes suck.
  11. tukuan Devoted Player

    15, exactly one toon for each power. Never changed powers and other than a couple of bad sever choices pre-server merge I've never deleted any.
    • 6x at end game
      • Sorcery: my 2nd toon and my main since about a month after launch
      • Water: probably my current 2nd favorite to play
      • Gadget: my 1st toon
      • Earth
      • Quantum
      • Atomic
    • 3x 130 - 200 CR: I push them through a few levels every month or so
      • Light
      • Electric
      • Rage
    • 4x 50 - 130 CR: none of which I see advancing any time soon but I play them during seasonals when I need extra runs
      • Munitions
      • Celestial
      • Nature (V)
      • Fire (V)
    • 2x ~50 CR purely banks they get zero playtime
      • Ice
      • Mental (V)
  12. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Ive made many... one for each dlc power, but i havent played any past level 30 ( without cr booster) besides my main ever
  13. IceRaven198 Well-Known Player

    I'm up to 36 characters over ps4 and pc, i play 8 different mains depending on the day and what power I want to play

    My all time favorite is my water toon Goddess Zilla
  14. Chaos Evolution Devoted Player

    I have 22 I shall name the more favored ones....

    Psidewinder: my favorite by far and my most accomplished and the main I started with

    Hornnak: Loyal Demon Lawful Evil

    Newel: my character based on my forum avatar who has the full Metallo's Maw style on and looks black and green and is munitions i'm considering making this my secondary in how much time I play him

    Amethyst Rainbows: one of my favorites style wise

    Alein Alien: I created this toon to experiment with female styles and to of course be an alien overlord

    Hacked Bitcoin: I wanted to have an interesting name with yellow lantern power this is what I came up with

    Xbox Warlock: I always wanted to be an expert Xbox Warlock (whatever the hell that is)

    Zer0 Beat: I just really liked how that Jet Set Radio Future robot looked and used the abyssal style to be as close to the robot as possible while maintaining a new look

    Sleighr: my Death Knight character with Ice power another one of my favorite toons style wise as well

    quantum lawsuit: just a character with a funny name that makes me feel better about not so good spending or deals in this game I wanted to have a funny name anyway it is lol.

    Skold Leather: one of my favorites style and In name wise my main used to have this name but I decided to make it a separate toon. He is a Dragon/gargoyle hybrid in human form. Skold Leather! Creeper the Thunder!
  15. Kzinti Committed Player

    I have probably created 75 -100 but only have 52 currently across 5 accounts.
    39 are over CR100
    20 at CR243 and higher
  16. Bubbulwark New Player

    Only 5
    Sorcery hero (main)
    Hard light villain
    so far I only use those two consistently. The other 3 are just testing out other powers and weapons.
  17. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    2019 Updated List:
    ¤Psycho Tech (Serial Killer wearing clothing made of human skin)
    ¤Infernus Omegus (Archdemon)
    ¤Crebzis (Lich)
    ¤Calamity James (Zombie Outlaw)
    ¤Red Feast (Alien Creature w/a full body burn from Atomic)
    ¤Anglerfish (Fishman)
    ¤Haugbui (A Haugbui from Norse mythology)
    ¤Superior Creature (Cave Troll)
    ¤Laughing Shadow (Shadow Person)
    ¤Pyramid King (Mummy)
    ¤Wormteeth (Zombie Clown)
    ¤Candlemaker (Wax Doll)
    ¤Antifortune (Leprechaun)
    ¤Anaphylectric (Frankenstein Monster/Machine hybrid)
    ¤Ichabod Grim (Plague Doctor)
    ¤Peter Pumpkineater (Pumpkin monster, named after the Nursery rhyme)
    ¤Shtriga (A Shtriga from Albanian mythology)
    ¤Mansquito (Mosquito Monster)
    ¤Genocidia (Goblin)
    ¤Gnathic (Alien)
    ¤Strawface (Scarecrow)
    ¤Cousin Cletus (Backwoods Slasher)
    ¤Gierach (A Vampire known as the Gierach from Prussian Mythology)
    ¤Snowblivion (Arctic Werewolf)
    ¤William Laud (Headless Spirit named after a real headless spirit)
    ¤Messiahbolic (Evil Priest)
    ¤Bleakwood (Forest Spirit)
    ¤Bloodbath Billy (Ghost Pirate)
    ¤Papa Mortis (Voodoo Priest)

    ^Every single one of them is a Villain, no interest in being a hero. If you wish to meet 1 of them, pm me. ill no longer be posting pics to the forums, its a big hassle without a pc
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  18. Hurly-Burly Active Player

    Compared to Champions Online not many. I have 43 in Champions Online. About 3 in DC? But 2 are on still on the ship haha.

    It is much harder to do the alt thing compared to Champions Online. It is much more easier because everything is bound to the account. Plus there is just way more creative pieces like monsters and animals compared to DC. I was pulling teeth bringing my past superhero characters from other games here. From the name to the gears. Not doing that grind again; I am happy with my main.:)
  19. Phen0menal Active Player

    Created to many to count and lost track of. Currently I have 30 on PS 4 on PC 2 on Xbox. It started out as I wanted a character for each power then it went to each mentor and the each movement and kept growing from there. Then started playing on different platforms. As content continued to get higher some remained at lower level while other raced towards the end game. Now 9 have reach current tier waiting for the next DLC and other are starting to catch up. It is still up in the air if all 36 will make it to top tier but all have provide a great experience getting there.
  20. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    I deleted several over the years. Currently.
    RunfromDanger Man
    UndercoverHero Man
    DelayedReaction Man
    Wet Bedder
    MiserableFailure Man

    My favorite is of course RunfromDanger Man. Because that is not a character. That is who I am. Even before DCUO I was RunfromDanger Man. That has always been my superhero identity.