How many Characters do you have?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by cravex15, May 2, 2013.

  1. cravex15 Well-Known Member

    Just thought I'd ask because I know as a legendary member we get to have 8 total but I have to ask.....does every one really have time and play all 8? I know I have 7 total that I initially created but really and truthfully I have only put time into 4 of them. 2 of them really because the other two I kinda stopped playing once my main character and one other I have reached the lvl 30. I feel like with so much content in this game its hard to play 8 different ones simultaneously. In order to fully achieve one characters full potential you have to really focus on just one or a couple at time. This game is endless and can virtually go on forever so when does one really have time to start all over with a new character?
    Just thought I'd throw that out there?
  2. Xenoblade Active Member

    A Hard Light DPS/Troll & a Nature Healer/DPS
  3. Dogzday Well-Known Member

    As Legendary don't you get to hold up to 16? And then once it drops, it goes to 6 (Premium for spending at least $5).

    With that said, I don't think anyone has that time! I personally just love to play on my main character and I typically DPS. My main, CELERITOUS, a CR88 122SP Gadgets. I don't have time to get my 2 other semi-main characters up to CR88 80SP. I just love playing on my main character. If I am loot locked and my friend needs me to Control, I will gladly switch over to my alt, iController. But despite the name (one may think he has high Vit high SP) he only has CR83 and 52SP at 1185 Vit.

    There is so much content in this game but so many rewards now. Before it would take a week to get just a piece of T1. Now, it can take a simple walk-in into FOS3 and receive enough Marks for up to 4 T2.

    Now, I cannot fathom the idea of creating another character. I have three characters, well geared, somewhat decent Skill Points, that I might as well spend money to buy a Power Respec Token. I purchased 3 during the 50% off sale.

    Honestly, I'm a college student who typically only plays during the weekends and Fridays and holidays. I don't have too much time on my hands for gaming, but I sure do love playing DC.
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  4. Charlie Fantom Well-Known Member

  5. Comixfan Well-Known Member

    18 total, made up of 11 heroes & 7 villains, all level 30, and my kids have 4 or so as well. All spread across 2 accounts.

    There's really only 5 or 6 that I've played with any great frequency.
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  6. Statman Well-Known Member

    9, one of each power. 6 heroes, 3 villains (next 3 will be villains to even that out). Not all have been played heaps, some are just to level 30, or a mix of low tier gear, etc.
  7. Tule Well-Known Member

    1. Main (Usually healer, but switches powers alot when bored, probably quantum in a couple of weeks)
    2. Favorite Alt (Gadget dps/troll)
    3. Used to be favorite alt, now just storage/don't want to delete in case I want a tank. (Earf Tank/dps)
    4. Villain spy who buys cheap stuff of their auction house and sends it on over to my heroes.
    5-6. Name holders I'll probably delete once Quantum comes out and I realize I'm not gonna change my name just for a power.
  8. Valor Active Member

    I have 19. 2 I remake over, and over for a chance at prom box styles. I play 4 though, the rest are really just for storage now since my fiance won't play anymore after a recent fiasco with our account.
  9. Senshirou Well-Known Member

    you get 16 as legendary
  10. Mini Lini Well-Known Member

    I have 3.

    2 Villains and 1 Hero.

    I don't make more because I usually just switch my power if I want to try a different one. Don't want to spend the time level an alt of the power only to realize I don't like it once I'm level 30.
  11. Lucaefor Well-Known Member

    Only one for me. As much as I love my lil hero there isn't enough time to play him anymore since Luc hit level 30.

    The formula for character development should be high on the agenda for the development team, it needs a lot of improvement.
  12. JayJay2515 Well-Known Member

    I used to have like 8 but now it's 5 because I never used the rest of them
  13. AriusKilim Member

    Fire Tank.

    I don't have the time to alt and gear out.
  14. Tesseract Active Member

    How many do I have? 3

    How many do I play? 1

    Ok not entirely true I just started one on the EUPC side so that makes 4 and 2.
  15. X-zero Well-Known Member

    Eight total: Four heroes and four villains.
    Two heroes are just trophy character/pack mules.
    Two heroes I played I lot when my league did our own origin crisis to see how things would be as heroes.
    Villain main
    Villain controller and healer for when league need a strong one too solo content.
    Final character I made when other league members decided to make new characters.
  16. cravex15 Well-Known Member

    Oh really my bad. even still 16?? Thats nuts. I have two that I currently play that are both HB and one Electricity and the other Fire. The next two I have that I play the most but haven't in awhile are one with Staff with Nature and the other with Duel Pistols with Gadgets. My other 4 I would play but Im so into my first two that I cant see myself putting the time that I have into my main two. Plus doing the same missions over and obver can get monotonous. Ugh....I only wish I had so much time in one day.
  17. Raging New Member

    Total: 8

    I play both DPS and off role on each toon. They all range from CR84-86.
    Two of my earlier toons has a little over 100sp and the rest has 40-55sp.

    Started with one toon and once he reached 10-12 T4 pieces I'll place him on the shelf. Then I create a new toon with a different power and follow the same pattern.

    Play 3hr/week. no replays.

    I only have time to focus on 1 toon at a time, so the other 7 toons have collected a lot of dust.
    I'm currently not playing and on standby for DLC7. Not sure which toon I'll pick up when it's released.
  18. BahamutMugendai Member


    But I only ever use my main, I have a problem with making alts that I never use, figure better to focus all my attention on making 1 as good as possible instead of dividing my time and effort
  19. uXix Well-Known Member

    Only 2, my alt is just a lockbox toon.
  20. tukuan Well-Known Member

    9 one for each power. The main three I play pretty interchangeably which is mostly why none have really high SP. I will almost definitely roll a new toon for quantum.
    • Play frequently (at least 1-2 times a week) 3 main heroes
      • 80 CR/89 SP Electric DPS
      • 83 CR/97 SP Sorcery Heal
      • 86 CR/110 SP Gadget Troll
    • Play moderately (at least 1-2 times a month) 2 heroes, 1 villain
      • 68 CR Earth
      • 66 CR Light
      • 64 Fire
    • Almost never play (maybe once every couple of months) 1 hero, 2 villains
      • 55 CR? Mental
      • 53 CR Nature
      • 47 CR Ice

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