How I think Style Unlocking will work, pricing, and issues preventing its launch

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  1. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    So here's how I see Style Unlocking working. Similar to how Feat unlocking works, all styles that you have on any character on your account will show up in the style tab in the appropriate spot. If that character hasn't earned them, they will be highlighted green and you will have the option to unlock them (most likely using replay badges).

    Cost wise, the default price per style would be 1 replay badge. However, collecting all styles associated with a feat should still grant you the feat, so if a 3 star feat only has 1 style associated with it, the cost to unlock that style shouldn't be less than unlocking the feat.

    So hear's a full breakdown on suggested style costs.
    styles associated with a 1 star feat, 0 star feat, or no feat at all should be 1 replay badge.

    2 star feat styles (reminder 3 replay badges to unlock the feat)
    1 style = 3 replay badges to unlock the style
    2 styles = 2 replay badges each to unlock the style
    3 styles and above = 1 replay badge each to unlock the style

    3 star feat styles (reminder 5 replay badges to unlock the feat)
    1 style = 5 replay badges to unlock the style
    2 styles = 3 replay badges each to unlock the style
    3 styles = 2 replay badges each to unlock the style
    4 styles and above = 1 replay badge to unlock the style

    Control wise a button will need to beassigned for PS/Xbox to unlock styles. The button used in the Feat menu to unlock feats is currently used in the Style menu to access the screen to swap colors on your gear. I would suggest using L3 for style unlocking (or move the swap color menu to L3 and have style unlocking as triangle), speaking from PS button names.

    Now the great thing, you shouldn't need to unlock the style to see it in the preview screen on the left. So mix and match styles (including gear pieces, auras, emblems, materials) that you currently have on any character on your account. When you are done, you can press the save button or exit the style menu and you will get a confirmation screen. Currently it looks like the one below.
    But in the future, if you are using styles that the character does not currently own, it will also include how many replay badges you need to spend to keep the style you've created. It could possibly list which items you do not own, and allow you to go back and make changes without completely discarding all changes, but time will tell.

    And this is where the issues come in. Currently, there are several ways to exit the style menu and keep you current style without getting the confirmation screen. So until all of those are patched, we have to wait for Style Unlocking. Below are the ways that I have found so far to exit the style menu without a confirmation. If you find more, please post them in this thread and/or add them to this bug tracker item (DC-2765).

    Queuing up for an instance:
    If you are changing your style while waiting for an instance to pop, you end up in the instance with whatever you had on when you were teleported in. Possible changes here A) bring up the confirmation window as soon as you enter the instance. B) discard all changes, and revert the character to their previous style. C) Open the style menu back up to allow the player a choice of continuing or cancelling on their own.

    Going to color swap, then backing closing menus
    If you change a piece of gear, then go to the change color screen, then close the menus completely (the x at the top or options button on PS4 controller), you don't get a confirmation screen, but do keep any style changes but not color changes. Just add the normal confirmation screen in here, but keep all changes made if you choose to keep the changes.

    Changing tabs
    If you change a piece of gear, then go change to a different tab (inventory/journal) you don't get a confirmation window. Even if you return back to the style tab, the game has already saved the style to your character. Also, if you had changed color channels, they do not save. Just add the normal confirmation screen in here, but keep all changes made if you choose to keep the changes.
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  2. Vesper Dedicated Player

    You've put a lot of thought and work into this write-up. Good job! :)
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  3. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    On PS3/4 you can hold the options button and let it go and it'll close out of the menu you are currently in.

    This is a option for closing without getting a confirmation to pop up.

    materials ect should cost more to unlock on multi characters imo as it would end up losing DBG $, therefor they would end up leaving those items out unless they could come up with a reasonable price for them.
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  4. TestReporter Loyal Player

    Good job on the post. But i don't think that is the style unlocking issue at all, with good coding they can just make another ways to reset it, i think the major problem is the man-work required to make style unlocking work, because i think it's harder to make things go from one char to another than just make it stay in that one. They said it was pushed back because of the revamp and other things. I hope they have something big coming for us... Because since stats revamp, we got no words about what was coming up, just "riddles".
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  5. krytine Loyal Player

    What I would like to see is the individual items be unlockable. So if you have feet and chest on one toon but have all others on another then for 1 replay per item then you buy the feat
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  6. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    You're right, I forgot about the menu selection wheel.

    As much as I hate to admit it, materials will probably either be in the 100s or 1000s of replay badges or even be unlocked with quarks instead.
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  7. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    The tech is already there to have something from one character show up on another, just look at feats. There were some ways to get out of the style menu without a confirmation that have been fixed over the past year, it just hasn't been a priority. Most of their team that would work on tech issues like this were busy fixing behind the scenes issues for the stats revamp. Hopefully the remaining cleanup will let them get back to bug fixes and other improvements (like fixing these UI issues needed for style unlocking).
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  8. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    With associated feats it could work like the base items off marketplace. iirc they shouldnt count towards the feat
  9. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    There is at least one base item pack on the market place that counts towards a feat, one of the bombshell poster packs. Also, it would be a lot harder to code for style unlocking to not count towards feats. Think about it. Say I have all of Shaman except the head on my tank, and my healer has the head piece. If I unlock the head on my tank, any head piece of gear that has the Shaman style will say the style is already collected, since it's in my style tab to use (regardless of how style unlocking is implemented). But if for some reason Style Unlocking prevents the feat from registering, my tank would never be able to get the feat, because I can't consume the Shaman head style a second time.
  10. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Perhaps making space for style unlocking is the reason that the base items tab was removed from our inventory screens. Well.... I can hope can't I?
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  11. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    naw have to keep it simple, if styles are to be unlocked with replays, and if materials are to be unlockable then they need to remain under the same rules - unlockable with replays.
  12. RedBird436 New Player

    That would be interesting I could see how useful it would be to players with multiple characters.
  13. MastaMind Dedicated Player

    What they should do with the feats is basically just charge you the difference. So if it was a 50 point feat they should say "You have completed this style, would you like to spend X amount to unlock the associated style feat?" This way there was no way to essentially get the style along with a discount on the feat. If the person refuses this prompt and later decides that they want the feat. They pay full price.

    As far as the cheating the menu option. There are alternate options. My favorite one would be to leave it "Riddled With Bugs" just like every other update is when it goes live, and fix things a few weeks later.
  14. COMBATICUS Dedicated Player

    Looks like yyiy put alot of work in to that, nice......but first let's focus on them releasing the damn thing first lol, or have an idea of when they releasing it
  15. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    I don't think they would go with the "charge the difference" method for feats. That would mean they have to add a second confirmation window that only shows up in very specific conditions. In my opinion, it would be much easier (and profitable) to just determine a fixed, slightly higher price point for those styles.

    As for your "riddled with bugs" comment, I doubt they would let this one go live with the ui bugs. Most bugs don't directly affect their profits. Some actually increase their profits (go replay spam an instance where the boss is unusually easy, or rare things are dropping often). But this could possibly hurt their profits.

    If all many people want is a few styles, one time. They may be able to use one of these glitches, imprint to the armory, and that's that, no money from them.

    A possible safety measures the Devs could put in, in case they don't catch all the ui holes, or new ones crop up over time with new additions like Artifacts, would be to prevent you from imprinting to your armory visit you are wearing a style you haven't unlocked. You could always go back into the style menu and purchase this styles if you want to keep them, or change to styles you own, then you would be able to imprint again.