How do you perceive this type of DLC?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Tolly, May 9, 2023.

  1. Tolly Committed Player

    What is your feeling about this DLC formula ? is it a good thing ? the style of farm you like ? it takes too long to farm ? it makes people run away ? it immobilizes players too much ? any other thought ? a review, an analysis, express yourself here !
  2. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    if they added a solo, & replaced the current Bounties rotation with one similar to that in Doomed Metropolis, I'd be chuffed to bits with it. I like the duo, I like the Alert, I genuinely don't mind the raid at all. but I hate having to hang around for the Bounties. I had enough of that cr*p in Wonderverse. not doing it again. don't care about the feats.
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  3. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    It's fine. Only dumb players idly wait around for the bosses to spawn. There are plenty of open world feats to grind between those fights, although I wish there were more, because at this point I'm done with all of them on my main, including the bounty counters and I have more Schematics than I know what to do with.
  4. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    I like this way of doing the open world bosses, because it means I'm not running all over the place, trying to see if anyone's fighting the bosses. Maybe running into one or two people waiting at each one, hoping some more players show up. I just wish they'd shorten the timer between bosses a bit. Yeah, I know, "Go after the counter feats if you're bored!" But I have them all, except the boss ones, because some days, I can clear the daily bounties while I'm waiting for one boss to spawn, and I have things that I need to do IRL.

    Plus, now there's the Spring event, and all those pretty base items to collect!
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  5. Rainnifer Committed Player

    Honestly, I know this is on me, but since I don't really play as much as I used to, I've ended up using all my little play time only doing the open world dailies and a few of the bosses inbetween. I'd probably focus actually running instances if the bosses weren't a never ending loot giver sort of thing.
  6. Tolly Committed Player

    I don't know if it's a feeling, but with this DLC I find the league members less motivated and people seem less motivated, or maybe it's because of primes that make it seem that way...
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  7. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Good point. I can actually time it so I finish an instance, like a duo, around the time the boss I need spawns. It's not a bad system, except for people, who want to farm all bounty feats in a couple of hours and haven't figured out that they can farm other counter feats at the same time. I'm sure the timers will be reduced in the future, when everyone's over-geared and the boss fights take 30sec, just like it happened with WV bounties.
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  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Not really a fan. I'd rather have more instance content and less bounty and counter duties. A relatively easy Eduo, alert that is 70% adds with 2 easy bosses, and a 1 room cube raid is not a lot of 'content'. I'm not really spamming OW bosses but I'll do one while I'm hitting dailies (I'll do 2 F5's if I'm in Dakota at the :20 or :50 marks....for about 20 bonus 'reasons'). I'm not 'farming' the count feats (which seem to be 1/2 the feats this DLC), so I've dropped off quite a few hours this DLC. I think I'm putting in less time per session now than during the last few weeks of SOBA even. I do my 3 dailies, the duo, most days the alert. Repeat on a few toons and I'm happens at some point too....but that's 10-15 min in and out if a good group.

    I think the story has something to do with it too. Ebon is a bad guy every day (we have a mission against his minions daily) and by the end of the duo we team up. Run the alert and fight 2 bosses that Static doesn't even know who they are or what they are about. Same with Desann...."Da-who now?'...Static says. That and we got a mish-mosh of Fearsome 5, Apokolptian forces and unknown baddies with a somewhat sketchy thread tying them together...all to save a handful of generic 'Bang Babies'.
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  9. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I finished farming over a week ago. It would have been better if the rotations were on a 20 minute cycle instead of 30 minutes.
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  10. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Now try fitting a villain into that paradigm...I suppose I'll just keep kicking rocks.
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  11. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Reduced cycles needed.. especially if one is done with all other feats you can do between bosses

    I do IRL stuff etc too but still
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  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I was going to mention that, but I hadn't played on my villain yet. Figured it was the same both sides, but didn't want to ***-u-me.
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  13. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I can confirm to you that I am less motivated this DLC.
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  14. Boss Dark Side Well-Known Player

    Patchwork was one of my fave DLC's because of the boss spam rotation. It was something different, so that helped. Also, I had a decent friend group back then. There was still a decent amount of quarantine going on. So, more than one factor playing into things.

    Flash forward to now and my friend group is gone. A couple of them pop in when there's a new DLC, but they don't stick around. So now I play a couple MMOs where the bulk of the story line is solo play and the PvE is entirely optional and mainly to farm special currency for the cool stuff. But you can follow a story line and gear up and improve stats all on your own.
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  15. Zoe· YouTuber

    My hope was that there will be something different about the bounties since this is why they "took a break" from putting them into episodes, to change them around abit, but they all feel the same to 31st or Wonderverse bounties. With WV it was really fun as someone else mentioned because it was new. I think they need to introduce something else, and leave the counter feats behind. I do play this episode more than SOBA, but I still think it needs more tweaking, more spice to it. It all feels the same to me and It makes it harder and harder to play. What motivates me is my streams, so I talk or play with viewers. But Content wise it feels the same thing.

    It probably has to do with no creative director but if they can introduce a new meaningful way of gear farming, change the bounties to be interesting, more on duty content (Include solo, duo, alert, two raids) as solo being the introduction to start running content with other people.

    I love this game so much but I do believe that they need a new direction for episodes. I get that villains won't get unique content anymore (It sucks) but they can still make it somewhat interesting. I won't say no if the next episode takes longer just so they can rebuild how episodes are handed to us altogether.
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  16. Brit Loyal Player

    I'm pretty vanilla as a player. I consider myself very basic, and easy to please. I've been playing this game since late Alpha, when the level cap was 10 and we were mostly just trying to work out the weapon combos on the old trees, figure out how the movement modes would interact with the environment, and fix the location rubberbanding. I'm just that old man whose seen it all.

    What I want from an Episode is simple.

    - 1 Solo OR 1 Duo, alternating back and forth between each episode.
    - 1 Alert.
    - 1 full Raid.
    - 2nd Raid, but this one it is okay to have it be super-short, all in one room, or whatever. As long as we got one actual satisfying raid, the second raid can be anything.
    - Open world area with 3 daily missions.
    - 2+ weekly missions which can be completed naturally throughout the week if you were doing the dailies, or can be grinded out all in one day if you need to. (Kill X enemies. Gather X items. Save X people. Those are all good. Complete X dailies is less desireable, because it cannot be single-day farmed, so a weekend player can end up missing out.)
    - 2 open world bounties.

    It sounds like I'm asking for a lot. In reality, I'm asking for a generic Episode. What they normally do works fine. I generally find when they try to reinvent the wheel, it is less fun, not more.

    I did not care for Open World Operations. Those were less fun.
    I do not care for the Circle-of-Bounties. Those are less fun for me.

    In both of these situations, I find myself stuck in one end of the extreme or the other.

    Either there are so many players present that my contributions mean nothing, so I'm just mindlessly clicking my mouse for piddly weapon damage and still getting full credit with zero player engagement.

    Or I find myself boxed out of the encounters by high DPS requirements that make me get partial or zero credit because I'm playing a Support Role character that, even in their DPS gear, cannot deal enough DPS to reach whatever the arbitrary threshold is before the dedicated DPS players burn the thing to death.

    Both of these problems get resolved when the encounter is designed for an instanced group of a specific size.

    There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Wonderverse's bounties could have been a very compelling raid for 8 players. Instead, it was a boring slog. Legion of Superheroes bounties could have been a fun 8 player raid. Instead it was a boring slog. Static Shock bounties could have been a fun raid, using the exact same fight mechanics but on a linear map for 8 instanced players. Instead, I'm watching Alice In Borderlands and barely glancing at my laptop screen, because I get full credit just for being there, and none of my contributions actually matter.
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  17. Emoney Dedicated Player

    For those that haven’t finished the bounty feats....

    A faster way to do the feats, phase into the most popular phase, knockout the current bounty as it spawns. Then as soon as that's done, phase to a little less populated phase , join the fight and kill it again. You do not get marks for the second one, but it does count towards the feats. If enough phases are going, you can knock out 2, 3 or sometimes even 4 in that 8 minutes. Once that timer ends, the next bounty spawns about 1-2 minutes after, so the wait seems far less.
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  18. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    That’s a good strategy.
  19. zNot Loyal Player

    I think this is mostly because of the lack of staffing. if we look at what kind of positions they are missing im not surprised that this is all we got especially the lack of raid content we got while waiting 6 months.

    They are missing:
    Art director
    Lead designer
    creative director

    All these positions would do alot in 6 months of development time we can just wait but i dont think much is gonna change till they have some of these positions filled they will in meantime have to sacrifice some instance based content to focus more on raid content but i agree with Brit that the Openworld bosses couldve been used in a second raid and imo it wouldve been fine while using a old map from previous content.

    I barely play this episode because i was hoping we would get just one great raid for waiting 6 months and i was left dissappointed,many of my league mates havent even bothered playing this episode and those that do most are already bored of it.
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  20. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    You actually can get the marks again if enough time has passed between the bosses being defeated. If there's only one or 2 phases, with enough players to defeat the bounties - especially all 5 bosses at once - I beat them once, than go to a near-empty phase, do enough damage to get the credit, then go about my dailies and feats. Even if no one else shows up to fight the bosses, once the timer runs down I get 7-12 marks for free (5-10 without augments).