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    General Kraze is pretty straight forward. Tank the boss near the jail button and have a controller with good evasion skills to be the farthest away from the boss. The 2-2-2-2 method will work if you want to be in the first round for a very long time. My personal opinion is 4dps, 2 troll, 1 heal, and one tank. This setup will allow maximum burn, but the down side is if you have a weak support player it will show in this setup.
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  3. sterl320 New Player

    Also, make sure you have 1 person babysitting the jail button just in case someone gets trapped in jail, and make sure one of your trolls is stunning the technicians going for the consoles.
  4. not_again Dedicated Player

    Thanks for all the tips in this thread. My league and I beat this last night just straight tank and spank with one person hitting the switch. Setup was 1-3-2-2. I guess we should have payed more attention.