How do we get more new players in?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Galil ACE, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Galil ACE Well-Known Player

    Yo, so I was thinking about all of the latest changes in this video game and their intended audience, which is us, the people who are already playing DC Universe Online, improving our life quality as players, and even if somebody denies this, most of the changes benefit us on the long run, I mean, ****, the old game was a ******* mess compared to what we have now in most respects, not sure if pvp applies to this but yeah..

    What about NEW PLAYERS, how are they grabbing the attention of new faces and why its such a fun game so empty? How do we convince the masses to play our game, and make our community grow again without changing the game too much, do you feel better advertisement or an overall change is needed to make something into the BEST, something look not just midly fun, but super-worthwhile.

    I love DCUO, and I hope the game keeps on growing.
  2. SladeOriley New Player

    In my opinion it comes down to the product itself. What things would you like to see improved? You (everybody else for that matter) are investing time and money into this game which grants you the right to voice your opinion. As a current player what do you see that would encourage new players/customers and what would prohibit that? Try to share this with development in a respectful manner.... They should care about what current customers have to say, but that isn't always the case. If the product fails because your help or suggestions were overlooked then it isn't your fault. This is a great topic keep up the good work.
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  3. AllanPage Committed Player

    I think its because this game is advertised as f2p but its a very basic f2p game. The people try it out then find out they have to pay to progress then leave. Very few who are able to pay stay. Also this game is very old 4-5 years old, most of their marketing is word of mouth from other players or steam.

    They do not market the game like other games. How many times have you seen TERA, Neverwinter, FF14 listed in top mmos? But DCUO is never mentioned. It isn't mentioned because most of the people are UNAWARE of this game. Either that or people are just into WoW clones with 0 imagination or lame mouse clicking combat systems.

    Game is hard for new players to play. Its hard to get into lowbie raids like kahndaq or outer unless u have friends who are willing to carry you. At this point the average player will think theres no one to play with, and leave. Crossplay can help them.
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  4. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    Advertise on DC CW shows and release an Arrow Green Arrow Legends skin and one based on the CW Flash.
  5. Kreachure Committed Player

    Advertisement. People really only hear about DCUO now because it's "One of those free games on the PS Store." etc.
  6. SladeOriley New Player

    Those are very good points. Never knew PC players had it that rough thanks for opening my eyes
  7. Pults Loyal Player

    It needs to be more newbie friendly before any advertisement is made, it needs a fresh start - a retirement of old episodes since it's mostly a burden now and not a fun experience since it's deserted.
    Scaling back to lower CR. Elite content is available at a certain amount of skill points (~150ish) elite gives better rewards, elite solos/duos/alerts/raids and regular version of those events for those who start fresh.
    Same with pvp. More interactivity between both fractions, option to switch mentality (without cashing out) with certain missions (to prove you are worthy of being a hero/villain).
    Weekly rare items in retired episodes to promote them and to make old content a bit more relevent.
    And ofcourse rebalancing of powers, weapon combos.
    Shorter braniac ship mission, all missions to level 30 are neutral and train the player to use his support role, level 30 mission is the one where players actions lead him to a fraction - hero or villain.
    The game as it is now is nowhere near being good for new players. There are so many improvements to be made.
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