how do premium players survive on just 3k of money?

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  1. Walvine Well-Known Player

    They should make escrow obtainable consumables maybe exchange of source marks or quarks .
    Old Republic online has such a system.
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  2. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    for those who have a lot of real money it’s not a problem to spend but for those who have little money and many real bills like rent, water, electricity and children, games are for playing for a while and you can’t always spend as much and yes, as much as I can, I am not rich and I have many accounts but I am in love with dcuo, I have played more than 2 consecutive years of legendary and other years interleaving in premium buying episodes and paying legendary, premium also spends money, right? so yes I deserve more based on how much I have spent over the years and it was much more than 10 dollars
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  3. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    [quote = "Proxystar, post: 4370426, member: 312493"] O acesso a dinheiro no jogo é uma vantagem lendária, que está continuamente diminuindo para o bem dos jogadores gratuitos e premium, as pessoas já têm acesso a quase todo o jogo por exemplo, episódios abertos deveriam ter um limite de tempo, mas durante a pandemia se tornaram uma coisa contínua a ponto de agora parecer improvável que desapareçam.

    Se você quiser mais acesso a dinheiro, a única maneira de fazê-lo com razão é usar o lendário modelo de negócios para fazer uma assinatura valer o dinheiro, encontrando uma vantagem alternativa igualmente valiosa para o comprador. O acesso a dinheiro não é a única vantagem significativa para se inscrever, mas é muito significativo e se você não está preparado para pagar o preço por isso, por que o merece?

    Alternativamente, você descarta o modelo de assinatura completamente, mas tenho certeza que você verá tudo sendo monetizado e as microtransações explodirem, embora seja difícil imaginar neste ponto o que mais poderia ser monetizado [/ quote]
    para quem tem muito dinheiro real não é um problema de gastar, mas para quem tem pouco dinheiro e muitas contas reais como aluguel, água, luz e filhos, os jogos são para brincar um pouco e nem sempre você pode gastar como muito e sim, tanto quanto posso, não sou rico e tenho muitas contas, mas estou apaixonado por dcuo, joguei mais de 2 anos consecutivos de lendários e outros anos intercalando em episódios de compra premium e pagando lendário, premium também gasta dinheiro, certo? então sim, eu mereço mais com base no quanto eu gastei ao longo dos anos e foi muito mais do que 10 dólares
  4. Brit Loyal Player

    I never say that they shouldn't increase the cash cap.

    I openly say that if the cash cap were to no longer be a mild inconvenience, then I would definitely un-sub and only buy the Episodes.

    I suspect they might have figured out that paying $100+ per year is slightly more than paying $30 per year.

    The subscription model is really bad, and they have even managed to reduce it's value further over the past year. Between giving away Open Episodes for free, and eliminating the Subscriber Boxes from the new Episodes, we're literally just paying for the cash cap at this point.
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  5. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    yes, just release a percentage based on the players' expenses, the more dollars you spend the more it frees up it becomes an incentive to continue investing in the game
  6. Proxystar #Perception

    Everyone has money commitments elsewhere as well it can make life tough, what I commonly see in these requests though is the sentiement "I've spent money I deserve more based on how much I've spent".

    That approach is misplaced, spending money in game doesn't earn you anything, you're not buying goodwill, you're making a transaction in exchange for an outlined product, which you receive in return.

    The terms of the transaction state that you get access to cash in game via two methods

    1. you purchase a subscription or;
    2. you purchase an escrow token.

    When you buy the DLC's you're getting what you pay for, access to that DLC itself, that's really it, just access. The rest of it they're going to try and monetize as well, such as soders, consumables and the like because they want you to subscribe or buy escrow tokens, that's the entire point of their present business model.

    When a subscriber pays for a subscription they also aren't buying goodwill, they're making a transaction that includes access to their cash beyond $3,000, it's purposefully designed in a way that compels the players to spend more money because that's what Daybreak want from you.

    Although I can entirely appreciate your sentiment that you want more for less, who wouldn't that's entirely not how you earn money ;)

    It's really just business101.

    It's similar to the way a market will run a loss on something like cheap chicken but put it at the back of the store by the time you get to the back of the store and bought the chicken you've spent another $40, it's done on purpose.

    DCUO is the same, the entice people in with cheap DLC access or open episodes, stuff they don't mind giving away for free or very cheap because they know the real money is then made in enticing you to subscribe, getting you to build artifacts and buy replay badges and time capsule cosmetics etc.

    So even if you want it, you've got to ask yourself do you reasonably think they're going to give it to you given their motives? I mean maybe they might but would you?

    What could be a good idea is if the developers decide, hey let's give DLC purchasers a bit of access and say put a package deal in place as well where you buy access + for another $5 you get 14 days escrow or something.
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  7. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Then your perks suck and need overhauling if it so heavily weighted on a perk
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  8. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    legendario would remain legendary but more free players would go to premium generating more profit and even, es, being attractive for old players to return to play
  9. Akaiko Well-Known Player

    I survive on $3000 because I don't care about the broker and I'm not buying the episodes (which means I'm not running regular).

    Running event content rarely causes me to die, so repairs are minimal there.

    Bounties are the only things that cause a hefty repair bill at times. I have inventory space and I'm hoarding sodas & Isis' "gifts". Additionally, I run dailies but only collect on them after my gear requires to be repaired or I'm tired of running bounties for the day.

    It would probably be harder if I was actually buying the episodes and trying to be "endgame", but I'm not. I just enjoy playing casually and not worrying about needing feats or leveling artifacts/augments or concerned about RNG much anymore.
  10. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    [quote = "Akaiko, post: 4370477, member: 394187"] Eu sobrevivo com $ 3000 porque não me importo com o corretor e não estou comprando os episódios (o que significa que não estou funcionando regularmente).

    O conteúdo do evento em execução raramente me faz morrer, então os reparos são mínimos lá.

    Recompensas são as únicas coisas que às vezes geram uma conta pesada de reparos. Eu tenho espaço para estoque e estou acumulando refrigerantes e "presentes" de Ísis. Além disso, eu corro jornais diários, mas só os coleciono depois que meu equipamento precisa ser consertado ou quando estou cansado de distribuir recompensas pelo dia.

    Provavelmente seria mais difícil se eu estivesse realmente comprando os episódios e tentando ser o "fim do jogo", mas não sou. Eu apenas gosto de jogar casualmente e não me preocupar com a necessidade de talentos ou artefatos / aprimoramentos de nivelamento ou muito mais preocupado com o RNG. [/citar]

    that's cool, it's a style of playing that has already made me think about following but after getting used to running behind everything to be stronger we become more addicted and we are not content to just participate and the search becomes to win and win with everything at most. I currently don’t warm my head with artifacts because I already put everything in the 200 but I wanted to continue playing alerts and elite raids without worrying about money to repair the equipment, elite sometimes spent 3 pak of 99 soders just repairing and worse is having to stay dismembering in 25 units several times spending more time for the whole team because everyone needs to wait for me to repair all the equipment to be able to proceed
  11. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Just keep all gen mods from open world bounties, all plans from content and the sodas that you get from open world solos.

    I have kept up base generator, repairs ect for 10 years doing this, and use to run elite back during T6 or T7(when original throne was a thing and monthly elite stuff)
  12. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    what's wrong with changing something as simple and basic as money is used?

    so much has changed over the years as artifacts, implants, and affinity with elite equipment and omnipotence.
    I don’t see any problem changing to improve the gameplay, today we can stack solder in pak of 99, it was pak of 12, so much stuff and the money only went from 2k to 3k in 10 years,

    is it serious that there are so many people who are comfortable that it should not be released in a planned and adjusted way for the current times?
  13. Vella Well-Known Player

    One thing I forgot to add, and I don't know how to edit my post, is the ability to buy cayts for buff sodas. Unless you have friends or leaguemates willing to give you sodas you're tuff out of luck.
  14. myandria Item Storage


    Most games with memberships have perks that are heavily weighted like that; the old saying is true, "membership has its privileges." I agree that the membership perks in this game need some work; however, there will always be something within the membership that is a "main attraction" players will gravitate to and decide to subscribe because of it.
  15. SkullGang Devoted Player

    The cash cap is a dated rescriction in a dated membership system. Hopefully the revamp the whole damn thing.
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  16. renato-ozy New Player

    I believe that as consumers we can come together and say that we are not satisfied with just 3k, and ask for an update
  17. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    for some it is not a choice, if you humble and beg there is a time that is the only way
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  18. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    I really wanted an update on access to my money, I don't like being limited to 3k, I prefer free money than all the episodes released since I buy all the episodes of my interest
  19. L T Devoted Player

    This right here is exactly why the current cash cap is bad. The developers should be looking to engage players more in the game, not just shrug and move on.
  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    The cash cap is probably the biggest reason many people sub. While that might be a bad statement on the benefits for legendary, it's also the one thing that will likely never go to premium unless we see a major overhaul of the membership model. I believe that removal of the cap would cost DBG subs, which is obviously only going to work if they replace it with another income...meaning we'd get another 'pay to win' type item.

    However, it is reasonable to think that the cap could be increased. When the game went F2P (around Tier 1/2), and caps were put in for F2P and Premium, a full set of gear repairs were maybe 1500 to 2000, and your daily 'work' would net you about enough from running missions to refill that amount with a few missions or items sold. Now, 8 or 9 years later, a full repair on a set of gear can get upwards of 10K and missions pay enough EACH to fill your wallet. Obviously when the caps were designed vs the uncapped membership option, it was not designed to be as punitive as it does seem now. Where it had a been a hindrance before, mainly serving to block non members from broker use and buying some higher level vendor items, it's now way more of a hassle (for some...I'm ok with it, but I also have a member account to work with) just to get around daily, which again...did not seem to be the intent when the caps were put in.

    I'd propose that each DLC could add another 500, or even 1000 to the cap. If this were implemented back when it was set up, the growth rate would have stayed along with the damage repair rate as well as the increasing mission pay/gear sales rates...all of which have increased at a somewhat steady pace each dlc/tier and we'd be around 20K-40K (39 DLCs). Or, if they want to give the option for pay, make 1K or 2K cash cap purchasable items like the inventory/bank slots, where for a few bucks you can increase your cap to a maximum (let's say 30K for example), that would allow those who want a higher cap to get there, but will still restrict unlimited use. Or include one with a DLC purchase, so people who have invested some money in over the $5 premium purchase to get a bit more cap, but again....a maximum could be enforced. A year goes by they could add a few more 'maximum' slots, like they did a year or 2 ago with the inventory/bank to allow premiums to increase their max cap to the new max.

    The people who like using the broker and economy would still sub, the premiums would be incentivized to spend a bit of money and would get the slight benefit of not having to maintain stacks of sodas or other trickery to just fix their gear, re up batteries, buy some vendor items....much more inline with the original setup.
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